How Total Drama Action could have been better

How Total Drama Revenge of the Island could have been better

Hey Wikiers. It is Jayden-G, posting on what I believe could have fixed Total Drama World Tour. I am going to discuss the major things in point form that could have made this season MUCH better. Then I will post my own eliminaiton list, with explanations.

1. Duncan DOES NOT go home to return mid-season

I feel like it is still important for him to be in the season, but remain on Team Victory, to be the last member. I saw absolutely no point for him to be gone for the first half, only to return and take over in the second half; and how it was ridiculous in the way he was brought back. Duncan is clearly a very strong player, and could outrun any of the Victory members with his eyes shut. As his team constantly loses, things will become strained with Courtney, as him and Gwen's like increases into an attraction. He could break up with Courtney in his second-last episode, and hook up with Gwen, In his final episode (Jamaica Me Sweat), there will be immense tension, and he will go home. Courtney and Gwen will battle it out for Courtney believing Gwen stole Duncan from her.

2. Alejandro ACTUALLY goes through trials and tribulations

What I mean by this is that he is not SUCH a godplayer. He has random traits that only come into use for that one event, to seem "above and better" than the others, like his hypnosis which was only used once, and was explained by his uncle being a hypnotist. So what I mean by this is that Noah (or someone else) finds out about him, it causes a few tension for a few episodes, and people slowly realize that he is not all he is cracked up to be. He tries to trick someone (like Harold, Owen, or whoever), and it does not work, so he becomes more anxious to get rid of that person. I think his arrogance should have been used more of a flaw, that should have been focused on, and it will make him seem more realistic. Less god-playing, more flaws and obstacles.

3. The teams have more of an equal amount of wins and losses

This was a problem for Season 2-4. Team Victory will still be wiped out, but not all by losing the challenges. Team Amazon always winning is completely ridiculous, and it would stir things up if Chris won a few more challenges, Victory was not always last (some of them can quit or disqualified, so there won't always be an elimination ceremony for them).


Almost everything established in TDA was tossed aside; LeShawna and Heather's friendship, Lindsay not completely being a ditz and wanting to be a leader, Owen being a spy, breaking many people's trust, etc. If more of these were carried from TDA (and maybe slowly deteriorate, like LeShawna and Heather's friendship, Owen and Izzy), the continuity in this season would be A LOT better.

4. More blogging Sierra

This could have been a PERFECT opportunity to cause more drama, and make Sierra MORE than being just about Cody, and obsessing over him. She could find from a source about Alejandro's evilness (maybe from Jose), and she could go head to head with Al or something, and she could be desperate to learn more about the OTHER characters instead of just Cody.

Elimination Order

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1:

Pretty much the same thing happens, except Duncan is put onto Team Victory. Ezekiel is thrown out of the plane, and is actually eliminated. He arrives to the finish like last, and he begs to return to the competition, but Chris refuses, but keeps him as an intern to cause mess amongst the cast, and if he does this successfully, he will join the team that lost a member in the next episode.

Eliminated: Ezekiel (Was thrown off before the plane took off for being annoying, but snuck on the plane to beg Chris to compete. Explained above).

Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2:

Tension builds between Alejandro and Sierra, as he knows she is a blogger, and wants dirt on the contestants, while Izzy is missing Owen (never being on separate teams from him since they dated), so they switch. Also, Sierra wants to grow closer to Cody, so she accepts (with Alejandro pressing her to do so). Team Amazon and Chris benefits form the team swap, and they are neck and neck, but the Amazons win (the same way as before). Team Victory loses because they are slow (the girls to busy talking about the mystery and attractiveness of Alejandro, and DJ worrying about an animal curse. Harold and Duncan are the reason they even completed the challenge, but bickered the entire way).

Winner: Team Amazon (explained above)

Losers: Team Victory (explained above)

Eliminated: No one. Ezekiel becomes a useless intern, and was annoying Chris with his demands to be in the competition, but sucking at stirring the pot, so he is tossed out the plane, to only become a stowaway. DJ got spared from elimination from his constant talk of animal curse.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan:

So Alejandro is stirring up more drama over at Team Victory by charming Bridgette (who gets more lonely) and LeShawna, which makes Harold grow more jealous, while Tyler gets more frustrated with Lindsay calling others "Tyler". Courtney becomes more and more paranoid of Gwen, and they continue to argue, with Heather trying to create an alliance with Sierra. Duncan becomes more frustrated with his group, especially with his only friend whining about being cursed. Owen, Izzy, and Noah (who are beocming friends) carry their team to victory with their video.

Winner:  Team Chris is Really Really, Really Hot

Loser: Team Victory

Bottom 2: DJ and Duncan. Everyone but DJ hates Duncan and wants him gone (he won TDA), and DJ is becoming more useless, with his fear of hurting animals and looking like a punk. It is a tie in votes, so the two have to do a tiebreaker of fighting a panda.

Eliminated: DJ. He could not do the challenge, so Chris automatically eliminates him. DJ becomes relieved, as he can focus on his mama, and get his fears and psychological issues in check.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Pretty much the same thing happens, but a few changes. LeShawna decides that she wants to go for Alejandro, but that builds tension with her and Bridgette beforehand, but loses it when she sees them kissing on the broken ice piece. Duncan (instead of LeShawna) comes up with the plan for the team. Cody tries to comfort Gwen for warmth, but that fails, and makes Sierra mad at her. Also, Heather is constantly annoying her team with her whips and bossiness.

Winner:  Team Chris is Really Really, Really Hot

Loser: Team Victory

Bottom 2: Bridgette and LeShawna, for their drama with one another over Alejandro, and Bridgette having a boyfriend. Also, Bridgette got stuck to the pole, and forgot the team plan.

Eliminated: Bridgette. Everyone but Bridgette voted for her, for the reason above, and for cheating on Geoff, which the blonde felt guilty of afterwards. She tries to expose Alejandro, but that fails for obvious reasons. Alejandro grins as he watched the ceremony.

Broadway Baby

Same challenge and results, for the most part. AleHeather interact more in this episode, Cody is getting more annoyed (as is everyone else, especially Chris) of Sierra blurting out facts. Izzy and Noah start to hang out a bit more without Owen, and Tyler fails to hit on Lindsay. Heather switches the carriages (the same as in the show). 

Winner: Team Amazon (explained above)

Losers: Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot (explained above)

Slap Slap Revolution

Al and LeShawna's flirting is really getting to Heather and Harold, which Heather tries to warn her, friend to friend, and Heather tells LeShawna she is wrong to play with Harold's feelings. This causes LeShawna and her to have a falling out, and they end up fighting, causing them to lose. Tyler and Lindsay reunite, and are better than ever. Issues between Courtney and Duncan grow, and Duncan vents to Gwen. Sierra creeps out Cody even more. 

Winner: Team Amazon (same as show, but she kicked off Lindsay instead of DJ)

Losers: Team Victory (same as show)

Bottom 2: LeShawna and Harold. Their drama is tiring, Harold voted for himself (as an attempt to win over LeShawna. Alejandro told him he really does not want her, but LeShawna told Alejandro that she needs Harold to do something heroic. Al did this to make Harold quit). Oh, and LeShawna threw the challenge accidentally.

Eliminated: LeShawna and Harold. Alejandro told LeShawna that he only used her to make another girl jealous, and to throw her off after the challenge was done. As LeShawna was eliminated, Harold volunteered to quit to save her. She is touched by this, and they make up. Chris sends both of them off the plane, and LeHarold are dating. LeHarold storyline was tiring and needed to be concluded.

The Ah-Mah-Zon Race

Same. Amazon wants Heather gone, but that changes when Duncan avoids Courtney to talk to Gwen the entire episode. Tension with Chrisx4 Hot grows, as Owen annoys Al, and Izzy is constantly hurting Owen, hich is causing him to second guess his relationship. Izzy and Noah growing closer is causing a rift between Noah and Owen, as Owen becomes jealous and annoyed. Heather and Sierra has a falling out when Heather tries to get Sierra in an alliance and she refuses. It is pretty close, but Duncan and Lindsay win the challenge.

Winner: Team Victory (same as show; Lindsay and Tyler have a romantic night in First Class, as Duncan and Gwen talk, and chemistry grows.)

Losers: Team Amazon (same events in show; Heather saved from elimination, and her and Alejandro become more competitive).

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

So while Lindsay and Tyler are embracing in the romance of Paris, two other couples (Duncan and Courtney; Owen and Izzy are not). Owen is becoming more of a spy, and Izzy is mad that she does not trust him. Alejandro is plotting Owen to go home, by stirring the pot with Noah and Izzy (whispering a bunch of stuff in theirs (and Owen's) ear). Also, Sierra is a BIT sad from finding out that Cody voted for her, but she is also taking note on what is happening with the others for her blog) and she finds out a lot. Heatnher and Alejandro continue their competitive drive.

Winner: Team Amazon 

Losers: Team Chris is Really x4 Hot

Bottom 2: Owen and Noah (Owen voted for him for what Alejandro told him, Tyler fels strongly about cheating, so he votes for Noah (again, Al told him this), and the others voted for Owen because of his annoyance, and feeling like he changed since TDA.

Eliminated: Owen. Izzy broke up with him for not trusting her, Noah votes for him for not trusting him, and Al voted for him because he disliked him, and was annoyed from the last challenge of him calling him Al. Owen needed to go, becuase he did nothing in the 19 episodes. After the vote, Noah realizes that what Alejandro told him did not add up, especially after when he talks to Izzy and Tyler.

Newf Kids on the Rock

So Izzy is sad about her breakup with Owen, and cries to her friend Sierra, who gets confirmation on Al when Izzy told her the entire story. Duncan and Courtney break up before the challenge starts, causing her and Gwen to go love struck and not shut up about him. Heather is trying to get Chris to disban Team Victory. Cody is trying to win over Gwen, but is heartbroken when he goes in the confessional to see Gwen and Duncan kiss. Noah confronts Alejandro.

Winner: Team Victory and Chris (same reason as show, but different people)

Loser: Team Amazon (same reason as show, but no hallucination of Duncan)

Jamaica Me Sweat

Izzy jumps out of the plane and gets injured (as in the show), and Courtney is in denial of Duncan dumping her. Cody is crushed about the kiss he witnessed, and Sierra tries to cheer him up. Alejandro is trying to find a way to get rid of Noah (who is by himself), as he and Heater are trying to split up Team Victory.

Winner: Team Amazon (Team Victory were too caught up in their relationships; Duncan and Gwen decide to become official, and Al was trying to get his team to lose)

Loser: Team Victory

Eliminated: Izzy (same as show) and Lindsay (Chris chose to save Duncan from automatic elimination because his drama causes ratings, and Lindsay has been annoyingly lovestruck). I needed a few more episodes to develop Tyler and Lindsay's relationship.

I See London

So there is no Team Amazon going to get Duncan (for obvious reasons). Alejandro tries to get Chris to let Duncan on his team (which Heather is trying to do as well). He is getting more anxious as he is struggling to get rid of Noah (who is warning Tyler of Alejandro). Sierra manages to get Cody to tell her about Gwen and Duncan kissing, which only makes Sierra (thinking this happened BEFORE Courtney and Duncan breking up) detemined to get rid of Gwen. She teams up with an angry Courtney and Heather to get rid of Gwen. Duncan is getting more and more agitated, as he is the final member of his team, being interrogated by everyone, and sick of the singing. Chris makes a deal with Ezekiel to not get caught as being the ripper, and he will return to the competition (which fails).

Winner: Team Amazon (Team Victory were too caught up in their relationships; Duncan and Gwen decide to become official, and Al was trying to get his team to lose)

Loser: Team Chrisx4 Hot

Eliminated: Duncan. He quits before the winner of the challenge is even announced. This makes Gwen, Alejandro and Heather mad. He maks this announcement that he is sick of the BS of the competition, and tells Gwen that he cannot handle it there anymore, but he loves her. Al and Heather are STILL trying to convince Chris to let Duncan stay and join their team. 

Greeces Pieces

Gwen is shunned by everyone, and is on the chopping block, so to save herself, she allies with Cody to eliminate Courtney. Heather is the loose cannon, who is slowly dealing with her obsession over Alejandro, who is fighting with Noah to get Tyler on his side to eliminate the other. Alejandro is screwing up in the challenge when he is constantly paired with Heather, as his attraction for her grows. Tension with Courtney and Gwen comes to blow up when they start fighting ONE ANOTHER instead of the other team. It does not help with Sierra joining the mix.

Winner: Team Chris x4 Hot (Tyler beat Cody in the final challenge, showing that he IS good at some sort of athleticism. Cody tried to desperately save Gwen from elimination).

Loser: Team Amazon (Courtney, Sierra, and Gwen fought one another, losing the challenge, and Cody lost the final challenge).

Bottom 2: Gwen and Courtney. Gwen started the fight, which caused them to lose, and everyone thought that she was a mistress. Courtney was talking mad ish and was too upset, which annoyed everyone. She started spreading lies about Gwen.

Eliminated: Gwen for the reasons listed above. She tries to explain to Courtney that Duncan broke up with her in Paris, before they kissed in Newfoundland, which Courtney unknowingly admitting, which caused others to be mad at Courtney, but it was too late. I need it to be equal males and females that were eliminated pre merge, and I need it to be an equal amount of males and females for when  Blaineley debuts, making it an equal amount per gender that merged.

The EX-Files

Alejandro, Heather, Sierra, Cody, Courtney, Tyler, and Noah are told that the teams are merging. Alejandro makes his next move and flirts with Courtney, which angers Heather. Noah and Cody bond and create an alliance, which worries Sierra (NoCo rumors). Tyler is struggling in the challenge, which is for each individual to

Winner: Tyler (he tripped on his way back, causing his artifact to fall in Chris' hands. This excited him, and gives him much neded confidence). He takes Alejandro to first class with him, allying with him.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Tyler is confident that he will own everyone and win the challenges, which his ego gets a bit out of control. Noah, Cody, Sierra, and Heather team up to try to get rid of the biggest threat; Alejandro, who is too busy flirting with Courtney. Chris suprised them with an automatic elimination of the last person to complete the challenge. They are trying to sabotage Alejandro, so he can go home.

Winner: Noah (which angers Alejandro, who is STILL angered of not ridding him). He takes Cody to first class, which worries and angers Sierra, who vents to Courtney (as she hates Heather more).

Bottom 2: Alejandro and Tyler. They were the last 2 to complete the challenge. The 4 sabotaged Al, while Tyler was struggling, thanks to his ego.

Eliminated: Tyler. His ego caused him to brag more than to strategize and think of a quicker, better way to complete the challenge. He brags about at least making it to the merge.

Sweden Sour

Noah, Sierra, and Cody actually start to get along, as they add all the pieces of Alejandro getting rid of the contestants. Alejandro becomes desperate to get rid of Noah, that he went to Heather, which causes an argument. He drives both of them crazy, so he takes off his shirt and constantly flirts with them. Each camper must make their own boat, and make the other boats sink. Sierra tries to convince Courtney to join them to vote off Alejandro, but she refuses, breaking their "alliance" they had, which they used to eliminate Gwen. Heather is taken by Al to first class and argues with him about Courtney, which causes them to almost kiss.

Winner: Alejandro, to the anger of Noah, Sierra, Cody, and Heather. He takes Heather to first class to taunt her, and things almost get too heated.

Niagara Brawls

Blaineley debuts from the actions of the third aftermath. She automatically makes an alliance with Chef; as she is paired with a bear for the challenge. He is telling her how to maneuver through the challenge with no ease. He announces to everyone that a pair WILL be eliminated via vote. Heather willingly chooses Al for a partner (they made a temporary alliance to get rid of Noah and Courtney). Cody and Sierra, and Noah and Courtney are partners for the challenge. Cody and Sierra come with an understanding and agreement.

Winner: Originally it was Blaineley, but Chris called her out by having Chef giving answers to her and manipulate to make the others fail in the challenge. This causes Sierra and Cody (the second couple to complete the challenge) to win.

Bottom 3 Noah (Alejandro, Blaineley, Courtney), Blaineley (Heather, Cody, Sierra), and Alejandro (Blaineley).

Eliminated: Noah and Blaineley. They received the 2 most votes. Al got Blaineley and Courtney to vote for Noah, while Heather, Cody, and Sierra voted for Blaineley for forming an alliance with Chef. Noah outs Alejandro for all the bad that he did, and Blaineley outed Ezekiel being on the plane, telling Courtney Al liked Heather, and tells Sierra that Cody's family is trying to put a restraining order on her.

Chinese Fake Out

Realizing that she is by herself, Courtney cozies back up to Sierra to have an ally, but she refuses. Courtney becomes more and more angry about people constantly playing her (Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro), so she does what she does best; call her lawyers to benefit her. Sierra is still shocked that Cody and his family are planning to file a restraining order, and tries to reason with him. Alejandro and Heather are doing extremely well in the race, and are the only two to make it across the finish time in time to go to the next challenge. During this entire time, Ezekiel (who is normal and is Chris' intern after Blaineley outed him) is sabotaging the food and the track.

Winner: Heather (she won the food portion of the challenge easily, compared to Alejandro, who threw up quickly). She takes Cody to first class, which makes Alejandro jealous and Sierra more worried. Courtney is starting to realize that she might not make it much longer.

African Lying Safari

Sierra gets an email about Alejandro, and his issues with his family and brother (the email came from Jose), and she quickly uses it for leverage against him. She goes to a ranting and complaining Courtney (who is STILL complaining about men sucking, like Duncan and Alejandro), so they team up. Alejandro is annoyed by him and Heather speaking and saying things at the same time, and jealous from her inviting Cody to first class. Cody is considering his options, and realizes that sticking with Sierra is the best thing. The challenge is to shoot a lion (Ezekiel in costume), and the winner gets SOLE choice of who to eliminate.

Winner: Heather. She stole Alejandro's shooting balls when she flirted with him, and took out Cody and Ezekiel.

Eliminated: Courtney. Heather chooses to eliminate her for being annoying, constantly complaining about being "wronged" by Duncan and Gwen LONG after their eliminations, trying to get her lawyers to help her on the show, and secretly for flirting with Alejandro.


Heather takes Sierra to first class to convince her to eliminate Alejandro, while he promises Cody that Sierra will be gone after Heather. It is battle of the genders, as the alliances work together through the challenge. Alejandro knows he has to do something dirty to make it to the final 3.

Winner Sierra. Chris refuses to let her choose someone to go to first class with her, and will remain so until the end of the competition.

Awww Drumheller

Alejandro sneaks into the production room to photoshop an image of Cody and Heather cuddling, to split apart the female alliance. He tells Sierra, only to get in a confrontation before he shows her the picture, and she gets extremely mad at Heather. It is Cody's birthday, and she wants to make a cake for him, which he appreciates, since even he forgot his own birthday. Alejandro and Heather have disadvantages in the challenge, and they do not get along, while Cody and Sierra does and works through the challenge quickly, after he tells her that the picture of him and Heather are photoshopped. So pretty much the same thing happens in this episode.

Winner: Cody. His oil got to Chris a second before Sierra's did, and it would only be right for him to be safe on his birthday.

Bottom 2: Alejandro and Sierra (everyone but Alejandro voted for him, after they were aware of the photo, and he voted for Sierra to get Cody on his side).

Eliminated: Sierra. She went into the kitchen to get Cody's cake, but she saw Ezekiel with a suitcase (similar to the one that looked like the million dollars). She ran over to him, and they got into a fight, causing the cake to fall on an oil spill, him pushing her so her legs were injured, and the plane blowing up. Ezekiel managed to escape before the plane blew up. Chris disqualifies her.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Balloons

Pretty much the exact same things happen in the show. The only difference is that Chris and Chef are chasing after Ezekiel, while the final 3 and Sierra fight to be the first to make it to Hawaii. Alejandro gets into an unfortunate incident, that caused his hair to get cut extremely short. Ezekiel gets the money taken from him, and is stuck in Mexico.

Winner: Alejandro

Eliminated: Cody. He was the last person to reach Hawaii.

Hawaiian Punch

So pretty much the same thing happens. There is no tiebreaker challenge. They battle it out in the finale, and he is about to throw it in the volcano, but in a weird way, they confess their love for one another and how they will miss one another, which leads into a kiss.  She pushes him off, which leads him to be severely injured, NOT burned. They see the pineapple warning, and she takes off the pineapple before she throws the dummy in. She is a tiny bit sad, but thrilled that she finally won. Everyone but Ezekiel and Alejandro (who is hospitalized) decides to celebrate at the hotel.

TDWT Aftermath 1

Geoff and Blaineley are hosting the aftermaths, and Beth has quickly become friends with Katie and Sadie. DJ is interviewed to express his fears of cursed because there is VooDoo in his area in Jamaica, that killed his father. Geoff is avoiding at all costs for Bridgette to come out, since he is mad at her cheating, which Blaineley is eating up. When Bridgette finally comes out, she sings and begs for him to apologize, which he refuses. They almost fight, but end up making out (overall, the same).

TDWT Aftermath 2

Geoff, Bridgette, the eliminated and the commentators are hosting a telethon to save the show. They are demanded to expose secrets of the eliminated (Harold, LeShawna, Owen, Izzy, and Lindsay) to make money. LeShawna soon makes up with Bridgette and reveals she was conflicted with Harold because her family and friends in the hood would not approve, and more secrets about their relationship and past comes out. Owen reveals he had a crush on BOTH Noah and Izzy, which Izzy reveals to have had a crush on BOTH of them. They expose MANY about their lives and decide to go out to Playdium to start over as friends. Lindsay said a lot, but no one took her seriously (as usual).

TDWT Aftermath 3

The interviews of the eliminated (more specifically Duncan and Gwen) were done quickly, so all the eliminated can participate in the contest to return to the competition. Bridgette and Geoff plotted this to get rid of Blaineley once and for all (which everyone BUT Blaineley knows). She is tricked into answering all the answers right, and is sent to compete.

TDWT Aftermath 4

The exact same thing happens here than it does in the show. Nothing else to explain.






No Team

1st Eliminated in Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1

18th Place

Pre Teams


Team Victory

2nd Eliminated in Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan

17th Place

Non Merged


Team Victory

3rd Voted Out in Anything Yukon Do I Can Do Better

16th Place


Team Victory

4th Voted Out in Slap Slap Revolution

15th Place


Team Victory

5th Quit in Slap Slap Revolution

14th Place


Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot

6th Voted Out in Can’t Help Falling in Louvre

13th Place


Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot

7th Disqualified in Jamaica Me Sweat

12th Place


Team Victory

8th Eliminated in Jamaica Me Sweat

11th Place


Team Victory

9th Quit in I See London…

10th Place


Team Amazon

10th Voted Out in Greeces Pieces

9th Place


Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot

11th Voted Off in Picnic at Hanging Dork

8th Place



No Team

12th/13th Voted Off in Niagara Brawls

7th/6th Place


Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot

12th/13th Voted Off in Niagara Brawls

7th/6th Place


Team Amazon

14th Eliminated in African Lying Safari

5th Place


Team Amazon

15th Disqualified in Awwww Drumheller

4th Place


Team Amazon

16th Eliminated in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Balloons

3rd Place


Team Chris is Reallyx4 Hot

17th Runner Up in Hawaiian Punch

2nd Place


Team Amazon

18th Winner in Hawaiian Punch

1st Place

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