DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not meant to be attacking ethnic groups at all, but it is about discussing the tropes that are involving race on the show and how they are portrayed. If it is offensive, that was not my intention and I am truly sorry.

Hello Wikiers. Since it has been a while since I have made a post, and I have had a question that I never really discovered; here it is. How do you think the racial or should I say ethnic characters are handled on the show? The characters I am talking about are Courtney, DJ, Heather, Justin, LeShawna, Noah, Alejandro, Sierra, Anne Maria, Lightning, B, and Cameron? If I am missing more, add it in the comments.

I only included the ones that are confirmed to be ethnic, so no Katie (she was confirmed to be caucasian anyways), or Mike. My personal opinion is that they do not focus on it much and try to stay away from that. Though there are a few characters that their ethnicity is focused on. I'll start with Anne Maria.

Finders Creepers (32)
She easily fits into the trope of the Spicy Latina, though she is not latina. And it is clear that she is an imitation of Snooki. The spicy Italian/Latina trope are the girls who are attractive with the tanned skin, but the temper that is extremely hot and extremely furiating at the same time. This could be seen as offensive to some, but it is clear that it is more to imitate Jersey shore than a race. 

Do I even need to explain what racial trope he is? His character is all about being sexy, seductive, and he fits the tall, dark, handsome thing that fits with the Latin Lover trope. This is very common for Latin men on television and film, but he did prove to be more than that. You can say that Justin fits into this trope, but not really, since his ethnicity has no focus, and his modeling is a bigger part to his character. I dont think it is offensive, but unoriginal and a bit tired.

Leshawna TDI Rank

She is SO the sassy, ghetto black woman. Ill be honest, at first she was kind of offensive with her "White girl/White boy" trademark in TDI, and while it was mostly used in a jokingly matter, it was still offensive, though it was dropped after that. She is not AS hood as the others in this trope does, as she comes off as softer and a bit more vulnerable. She can and has gone there, but it is not all of who she is.


Come on

I think he is supposed to be the relaxed Jamaicain guy, but that trope usually involves some green stuff and rasta hats, so it does not really apply moch to him. He talks about his culture a lot in his first season, and it is heavily in his biography. I think this is one of the most sensitive racial stereotype symbols in the show.

The others that were mentioned above but not described either had their races confirmed by the executive producers, and has no focus on, and has no stereotype on; at least from what I found. Did you find more archetypes in the show? Are they offensive? I want to hear your opinions on how race is portrayed and handled on the show, and PLEASE no racial remarks attacking races, but I am sure the administrators will handle that.

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