How Total Drama World Tour could have been better

How Total Drama Revenge of the Island could have been better

How Total Drama Action could have been better

Hey Wikiers, I am back with the TDAS edition, and I know it has been 4 months, but I am here to finish all of them. There are SO many issues with this season. The lack of consistency, abrupt storylines with terrible execution, stupidity, lack of focus, flanderization and derailment, contrivance, the cast, and just overall being bad. Here are a few things that could have changed this season for the better. I will say this again to remind people; the purpose of this is to FIX certain things of the season (though keeping most of the plots relatively the same, but small replacements and retweeking will lead to a bigger and better payoff). I will try my best with this season.

1. Focus on the Heroes vs Villains aspect, without making them go out of character

I think the thing with this is that they either rub it in too much (the Heroic Hamsters), or do not touch on it at all. Certain aspects can cause a team swap or something, or all of the villains are trying to out-villain one another, and even in the merge, they want to prove that they are the biggest and the baddest. There will be a lot of clashes over this, and certain characters may realize that they are more heroic or villianous than they know............proper development.

2. Make sure the storylines have build up and make sense.

There are so many things that abruptly end or start with absolutely no buildup, and it makes you go like "what the hell just happened". If you do not have the proper build up for any storyline, the payoff will be weak and something that you did not expect the audience to react to in the way they are reacting to. Examples of this are Mal, Scottney, Gwuncan breaking up, so on and so on. It only makes the season more contrived and frustrating to watch.

3. Stop rehashing plots

This is a pretty big issue. Things like the Zoke plot, Gwen and Courtney becoming friends, Aleheather, Cam-Cody, and so on are all rehashes of plots from the previous seasons, with the same result, and it gets really frustrating that instead of repairing these characters from the past season, they only made them worse. It is like they rehash plots because they are afraid to develop characters. If that is all you are going to do with certain characters, than they might as well not be there. You need to keep things fresh with these kind of shows.

Elimination Order

Heroes vs Villains

It is a year after ROTI, and everyone is back for the new season. Sam is the last to arrive, and everyone is confused why he is there, with Chris telling them that Anne Maria and Brick refused, so they chose him. Lightning and Scott are still mad at Jo for betraying them, so they form an alliance to make sure she is eliminated soon. They get the teams of the Villainous Vultures and the Heroic Hamsters (same as in actual season). Gwen and Duncan are clearly going through some issues in their relationships, but both agree to not let it play out on the show, and she is sad that her friends Bridgette and Leshawna are not in the season, and she is a villain, though she technically did not steal Duncan from Courtney. Jo and Heather argue about who should be doing what for the challenge, but Jo decides to push the carriage, and Heather knows that there is a 7th spot on their team that is empty, and is worried about Alejandro showing up late to the season (which he eventually does). Zoey and Mike are in a good place, and wish one another good luck as they go on their challenges. Sierra is glad but a bit sad that she is in a season without Cody, and there is still tension between her and Courtney from Season 3. Lindsay is not that excited to be back in the show, but tries her best anyways, which is not that good anyways.

Winners: Villanous Vultures (same reason as in show, with Alejandro appearing and getting the right key. things do not start well with him and Heather, and Jo cockily takes credit for winning the first challenge. Lindsay and Courtney finds themselves as outsiders on their team).

Bottom 2: Courtney and Lindsay (same as show. Courtney being bossy and not worthy to be on the Heroes team, and Lindsay for not really trying that hard to be there, and complaining about Beth and Tyler not being with her).

Lindsay. She was useless, and she was sad with being there without anyone that would support her anyways. Lindsay has no hard feelings, and is happy to be reunited with her friends (with none of them being in the competition). There is literally no other plot that I could do with Lindsay, so she needed to go. Alejandro is sent to Boney Island.

Evil Dread

The trio, Sierra, and Sam are all getting along and bonding in the losers compartment, and Mike says he wants to take Zoey to the Craft services after to watch an indie movie. Sierra and Cameron makes predictions on the Heroes chances of winning and losing, an who could lose. Alejandro and Heather argue in the winner's compartment about last season, and Jo knows that Scott and Lightning are out to get her, so she tries to befriend Duncan and Gwen, who were in the middle of a discussion about their relationship, and her not being a villain. During the challenge, Sam gets caught in a bunch of booby traps, and Courtney is trying to get on the Heroes' good side, but she comes off as too bossy, turning everyone off. Jo continues to argue with Heather about leadership, and things get personal when they take shots at one another's looks, and who is the better villain, with Scott and Lightning joining to gang up on her. Mike and Zoey flirt as they work with one another, and Sierra and Cameron dig together. Alejandro is trying to come off as crippled and weak to get sympathy points from everyone, so they can forget about his Season 3 actions. Scott tries to sabotage the Heroes section, and Mike and Zoey catches him, causing the three to get into an altercation, and for Scott to knock Mike out with a shovel. Scott wants to be the biggest villain in the game.

Winners: Villainous Vultures. When Heather and Jo stopped arguing, Jo went to work with Alejandro, Gwen, and Duncan, while Heather went to work with Lightning and Scott, and the two teams managed to find the pieces easily, where things did not go well for the Heroes. Mike and Sam is taken to the infirmary.

Bottom 2: Courtney and Sam. Courtney is not liked on her team for being bossy and mean, and Sierra reported to the team that she saw her speak to Scott, and glaring at Duncan and Gwen after the challenge. Sam is not good at challenges, and he has gotten overly injured from the booby traps that were left around at the challenge.

Sam. They knew he would not be useful in challenges anymore, as many parts of his body got injured, and they felt like he was not that strong of a competitor anyways. Sam is sad that he did not do well, but is happy that he gets to see Dakota. I needed to get rid of Sam here because like Lindsay, there is no possible way he could really be used, and is just fodder. Gwen is sent to Boney Island.

Saving Private Leechball

Jo is trying to stir the pot with Duncan and Gwen, to split them up, and so they could be on her side, but that only gets her in trouble, which she does not need, with lightning, Scott, and Heather already hating her. Gwen goes over to speak to Courtney, and Duncan joins, which is the last thing Courtney wants, but Scott pulls her away from them, which she is thankful for. Mike is stuck in the infirmary and is not allowed to compete in the challenge, as glimpses of Mal appears. Zoey is saddened that she will have to be apart from Mike for days, but sh leans on Cameron and Sierra, and makes friends with the latter; both relating on being separate from their men and being hopeless romantics. Alejandro grows annoyed with Lightning, and him and Heather try to warm up to the team to get them on their side, as they both grow nervous about losing. Heather studies that Alejandro is not as "injured and crippled" as he is pretending to be. Lightning and Scott plot to get rid of Jo, but Scott rambles to Lightning about Courtney, which he does not really care for. Mal pops by randomly and tries to sabotage the challenge. Gwen gets more mad when she hears a bunch of lies about Duncan.

Winner: Heroic Hamsters. Cameron, Zoey, and Sierra work extremely well with one another, as they take out most of the villains. Cameron did get shot when Courtney pushed them all to avoid getting shot by Scott, Duncan, and Gwen.

Bottom 2: Heather and Jo. People are annoyed with them trying to get everyone in an alliance with them, and trying to cause trouble. Heather and Jo get into another argument at the elimination ceremony. Gwen kisses Duncan as he saved her from getting shot in the challenge, and they cleared up everything that the other team was spreading around (like Duncan wanting to dump her and Gwen regretting dating Duncan).

Jo. She failed in the challenge, and was only causing unnecessary trouble with the team. Not only that, but she was hated by everybody on her team. Lightnign rubs it in her face, and she punches him as she is escorted. What they did not know is that Jo saw Mal, and he sabotaged her gun, causing her to fail in the challenge. She says there is a greater evil among them, and that she will get Lightning and Scott back. Mike goes to Boney Island.

*Note: Duncan and Courtney switch teams, which excites the Heroes and Scott, and saddens Gwen.

Food Fright

Gwen is trying to speak to Courtney about their issues, but Courtney could care less, and she goes to speak to Scott, who is flirting with her, and telling her that he will help her get rid of the non-villain Gwen. Lightning tries to ally with Alejandro and Heather, telling them that the team sucks without Lightning, and that they would be nothing without him. Alejandro and Heather spent the night together, and there was a lot of arguing, and they have come to a deal. Duncan is overly welcomed to the Heroes team, and Mike comes to realize hat they are closer than he remembered. There is tension with Mike and Duncan, as they recognize one another from outside Total Drama. Heather and Alejandro worry about one another in the challenge, and denies that they are worried about one another's their feelings for one another.  Gwen and Lightning are worried about being outsiders on their team. Mike gets jealous of Duncan and Zoey bonding, and Sierra and Cameron realize that they have a crush on one another, which scares them both. When Mike turns into Mal, he enters the machine with Lightning, and they both end up fighting in the machine, and both make the entire obstacle go crazy (on purpose on Mal's part). Gwen is worried about Duncan and Zoey's newfound friendship, and Zoey and Cameron takes note that Mike is acting a bit weird.

Winners: Heroic Hamsters. They simply did not screw up as much as the Villains did, and Cameron and Sierra come up with a plan that will cause them not to vomit in the machine. Zoey questions Mike about his behavior, and Mike tells her to watch out for Duncan. Sierra and Cameron act nervous around one another after the challenge, and does not know what dto do with their newfound feelings.

Bottom 2: Alejandro and Lightning. People are catching onto Alejandro's "crippled body", Lightning is overly cocky, and both lost the challenge for the team, and both were the only ones to throw up.

Lightning shovel
Lightning. Heather was the only vote that kept Alejandro and booted Lightning. He was an outsider on the team, not as tough and experienced in the game as everyone else, and people were sick of his SHA talk. Lightning lashes out at Scott for betraying him. After Scott and Courtney form an alliance, she hears Gwen cry in the confessional about things being strained with Duncan and Courtney, and considering leaving the show, which makes Courtney feel bad. Duncan goes to Boney Island.

Moon Madness

Zoey and Mike watch their indie movie in the Craft Services room, and Zoey knows that Mike is acting off, so she asks him what is up, but he never gets the chance to answer, as the challenge is announced. Sierra and Cameron accidentally kiss, which puts awkwardness in their friendship, and Sierra feels like she is cheating on Cody. Alejandro ignores Heather, which bothers her a lot, and Courtney and Scott grow a lot closer. In the challenge, the Heroes get split apart, with Duncan being with Zoey, and Mike, Sierra, and Cameron being another group. Because it is a Harvest Moon, Mike turns into Mal, and sabotages Sierra, Cameron, and their relationship. He tells Cameron that Sierra is only using him for info to get farther in the game, which causes him to ditch Sierra, which she gets overly mad at him for. Gwen is left behind, as the other Villains go without her, and she confrontations Duncan and Zoey about him better not flirt with her, like he did Gwen when he was with Courtney, which Duncan is insulted by, since he thought she knew him better than that. Zoey says that there is nothing between them, and she walks off, to only find an angry Sierra. Duncan does not like that Gwen has ditched him for Courtney, and she tells him his ego is too much. Heather acts overly nice, which creeps out Alejandro and her team, and Alejandro's legs and arms move by a accident a few times, as he comes out of faking being injured, which the Villains (Heather, Scott, and Courtney) eventually notice. Mal injures Cameron.

Winner: Villianous Vultures. Gwen is in a predicament where the animals are about to attack her, and Courtney runs back to save her, causing both of them to smile and hug one another, whereas Mike and Cameron could not cross the finish line before all of the villains (with Gwen and Courtney being the last ones from their teams). Scott asks Courtney to go on a walk, which she blushes before she accepts. Alejandro hugs Heather because he thinks she reverted back to her old self, though she reveals that she faked it, and it is nice that he cares.

Bottom 2: Mike and Cameron. Sierra and Zoey told Duncan about Cameron ditching and breaking Sierra's heart in the challenge, and Cameron adds everything together and realizes that "Mike sets him up". He realizes that as he snuck in the production room, that Mike has an evil personality.

Eliminated: Cameron. Everyone else voted for him, and he was the only one to vote for Mike. He apologizes to Sierra, and says that Mike told him about her using him. Before they get the full chance to reconcile, Cameron is flushed. Sierra is overly suspicious about what happened, and Mike returns, confused about everything. Scott goes to Boney Island.

Note: I decided not to break up Gwen and Duncan because it literally adds nothing to the season.

No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition

Heather and Alejandro make an alliance, and almost kiss, causing them both to realize that the other need to go soon. Courtney bumps into a sad Gwen, who rants to her about her troubling relationship with Duncan, and that she is sorry for everything. Courtney cheers her up and tells her about her walk with Scott and how she really likes him. Sierra is mad about what Mike did to her and Cameron, and refuses to let go about it, with Zoey trying to tell her that it is a misunderstanding. Mike is confused about everything that is going on, and Duncan is sad that his relationship with Gwen is going south. Alejandro and Heather are rallying the villains to get rid of the other, and Heather finds the immunity idol, and the events that happen in the actual show takes place. Duncan becomes more affectionate to Gwen, which shocks everyone, and makes Zoey smile. Mike becomes Mal because he threw a rock over himself.

Winner: Heroic Hamsters. Sierra and Zoey brought a lot of eggs, that caused them to win the challenge. After the challenge, Mal gets into an argument with Sierra, and Duncan heroically stands up for her, and he gets into an altercation with Mal, which ends up getting physical. Zoey is confused about everyone in her team. Sierra finds Cameron's journal, which causes her to officially start research.

Bottom 2: Alejandro and Heather (same as show)

File:HeatherPleased.jpgEliminated: Heather (same as show). She has a lot more sadness in her though. Gwen is stunned with how nice Duncan is treating her, and Courtney is touched with Scott being gentlemanly to her when going through the toxic part of Boney Island. Alejandro reveals that he has been faking the entire time, causing the entire team to glare at him in hatred, and he arrogantly rubs in how he is the best strategist and manipulator.

Suckers Punched

A baby mutant followed Sierra from Boney Island, and she gets motherly with it, but is still looking up stuff to use against Mal. Duncan is shown with bruises, and warns Zoey that Mal is dangerous and that she needs to leave him. He tells her that Mal is probably the main personality, but she does not believe him.....about the multiple personality talk. She says she will speak to him later. Alejandro realizes that all of the villains hate him, and he is not worried because now that he can use his full potential, he brags arrogantly on how no one can touch him. Gwen comes from a walk with Duncan, and is thrilled with how nice he is acting. Scott loses to Fang in the challenge, and Courtney shows worry for him, consoling him to get better. Sierra fights the mutant's mother and loses. Scott distracts Alejandro (they want to take him down), so his brother can beat him up. Mal beats up Izzy, Zoey somehow wins against Anne Maria, and Courtney an Gwen refuse to fight one another,m and when a Gwuncan video is shown, they still do not budge. Duncan also loses when it comes to fighting a weak bird, causing everyone to laugh at him.

Winner: Heroic Hamsters. Villains threw the challenge, so they can get rid of an enemy before the merge comes, and the reasons above.

Bottom 2: Scott and Alejandro. One is lame, and one is hated.

Eliminated: Alejandro. The villains threw the challenge, and stuck together so they can take out the huge threat Alejandro. He is mad that he did not see that coming, and Scott cheers that he is a bad man for getting rid of Alejandro. The spaniard says that at least he can clear things with Heather.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

Duncan tells Sierra about Mal's criminal record, and she is shocked when she searches it up on her phone, and he has MANY crimes against him. Mal later finds Duncan's knife and Sierra's phone, and crushes it to make them go crazy. Gwen and Courtney are getting to know one another, and Duncan feels a way. During the challenge, Zoey works with Duncan because Mal abandoned her, and Zoey tells him that he has been really heroic, which has been bothering Duncan for a few episodes now. Mal's target is to get Gwen out, so Duncan will have no support and will go even crazier, so he tries to sabotage her and Courtney's boat at every chance. Scott is undecided whether he should go out with the uptight Courtney or not, and even asks Duncan for advice. Zoey falls into a pirahnna pit, and Mal has to save her, or else it will look suspicious, and she realizes that it is Mike, and not Mal, and that Sierra and Duncan are wrong. Duncan sneaks off the challenge to try to do something to regain his bad boy rep, and Mal follows him, and they get into a physical fight, and Chris' cottage blows up.

Winner: Scott. Him and Sierra were really close to one another for first place, but Mal's sabotage on her boat caused her to slow down. He chooses Courtney to join him in the Winner's compartment, making her blush. They spend the entire evening together, on his version of a date.

Bottom 2: Duncan and Gwen. Mal rigged the votes, and made sure that the votes that were for him, was replaced with votes for his target Gwen, and she is confused why she is in the bottom 2, and has done nothing bad or villainous to deserve this. Duncan is in the bottom 2 because everyone thinks he blew up Chris' mansion.

Duncan TDAS Rank
Eliminated: Initially Gwen, but the police comes after Duncan and tells him that he is arrested for committing Arson. Duncan loses it because he did not blow up the mansion, and things were looking good for him, with Mal grinning. Gwen is confused about what is happening, and she had a flashback of Duncan warning her about Mike. Sierra finds Cameron's book, where he wrote everything about Mike's MPD. Zoey consoles a sad Gwen about her boyfriend going to jail.

Zeek and Ye Shall Find

Sierra starts to lose it when she sees her broken phone (which has black strands of hair on it), Scott and Courtney reveal that they kissed and that they are going out, Gwen feels like the third wheel, and Zoey is keeping her distance from Mike. Chris celebrates the 100th episode, but Ezekiel comes and kidnaps him (which Chris and Ezekiel agreed to for the challenge). Gwen wants to work with Courtney, but she abandons her for Scott, which makes Gwen a bit annoyed, and she is forced to work with Zoey in the challenge. Sierra is trying to stay sane, as she knows she needs to give Zoey all the info she has on Mal, and Mal is trying to come up with an idea to break up Scott and Courtney. Zoey tells Gwen that Courtney probably used her for the game, and dumped her for Scott, which only makes her more mad. When Courtney and Scott are not making out, she is bosing him around, which is starting to annoy him.

Winner: Mal. HGe is the only one that did not get caught, and he captured Zeke and saved Chris. Because he won, not only does he get immunity, but he gets the sole vote as to who to eliminate. This makes Sierra and Gwen nervous (since it was revealed that the votes were rigged the last time).

Sierra and the puke
Eliminated: Sierra. Mal chose her to leave, which many do not object to, since she started to go crazy. Sierra gives Zoey a clue about everything she needs to know about "a certain someone" is where the shattered bones, dirt, and rotten dreams are. When Courtney tries to speak to Gwen, she snubs her to talk to Zoey. To prove that he is a villain, Scott knows that he needs to make a move to ensue his safety.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Mal finds a list of Courtney and draws a duplicate, altered version to use later. Zoey figures out Sierra's clue and digs in the grave and finds Cameron's book, which has all of his findings on Mike's condition, and she also finds the records of Mike she managed to find about his arrests. Mal tells Scott that Courtney is most likely using and emasculating him, and that he needs to show her who is in charge, because she is making him look like a bad villain and a weak guy. Scott and Courtney argue about this, which makes her think that he only really used her as well. Things do not go easy for her because Gwen keeps on spending a lot of time with Zoey. Mal tells Courtney that Gwen told Zoey that she never really like her, and hates her for making her look bad, and from everything that happened in TDWT made her look bad, driving an even bigger ditch with her and Gwen. Gwen tries to speak to Courtney again, only for the latter t snub her, and then confronts her about using her. Gwen later cries to Zoey, who is sad that she was right about Courtney.

Winner: Zoey. She was the first to finish, Mal let her win, and Scott, Courtney, and Gwen were too busy with their issues to really pay much attention to the challenge. This is great for her, since she could gather all of her info. She also finds a bunch of Mike's pills that he was supposed to take to make sure he remained in control, and feels betrayed for him lying to her about taking his pills (meaning it was easier for Mal to take over).

Bottom 2: Mike and Courtney. The former got a vote from Courtney because she realized that the lies spread about her came from Mike and Zoey, and Mike is the only one she can vote for. Courtney got votes by the lies that Mal and Zoey (from what she said in the last episode) told the others.

Eliminated: Initially Courtney, but Chris reveals that this is the only non elimination episode of the season. He tells them that this challenge could affect the rest of the game, because the winner (Zoey) will be one of the 2 immune for the next challenge, second place (Mal) had a 6 minute head start in the challenge, third place (Courtney) gets no benefits or punishments, 4th place (Scott) has to wait 6 minutes after everyone else to start the challenge, and last place (Gwen) will not be allowed to vote in the next ceremony.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

Mal reveals the altered list he made of Courtney's chart, and showed it off like it was hers, causing Scott and Gwen to be even more mad at her (like the real episode), and Zoey now knows that she cannot trust Mike with what she found out in the last episode. Scott and Gwen are now determined to make sure that Courtney does not win the challenge. Courtney is desperate, sad an mad that everyone turned on her, but she ends up working with Zoey, and she tells Courtney that there is something wrong with Mike, but she will tell her later. Mal feels like he is successful, and after this, his next goal is to ruin Zoey's life. Eventually, Scott and Gwen get mad at one another, as they blame one another for why things failed with Courtney.

Winner: Courtney. She managed to eat her sundae first, as she does have a strong stomach. This makes her and Zoey immune, which makes both of them proud, and she tells the CIT the entire truth about Mike, and they go in cahoots to take him down for the next episode. Mal, Scott, and Gwen are less than pleased though.

Bottom 3: Scott, Mike, and Gwen. There was no one else to vote for, and the 4 votes (Gwen cannot vote) did not end up in a tie.

File:GwenElimTDAS.jpgEliminated: Gwen. Mike and Scott voted her off, while Zoey did not have the guts to vote off her boyfriend (voting for Scott), and Courtney voted for Mike. So overall, she got voted out because there was no one else to pick off, and Scott does feel like she got in the way of things. Mal saw this as a chance to take out the floaters, as he wanted to take her out in Episode 8. Gwen is completely shocked, and she works things out with Courtney when she reveals the real list, and Zoey (who made a DVD of Mal) played the vid for everyone to see at the elimination ceremony.

The Bold and the Booty-Ful There is definitely tension between both couples in the beginning of the episode, where Zoey starts snubbing Mike, as she realizes she needs to trick him into taking his meds, and Courtney is still mad at Scott for not believing in her, and lashing out at him. During the challenge, Mal and Scott decide to work with one another to ensure that they each make it past 4th place, and Courtney starts to help Zoey with taking Mal down. They sabotage Mal's journey to get what he is supposed to bring back for the challenge, and Courtney refuses to speak to Scott, who thinks that Courtney is sabotaging him, only making him angry.

Winner: Scott. He is the first one to get to Chris with his treasure. He abandoned Mal as he tried to harm him, and went to Chris with his prize. Zoey has Courtney pin him down, as Zoey forces Mal to drink his DID pills with water, causing Mike to regain a lot more control, and to come back. He hugs her, but she says that she is mad at him for lying to her about a lot. She says he needs to earn her trust back.

Mike TDAS Rank
File:ZoeyForTDMyWay.pngEliminated: Mike and Zoey. Mike (4th) was automatically eliminated for being last and not bringing something (this was when he was Mal, and after he lost, Zoey forced him to take his pill), and Zoey (3rd) was voted out by Scott (who could solely eliminate a person), as he wants to show Courtney that he is a man, and that he is gonna be the baddest finalist ever.

The Final Wreck-ening

Courtney and Scott are both thrilled that they made it this far, and nothing will stop them from winning. They are both a bit sad with the way things went down between them, but they both will do anything from the money. For assistants, Courtney shoots down Gwen and Duncan (he is only out for trail), while Scott got Lightning and Jo. All of the others are popped out of the balloon, and watch from the sidelines. Sierra and Cameron are back on friendly terms, Mike and Zoey are fine and back to normal, Alejandro and Heather are dating,Lindsay and Sam are.....Lindsay and Sam. Things are weird with Courtney, Scott, and their helpers, and Jo and Lightning are willing to do anything to help Scott.

Eliminated: Courtney. Her and Scott led into a final confrontation, with both of them angry and disappointed with where things ended with them. Scott says while he would love to be with her, the money means more to him, and he dumps her for the money. Courtney is mad, but gives him some sort of respect, and says she is glad that she got to second place to someone like him.

Winner: Scott. Jo and Lightning broke the ladder, so Gwen and Duncan could not help Courtney anymore, and helped Scott, so they could get some money from him Scott cheers so hard that he hits the suitcase with the waterpipe, that causes the entire island to explode.

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