[How Total Drama Action could have been better]

[How Total Drama World Tour could have been better]

Hey Wikiers. Jayden-G is back but with the ROTI edition. Many (I included) feel like this season was such a lacklustre season for it's flat cast, lack of interactions, storylines, over the top toxic waste, and DAKOTAZOID. I will be doing the same thing that I did with Total Drama World Tour.

1. Kill the Toxic Rat losing streak/Mutant Maggot winning streak

I think this was one of the issues with Revenge of the Island (also Action and World Tour). The Mutant Maggots only had people leave their team if they were moved to another (Brick and Jo), or quit (Anne Maria). The only case where they genuinely lost and an elimination came out of was Dakota. This is extremely unrealistic and made the 8 episodes really predictable. Certain characters NEED to be eliminated before the merge, but to shake things up, I will be changing the teams so both can have a decent amount of Pre merge eliminations. Here are my teams (there WILL be team switches though):










Anne Maria






2. More genuine interactions (interactions overall) between the cast

I felt like the interactions between the cast were kept at a minimum and very lackluster. Even the main interactions (coughMikeandZoeycough) were very watered down. They were not genuine to me, and the interactions did not carry the season, unlike the previous seasons. I am going to try to build more friendships, and maybe even conflicts, and focus on the interactions more.

3. Lessen Scott's focus as a villain and increase Jo's

I think most of us can agree that Scott is a pathetic villain, as his sabotaging strategy was only based off of luck. If he was not the MAIN villain, I think it would be better, and his character in TDAS would seem more organic. I think Jo is very dark, cut-throat and demeaning, and it would be interesting if she was a villain. Both will stir the pot and cause some eliminations, but Scott will be more downplayed.

4. Add more storylines

The only story lines there were in ROTI was Sam/Dakota, Brick/Jo, Mike/Zoey, Mike/Zoey/Anne Maria, and Scott's antagonism. Lightning is a finalist and did not do jack crap. This kind of leads into my other point about what will make this season better (interactions). It will make the characters a bit less flat, and even give some of the Pre-merge characters something to do. More will be going on.

Elimination Order

Bigger, Badder, and Brutaler

So everyone arrived, and are split into teams. The Mutant Maggots are Anne Maria, Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Dakota, and Sam. Sam thinks Dakota is hot, Mike and Zoey want to know each other, Anne Maria and Dakota are threatened by one another in the looks department, and Cameron is nervous. Dawn and B take a liking to one another, Jo, Lightning, and B lead in the challenge, and Scott is trying to sabotage his team. Staci is trying to impress her team with stories about her family

Winner: Mutant Maggots (unchanged. They initially lost, but the other team destroyed the big cabin).

Bottom 2: Scott and Staci. (Scott seemed expendable as he did not help, and him and Staci contributed the least in the challenge).

Eliminated: Staci (unchanged. She annoyed EVERYONE on camp with her attention seeking lies about her family. She was expendable as well).

The ROTI my way will be started (maybe finished) later today.

Truth or Laser Shark

Jo is impressed with Lightning's performance in the last challenge, and forms an alliance with him. Scott is not liking how close his team is, so he makes a plan for sabotage. Sam, tries to hit on Dakota, but it does not work (or at least from what she showed him). She was extremely tired, and asked Anne Maria to do her makeup, causing them to bond.  Dawn is determined to read everyone's auras (Jo is insecure about how boys view her, Brick needs to be dominated, Lightining desperate to please his father, Scott being overly defensive to protect himself, and B not talking because he feels it is not necessary), and to get closer to B. In the first challenge, we learn that Anne Maria was adopted by successful Italians (thanks Snooki), Dakota is fame hungry to be loved, Zoey is insecure and depressed about being a loner (which Mike and Cameron relates to), Dawn is a Wicca, B is Beverly, Brick peed in his pants, and Sam's family runs a successful video console company. In the second part of the challenge, Lightning is attracted to Anne Maria, and flirts with her, which she is distracted by. B picks up the pace, and Mike saves Zoey from getting jumped from beavers, which they bond on later. 

Winner: Toxic Rats. Svetlana was introduced, and him and B were the last ones to finish the race. B helped the pthers catch up, and he barely beat Svetlana, which angers Scott and puts him on his hit list. The others were taken aback by Svetlana, but Mike told them that he was raised by gymnasts, causing him to lie to Zoey who he hung out with after the challenge ended.

*Note: I used this episode to be the only non-elimination one to give most of the characters some added depth, and to add more interactions.

Ice Ice Baby

So Jo invites Brick to workout with her (without her ally Lightning) to ask him to be in an alliance, but as they work out, things become a bit too competitive. B and Dawn are having a good time with the animals, as Scott watches from behind them, plotting to get rid of them. The girls of the Maggots start talking about guys, with Zoey gushing about Mike, and Dakota (who is loosening up to Sam) and Anne Maria being unsure about Sam and Lightning. During the first part of the challenge, Brick and Jo are competitively climbing the mountain, with Mike and Zoey helping one another climb as they blush. Dawn miraculously makes it up the mountain first, which creeps out all of her team mates, but B. In the next part of the challenge, Cameron and Sam comes up with a great strategy for the team, which causes them to bond. Sam takes a blow of snow for Dakota, which she is touched by. Lightning keeps on winking at Anne Maria, who is still undecided about him,, but that changes when Vito is introduced, as Zoey becomes more worried, and Anne Maria becomes more attracted to. Cameron takes note of the weird appearances of Svetlana and Vito.

Winner: Mutant Maggots. Not only did Sam and Cameron have a great plan (which everyone did well on), but B's plan fell apart, as he missed a calculation.Cameron confronts Mike about having MPD, to which Mike secretly reveals it to and tells Cameron not to tell Zoey.

Bottom 2: B and Dawn. (Dawn's wicca freaked out some, and B cost the challenge. Jo convinced Lightning to vote with her, and Scott got the others (including Dawn) to sadly vote for her friend.

Eliminated: B (for the reasons above). Dawn apologizes to him, and he pats her shoulder, signaling that he understands. Scott grins, as Jo growls at the fact that Dawn is not off. Dawn can tell that she feels isolated from her religion. Lightning goes to Anne Maria's room to ask her out, but he gets shot down for Vito, making him mad at Mike.

Finders Creepers

Chris wakes them up at 2 in the morning for their next challenge. He reveals that a member of each team will be permanently moving to the other team (Lightning and Cameron switch). He did this to increase ratings, knowing Jo won't like the weak Cameron, and Lightning will be mean to Mike for "taking Anne Maria". Dakota goes to Sam for comfort, as she is somewhat scared of the night. Jo is mad that her ally was switched to the other team, so she cozies up to Scott and Brick, planning to get rid of Dawn or Cameron). Dawn and Cameron work together (as they are outsiders on their team), and she reads his and everyone on her teams auras. Mike's shirt was ripped when Lightning tries to holst him, which only made Anne Maria cling to Vito. Zoey was unaware of Vito and Anne Maria's blooming affair as she was captured early in the challenge. Anne Maria is LOVING the attention. Dakota encourages her to slow it down early in the challenge, which causes a disagreement between them.

Winners: Mutant Maggots (this will be the end of their constant streak. When Anne Maria was not all over Vito, she actually helped Lightning in the challenge. Sam and Zoey were captured early, and Dakota was later. Only Scott and Brick remained, as he purposefully ditched Cameron, Jo, and Dawn to lose).

Bottom 2: Cameron and Dawn. They are outsiders to Jo and Scott (Brick is doing this to stay on Jo's good side).

Eliminated: Dawn. Jo managed to convince Scott and Brick to vote her off, from being creeped from her, and for not being useful, and being a loner. Dawn votes for Cameron to keep him safe from the harsh personalities, and Cameron refused to vote. Dawn is acceptable with her elimination, as she warns Brick and Cameron of the dark personalities amongst them.

Backstabbers Ahoy

Now that Dawn is gone, Jo is worrying bout her team, and is desperate for the other team to lose, so she calls Lightning for a secret meeting to split up Sam and Dakota, so they can annoy everyone and do badly. Lightning does not know that this will result in a loss for the team, and she tells him that he will win over Anne Maria. Speaking of her, Vito reappears for most of the episode (as his shirt was off), causing them to flirt and kiss in front of Zoey, making her sad. Lightning tells the newly hooked up couple (went steady in the beginning of the episode)about Dakota having a rendez-vous with a producer of the show, which causes for him to feel like a loser, and to argue with Dakota. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to get his team to lose, as Brick and Jo are strong. Brick and Cameron realize Scott is acting weird when it comes to the challenges. At the same time, Jo is slowly realizing that her competitive attitude with Brick partially has to do with the attraction she has for Brick (she is feeling weird about liking him without a shirt). To distract herself, she purposefully hits some of the Maggots, and is about to hit Sam, but Dakota steps in the way and gets a HUGE bite mark.

Winner: Toxic Rats. Brick did extremely well in the first part of the challenge, Lightning was a great driver, and Jo was a good shooter, though Scott tried to sabotage (which Cameron started to study). Brick and Jo start to have an awkward conversation after the challenge is complete, as they are both wierded out all of a sudden. Cameron confronts Scott, which leads into an argument.

Bottom 2: Mike and Sam. Many did not like how "Mike" was leading on 2 girls, and others felt that Sam was useless.

Eliminated: Dakota. Her bite becomes to turn blue at the elimination ceremony, which panicked everyone. Chris realized that he NEEDED to get her out of there before he got sued, so he sent her and called the paramedics. Dakota tells Sam that she only has eyes for him, and they settle their differences. He gives her a kiss before she is sent in the ambulance truck.

Runaway Model

Sam is sad that Dakota left and to make things worse, his game console breaks. Tension grows between Zoey and Anne Maria as they argue about Mike, and all the way to 60's clothing. Mike does not understand why Zoey is snubbing him, and both go to Cameron for comfort and advice. Lightning becomes more angry from his ego being bruised by being rejected and watching Jo neglect him for Brick. Tension grows between Scott-Cameron (Cameron is onto him, and Scott wants him gone), and Jo-Cameron (She thinks he is extremely useless compared to the others). The belligerent attraction between Brick and Jo comes to a blow during the challenge, as Jo takes her anger out on Brick and Cameron, who bond for being the only sane people on their team. Wanting to get to the bottom of the drama with his friends, Cameron tells Anne Maria about Mike's MPD.

Winner: Toxic Rats. Brick's fashion sense and Cameron's natural behaviour with animals caused them to win the first challenge. Jo tries to seduce the bear to see I she is sexy, but it fails. Her and Scott just knocked off the bear, winning.

Bottom 2: Sam and Anne Maria. Both of them have been proven to be not much use in challenges, Anne for the whole Mike drama, and Sam going through a tech malfunction.

Eliminated: Sam. For the reasons above, losing the challenge, and complaining about his withdrawal and not being with Dakota. Mike decided to vote for Sam instead of Anne Maria.

A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Cameron reveals to Mile that he told her he has MPD to leave him alone (he had to explain in depth to her what it was). Zoey is completely snubbing Mike, and focusing on the game. Anne Maria than tries to flirt with Lightning, but he was too focused on the competition and making it through. The Rats argue and struggle the entire challenge, with Cameron's growing feuds with Jo and Scott, with Brick and Jo's belligerent competitor takes a then for the worse when their morals clash, when it comes to saving others. Anne Maria has a conversation with Mike (who revealed Manitoba). Jo is considering going out with Brick.

Winner: Mutant Maggots. They worked together better; and Zoey and Lightning led the team to victory.

Bottom 2: Jo and Brick. They had tied votes for being thorns and threats.

Eliminated: Brick. Chris told them as a tiebreaker that they had to fight one another and win to make it to the merge. Jo was ready, but Brick refused to hit a lady. She revealed he was this close to being her man, but he blew it. Mike, Zoey, Cameron, and Anne Maria saluted him goodbye.

The Treasure Island of Dr McLean

They are on floats and are told that the teams are merged, which excited everyone. Soon after they are told the challenge, people team up (Mike, Zoey, Cameron), Jo is planning to throw Lightning under the bus to be allies with Scott. Jo and Scott are fast emerging into first place, as they complete the challenge with no ease, and plan to stay that way, so they set traps to hold back the others. The other 5 get caught into one trap, and Mike and Cameron are having a secret conversation (his MPD) and leaving Zoey out of it, which only pisses her off. Lightning continues to flirt with Anne Maria, but she plays "hard to get". When they all get out of the trap, Zoey refuses to go with them as they refused to tell them what was going on.

WinnerScott. He as the first one to make it there. He also figures out that Mike has MPD when Chester makes an odd appearance, which he awares Jo about.

Bottom 2: Zoey and Anne Maria. The other boys sped off to the finish line after they for their treasure.

Eliminated: Anne Maria. The two girls are head to head, and Zoey barely beats her. As she leaves, she tells Jo and Scott they are sick for setting traps for them, apologizes to Zoey about Mike (though still thinks she is bland and cannot dress), and tells Lightning that she has many options that have given her great offers for dating her. He offers to take her to his father's next date and as she is about to respond, she is launched over.

Grand Chef Auto

Jo realizes that Scott is more useful than Lightning (strong AND smart). With his jersey distraction gone, Lightning is working out extremely, ranting and raving on how he is going to win, and makes fun of Cameron. Cameron tells Mike that he needs to tell Zoey about his MPD because Zoey is threatening to not be Cameron's friend. Scott figures out about Mike's MPD and demands him to carry him to victory, which Mike reluctantly does. Jo threw Lightning under the bus as she left him to get beat up by a toxic animal, causing him to realize she used him, and building their feud. Zoey feels isolated by Mike as he ignores her to help Scott, but he eventually snaps at him and tells Zoey the truth. She says she loves oddballs, and they go for a picnic after the challenge and become official.

Winner: Jo. She manages to beat everyone to marking the landing spots, and grind at Lightning. Chris tells her that as the winner, she has the option on who to eliminate.

Eliminated: Lightning. She chooses to eliminate him because she does not need him anymore, and needs weaker people in the game. Lightning starts to lose it, as he realized he failed his father by being eliminated. He starts to cry, then angrily lashes at Jo before he gets launched. I needed Lightning to go at this long because he had nothing else going for him to remain longer, and it would be appropriate to eliminate him here. He was the worst choice as a finalist, as he barely did anything the entire season. He needed to go, that is it.

Up, Up and Away in my Pitiful Balloon

Mike, and Zoey were hanging out and having fun in the arts craft movie, watching movies, and a bunch of other things before the challenge; bonding without Cameron (they wanted to hang out as a couple). Scott and Jo are extremely worried, as they are outnumbered, and willing to do ANYTHING to split them up, so Jo cozies up to Cameron, who is too naive to realize what is happening. Scott is not about to have any of this, so he sabotages Mike, Zoey, and Cameron's vehicles. Mike and Zoey are unbreakable, and she is interested in his MPD. The person whom performs the worst at getting Heather and building their machine is incapable of voting.......and that is Cameron.

Winner: Zoey. She was the only one who managed to get the money from Heather.

Bottom 3: Scott, Jo and Mike. Mike voted for Scott (last episode), Zoey voted for Jo (her actions in the episode).

Eliminated: Mike. They could not target Zoey (immunity), and Cameron was weaker and too obvious of a choice. Mike was the link between Zoey and Cameron; and is stronger because of his personalities. He gives his friends a speech of how they helped him and he will always be thankful, wishing them luck.

Eat, Puke, and Be Wary

Jo and Scott confront and bully Cameron, telling him to be sure that he is weak and going to be out of the game and back in his bubble. Zoey is a bit sad about Mike's elimination, but her and Cameron talk more about their interests, and Zoey tells him her secret passion; anything oldies. They are also determined to plot to get Scoft and Jo. Jo and Scott are planning to get rid of either Zoey or Cameron, then betray one another. All 4 of them are sabotaging the allying's food, but Scott has the strongest stomach. With the competition getting more toxic, even the good guys Camerona Nd Zoey are having negativity written all over them. Scott and Jo talk saying that their alliance ends after the challenge.

Winner: Cameron. He broke off te tracker from himself and was the first to cross. Zoey refused to cheat, and was worn down from the competition, so they went their separate ways. He talks with Zoey to vote off Scott.

Bottom 2: Scott and Zoey. Cameron was immune, so some had no other choice. Scott because he is a bad soul, like Jo, but more irritating and pathetic.

Eliminated: Zoey. She voted for herself to get away from the toxic people, as we knew a friendship finale was not going to happen, because of all that Scott and Jo are capable of, and wanting to still have some dignity. She got what she wanted out of the competition (friends). Cameron is shocked that she voted for herself, and she tells him that he is strong enough to beat them and to thank him for being her friend.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

Cameron realizes that he needs to toughen out more to beat Jo and Scott, while the latter 2 break off their alliance, but say it was a fun time. As they go through the woods, things intensify between all 3 of them, as they try to trap one another and steal each other's maps. Jo and Scott are using the dirtiest tricks that they have, while Cameron is using his smarts to outmaneuver them and to move along the forest to make it to the finish line. Jo and Cameron have a confrontation after the challenge.

Winner: Jo. She pushed Cameron in a ditch to make it first place. After he gets out, they have some intense words, but he gets worried that he is going to be sent home.

Bottom 2: Scott and Cameron (they are the only remaining players in the game). Scott is thinking he is in the final 2 from Jo's vote, and Cameron is a nervous wreck.

Eliminated: Scott. Jo voted for him because Cameron is a weaker player, and knowing that the finale is going to be physical, she chose the weaker player. Scott is a bit hurt, but respects Jo's game.

Brain vs Brawn: The Final Showdown

Everyone from the season returns for the finale, and are happy as heck. Everyone but Lightning and Scott are rooting for Cameron. Things with Jo and Cameron intensify as they are building their gear, and it is even game with Cameron sending some shots, with her doing the same. Cameron's gear starts losing power, causing Jo to best the crap out of him, but Cameron recovers, and does something to change his chances.

2nd Place: Jo. Cameron created a power bomb, which hit her, and physically altered her body. Her hair is white, and her body feels weaker and gained a bit of weight, making everything a bit more flubby. She screams and freaks out over her looks being messed up (everyone laughing, because she comes off as a tomboy). Brick offers his hand and still assures her that she is beautiful, which makes her blush. She asks him who he is so nice to her especially, and he says he knows she has a heart and wants to be loved. They go on the boat together.

Winner: Cameron. He won for the reasons above. Everyone runs up to cheer him on and so he can surf their hands. He feels overconfident by lasting in this tough show with these tough personalities. Because everyone has helped him, he decides to split the money with everyone..........but Jo. Mike and Zoey are the most proud of him. The season ends with all the contestants on the boat, and Anne Maria telling Lightning that she would love to go to his father's football game with him.

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