How Total Drama World Tour could have been better

How Total Drama Revenge of the Island could have been better

Hey Wikiers, I am back with the TDA edition. I did not even know if I would continue with this series because..... I honestly do not know how I could have fixed this season without making MAJOR changes to it, which would not make the season TDA, and the point of this blog is how little changes could make improvements. This season is known for it's flanderization of characters, repetitiveness, predictable wins/eliminations, and lackluster villains. I will TRY to see what I can do with this.

1. Kill the Killer Grips losing streak/Screaming Gaffers winning streak

Like I said in my other 2 season posts, this was a HUGE issues form this season to ROTI. Not only does it rarely happen in these type of competition shows, but it made the episodes really predictable, taking out all the suspense and fun of it. I was thinking about making team switches like I did in ROTI, but the teams needed to be the way they were, so the people who are not important can go home in the pre-merges.

2. NOT have Courtney as a main antagonist

She is considered to be an antagonist without really being antagonistic to others; just by yelling, using her PDA, and winning a bunch of challenges. She can be a secondary antagonist, or someone who everyone is threatened by and wants gone, but I feel like putting her in the title of a main antagonist was wrong. You can be disliked and stuff but not be an antagonist. She can have a Jo role in the actual ROTI. Speaking about Courtney, she can godplay less, and not have a bunch of wins given to her half the time she is in the competition.

3. Plots need to be fully executed and not abandoned randomly

I feel like this is the seaosn's main issue. There have been so many plots that have been abandoned (Heather and Harold's alliance, Jusitn's alliance with Beth and Lindsay, Justin's antagonism, Harold and LeShawna, etc) or that the plots that were in this season felt like rehashes form TDI or no outcome our change came out of it by the seasons end (Owen's spy thing did nothing for him or others perception of him, Lindsay not being that dumb, Harold and LeShawna, Duncan and Courtney, DJ's plot, etc). This season needs plots that are carried through all the way, causes interesting interaction between the characters, and cause drama.

4. More build up in changes of a character, or have an excuse for flanderization

I have to give out the biggest example of this; Trent's 9 issue. This came out of nowhere, and especially because there was no sign of it, it semeed like it was a poor excuse to break Gwen and Trent up. If this issue had more buildup, like him taking rejection and isolation not well, and he becomes a bit nervous in the episodes prior, THEN he starts doing his 9 thing, it would have been better. Another example is LeShawna's lie thing. Maybe if she started making annoying passive aggressive remarks about the other campers a few episodes beforehand and THEN started bashing them to her cousin, it would have been better. Overall, this season needs more buildup.

Elimination Order

Monster Cash

The 14 contestants make it to the studio, all pumped and ready for another season of Total Drama. Owen and Izzy are in a better place than they were in Hook Line and Sinker, but are still not together. Gwen and Duncan are starting to make laughs with one another, and she is good with her boyfriend Trent (who does not really get along with Duncan). Everyone hates Heather, and she tries to warm up to BFFs Beth and Lindsay into another alliance, but they refuse. They stick with Justin (who is determined to make a mark this season) in the challenge. Chef has plans for DJ, and is friendly to him. Geoff and Bridgette's sexual attraction has increased since his elimination in the previous season, and they cannot get their hands off one another and barely participates in the challenge.

Winner: Owen (same as the show)

Alien Ressur-Eggtion

Owen is suffering from eating foam in the last challenge, and Izzy's persona "Nurse Martha" is going to aid him. LeShawna needs space, so she works with Justin, Lindsay, and Beth in the challenge, causing him to work with Heather (which LeShawna was a bit jealous of). Chef forces DJ into an alliance (because he sees DJ in him, and is sick of the pay he is getting from the show), who reluctantly accepts because his 2 friends are too busy to hang with him. Gwen and Duncan bond, while Duncan makes digs to a jealous Trent. Everyone is annoyed by Bridgette and Geoff's making out and moans, and them only talking about their partners.

Winner: Gwen and Trent (the same as the show).

Bottom 3: Heather, Bridgette, and Geoff (The first own is universal hated, and the latter 2 are clearly dead weight and their intimacy is distracting and irritating).

Eliminated: Geoff and Bridgette for the reason above. They are shocked that people like them less, but they will not change their relationship to satisfy others, and are glad that they have more time to themselves. They HAVE to go here. Who else is going to do the Aftermaths.

Riot on Set

Things get tense between Gwen and Trent when they choose their teams, and his conflict with Duncan increases . Izzy and Owen decide to go out after Izzy took such good care of him in the last challenge, but she goes in and on with her personas. Harold and Heather form an alliance, and LeShawna confronts and treats Heather to not bother Harold (who is happy that 2 hot girls are fighting over him). Lindsay is missing Tyler immensely, and grows closer with Beth as they talk about their men. Beth says it is going to be hard to be loyal with Justin around. Chef is forcing DJ to take charge in the challenge and starts training him, causing him to almost never be around.

Winner: Screaming Gaffers (Same reason as in show)

Bottom 2: Izzy and Justin (the former lost the challenge and was annoying everyone with her personas, and the latter did not do anything in the challenge and complained about "potentially harming his looks).

Eliminated: Izzy (unchanged). Justin realizes that he needs to ally up and to do better as he almost went home early. She and Owen are sad that they split apart, but she promises she'll find a way to come back. Mark her words.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Trent is getting very defensive and possessive of Gwen, that it is freaking her out, and Duncan is whispering a bunch of stuff in her ear about Trent. Trent knows he is going wild and prays to his grandfather and The Lord for help. Owen is sad about Izzy being gone, but Lindsay cheers him up, as they sympathize with their lover not being there. Harold has a conversation with LeShawna, and tries to get her and Heather to make amends. Gwen and LeShawna go to one another for advice, as Trent is starting to throw challenges for him, and Harold is bonding with Heather.

Winner: Screaming Gaffers (Trent threw the last challenge, and Justin was too busy flirting with Beth and Lindsay. Chef also threw the first challenge so DJ could win that part, making him feel guilty).

3:10 to Crazytown

DJ feels extremely remorseful for his team winning via cheating, and Duncan realizes something is wrong with him. Heather tells Harold some negative things LeShawna told the girls, and he becomes confused about both girls motives. They end up stuck on an edge for the entire challenge, and somehow come up with the consensus to make amends. Trent is telling Gwen to not be friends with Duncan and he becomes extremely defensive, realizing Gwen may actually like Duncan, causing them to break up. Justin overhears that he threw the challenge, and uses it against Gwen and Trent. Beth and Lindsay start to comfort and get's impressed by Justin's body, which he uses to get them to do a majority of the challenge for him.

Winners: Killer Grips. Trent tried to throw the challenge, but failed. Chef tried to sabotage the challenge, but was caught by Chris. Lindsay, Beth, and Owen carries the entire team to victory on both challenges.

Bottom 2: Heather and LeShawna. Both managed to get 2 votes each for being irritating, and not contributing to the challenge.

Eliminated: DJ. He decided to quit because he is tired of being pushed around by Chef, and feels like he is disappointing his mother and all of his morals. He reveals that he cooked all the food and wishes everyone luck. After he leaves, Chris reveals that it was a tie anyways.

The Chefshank Redemption

Trent is revealed to have written a bunch of songs since the season began, and continues to write and sing angrily about the breakup. The Grips are extremely irritated by Trent, and Justin reveals that he tried to throw the last 2 challenges. He is excessively flirting with Lindsay (who does not accept), and Beth (who reveals she has a boyfriend, but struggling to stay faithful). Harold and Duncan clash and argue during the entire challenge. Gwen realizes that she might have a crush on Duncan, and tries to lose this challenge to make up for the Grips losing the beach challenge. LeShawna is mad that Gwen smacked Harold with a shovel, which Duncan liked.

Winner: Killer Grips (Gwen threw the challenge, and the Grips did decent enough, despite Trent continuing to try to throw the challenge).

Bottom 2: Gwen and Harold (Gwen threw the challenge to some, Harold was a know-it-all, and an easy target to boot).

EliminatedGwen. Heather voted for her for throwing the challenge, Harold and LeShawna (sadly) voted for her because they think she is losing her mind. Gwen has no hard feelings, and wants to leave before Trent arrives. I feel like it would be nice to have Trent be in the competition without her.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

Trent is crying and having a breakdown, and Chris sends Justin to care for Trent while everyone else competes in the challenge. Harold feels bad for Trent and Heather and LeShawna are trying to be nice to one another (while making passive aggressive remarks). Duncan is irritated that neither Courtney, Gwen, nor DJ are in the competition, and bullies Harold for no reason. Everyone gets sick "the challenge", but Owen becomes useless anyways, while Beth and Lindsay try to see what is wrong, but gets sick themselves. Trent and Justin somewhat becomes friends. Izzy meets with Chris and tries to convince him to let her in the competition again, but he says she will, ONLY if she becomes his assistant for the challenge and help get the others "sick".

Winner: Screaming Gaffers. While things were tense between the group (Duncan bullying Harold and LeShawna being annoyed by it), the two managed to win the challenge, and she is allowed to go to the spa with her cousin, because he fake cried).

Eliminated: Trent. The other Grips beg Chris to take him home because he is not in a healthy condition to continue in the competition, as he was counting 9 a lot (according to Justin). Izzy joins the Grips. LeShawna is revoked from her spa trip this episode, because an elimination took place, it is technically not a reward challenge, causing her to complain.

The Sandwich Project

LeShawna is complaining about the competition and some of the campers, with her and Harold struggling to create only a friendship. Heather is trying to create an alliance with Duncan again (which she suddenly being on decent terms with everyone, and the only one on the team to be so). Beth consistently starts talking about her boyfriend Brady (that no one believes in), and her growing crush on Justin. Justin is worried about Izzy being back in the game and blabbering about how he REALLY is, so to secure his allies, he tries to make a move on Lindsay, but she refuses every time, seeing a different side to him. Owen and Izzy are enjoying one another's company, and becomes distracted by one another the entire challenge, whether it is because of one of Izzy's adventures, or because they were too busy making out. Lindsay is trying to leas her team, but fails. LeShawna goes on her spa with her cousin and bad mouths everyone.

Winner: Screaming Gaffers. Lindsay could not get her team in control, and the Gaffers worked better together.

Masters of Disasters

Justin's looks are wearing off Lindsay, but increasing on Beth (who is fighting off the urge to kiss him). Not being distracted, Lindsay tries to lead her team again, and Izzy tells her about Justin (because they used to date). Owen and Izzy were up all night, so their performance is weak in the challenge, causing Owen to get hit with the jaw. Duncan, Harold, and LeShawna put one and one together that Heather is allying with everyone and telling one thing to the other. Justin kisses Beth, causing her to want to break up with Brady.

Killer Grips: Beth, Lindsay, and Izzy all worked together to get out of the sinking ship. LeShawna accidentally revealed that she faked cried to win the doctor challenge.

Bottom 2: LeShawna, and Heather (Everyone but Heather is mad that she lied, but Heather used this as a chance to get rid of her, but not all 3 voted for her. LeShawna and Harold voted for Heather because she is dead weight (LeShawna flirted with Harold to get him to vote Heather off like intended, but he is still mad at her).

Eliminated: Heather. It was a tie, and their tiebreaker was to avoid getting hit by volcano rocks, and Heather lost. She says there is no hard feelings with her and LeShawna, and now she can finally get hair (forgot to mention that she lost her wig in Reasuregg-tion), and they enjoyed one another.

Full Metal Drama

Izzy tries to warn Lindsay and Beth about Justin (who ratted her out to the RCMP in TDI) about him being a snake, but Lindsay is too confused, and Beth is too lovestruck. Owen is recovering from his injury, and Justin realizes that he needs to change his tactics. Harold and Duncan still do not trust LeShawna or each other, and LeShawna gets extreme gas. LeShawna and Harold have a conversation about the competition and their friendship, as Duncan begins to miss Courtney. Also, Explosivo is revealed.

Winner: Screaming Gaffers (same reason as in actual show). Chris reveals that he has something planned to stir the pot with the rest of the contestants. The Grips have to clean the entire studio for losing the challenge.

Oceans Eight or Nine

Owen is slowly getting better, and thanks Izzy for taking care of him. Izzy continues to be Explosivo to help with the challenge, which Justin wants to use to get them to lose and to get her eliminated, and warms up to Owen, which pisses Izzy off an leads to a confrontation. Duncan and Harold (who feels bad) leave LeShawna to go to the bank, where Courtney debuts and is put on the Screaming Gaffers. Her and Duncan almost immediately demean and attack Harold, with the couple needing to talk later. Owen goes good delusional, and almost eats his teammates, which everyone but Izzy worries about.

Winner: Screaming Gaffers (while things were tense, Courtney and Duncan easily worked together and got the challenge done, with Harold contributing nothing. He later goes back to the vault to get LeShawna, who tells him he needs to make up to her and owes her for leaving her.

Bottom 2: Owen and Justin. (The former for going crazy and good starved, and the latter for overall being lazy and a prick).

Eliminated: Owen. Justin and Beth voted for Owen, and Lindsay and Izzy voted for Justin, with Owen trying to eat the voting device, leading to a tie. Chris automatically eliminates him because they had to spend a lot of production money for paying off his family to not sue the show, and for Owen's recovery. Him and Izzy make out before he leaves.

One Million Bucks B.C.

Beth borrows Courtney's PDA to call Brady, which leads into an argument, and Courtney gets mad at Beth. Chris tells everyone about Courtney's special privileges. With Owen gone, Izzy is determined to expose Justin, and is going through production tapes to do so. Justin stirs the pot and causes tension with Beth and Lindsay, causing them to argue over minor things. Courtney is jealous of how Duncan treated Gwen, and soon go back to their love hate relationship, where the Gaffers are clearly split by the couples. Harold and LeShawna have no choice but to bond and to stick together.

Winner: Killer Grips (Lindsay easily won the first part of the challenge as the Gaffers were arguing. In the second part, only Courtney beat the pathetic Justin, who willingly hopped in the mud for his body to get cleansed and not hurt.

Million Dollar Babies

Things grow even more tense on both teams, as Lindsay and Beth's friendship is becoming more drained, and Justin and Izzy continue to plot against one another. The Gaffers are divided into 2, with Duncan and Courtney's belligerent attraction growing as they miss and argue with one another, and LeShawna and Harold become friends and things are smooth. Courtney digs through production footage and only downloads the negative comments LeShawna said about the others. Everyone gets extremely competitive as the challenge goes on, and Courtney reveals the video, causing most of the others to be mad at LeShawna.

Winners: Screaming Gaffers (LeShawna's cheer made things easier for her and was done well, with the Grips failing and falling flat on their face when they did their kiss a** Chris cheer.

Bottom 2: Justin and Izzy (Everyone was against either Justin or Izzy).

Eliminated: Izzy. Justin bribed Chris with hair and cosmetics products that he was modelling for (after Chris was freaking out about it all day. He wanted Izzy gone anyways, as they both smirked when Izzy tries to expose Justin.

Dial M for Merger

The teams merge, causing everyone to wonder who they can trust. Harold ends up working with Justin after he refuses to speak to LeShawna (he feels uneasy about her), and they end up liking one another more than they thought. LeShawna feels weird about Harold and Justin, so she goes to Lindsay and Beth (whose friendship is still strained) and spends most of her time trying to reunite them). Duncan and Courtney become more turned on to one another as they kick a** in the challenge.

Winner: Courtney and Lindsay (the same as in show). This starts their conflict.

Super Hero I-D

Courtney becomes more angry with Lindsay getting by easily with everything and through the challenge. Things heat up between Justin and Beth, which causes Beth to break up with Brady. Duncan continues to pick on Harold, which makes LeShawna upset, and he starts to pick on Justin as well. Lindsay and Beth avoid one another the entire time, and there is still tension with mostly everyone regarding LeShawna. Duncan forces the others to start a guys alliance (again) to make a calculating move to get rid of one of the girls, and uses Courtney to get what he wants.

Winner: Courtney (same in show).

Bottom 2: Duncan and LeShawna (same as show)

Eliminated: LeShawna. The same as the show, as others felt that they could not trust her. She forgives Harold and tells him that he has her eye. She walks off in peace with everyone as she apologizes, and she tells Duncan and Courtney to screw off.

The Princess Pride

Harold is extremely saddened by LeShawna's departure, and can barely keep it together. Duncan and Courtney are a power duo, and planning on their next move. Beth and Lindsay miss one another and start to reconcile, which Justin does not like, so he cozies up to Harold, Duncan, and Courtney to ensure that he is safe. Things become tense between the guys, as they have to compete to "win Courtney's heart", and Duncan continues to pick on Justin and Harold, whereas Beth and Lindsay re-bond over bashing Courtney. Lindsay does not have a plan yet to take down Justin.

Winner: Duncan (He was the only knight and shining armour to make it to the top, and had to fight Courtney to win, and he beat her by letting him because it would not be good to come off as too big of a threat). 

Bottom 2: Harold and Courtney (The former got votes because he was clearly out of it from the competition and drama, wanted him to shut up, and the latter got votes by irritating others, and being a threat).

Eliminated: Harold. (Duncan and Courtney made him their next target, and Justin joined them, because they are stronger than Harold)

Get A Clue

Beth has a feeling that Justin is ignoring her, and she is still not the closest to Lindsay, so they reconcile. Duncan and Courtney start arguing over what their next move is, and their love-hate relationship takes full control this episode. Justin feel a bit secluded from Duncan and Courtney, and he realizes that he might not need Beth anymore. He gets extremely nervous after a confrontation with Lindsay, so the two are in a battle to win the challenge; the dumbest ones are doing the best, which only annoys Courtney. Beth gets irritated with Courtney's complaining.

Winner: Lindsay (same as challenge. She takes Duncan with her to try to convince him to vote off.Justin)

Rock N Rule

Duncan and Courtney get overly competitive with one another in this challenge, with the latter not wining since Super Hero I-d. Beth reveals her feelings for Justin, to only be rejected. She realizes that he has been using her the entire time, and feels a fool that she cheated on and broke up with a good man for Justin, fully joining Lindsay to take down Justin. Justin realizes that he needs immunity to make it through this elimination knowing he is on the chopping block.

Winner: Justin. Chris made him win after he revealed that he got  call to join a band with Trent, Harold, and Cody calle the Drama Brothers, and did well in the second challenge, and  had the highest marks overall. This makes Beth and Lindsay mad).

Bottom 2: Duncan and Beth. The former got votes to drive Courtney crazy and for being a pest, and the latter got votes because she is smarter than Lindsay.

Eliminated: Beth. Lindsay accidentally voted for her, making it 3 votes against her. Beth is not sad at all, and realizes that she can try to reconnect with Brady, and glad that she found a true friend. Justin admits that he will miss Beth.

*No Owen returning. That was pointless.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Lindsay has no allies since Beth is gone, and is saddened. When the genders are paired in the challenge, it causes conflict between Duncan and Courtney, Courtney and Lindsay, Lindsay and Justin, and Justin and Duncan. Courtney tries to get Lindsay into an alliance, and Lindsay refuses, causing them to argue and fight during the entire challenge. Justin is extremely scared to get physically hurt, not wanting to taint his image, since that was all he was raised on.

Winner: Duncan. The guys won the first challenge, and he beat Justin in the last part of the challenge.

2008: A Space Owen

Both Lindsay and Justin are feeling the heat about having no allies really, and Duncan and Courtney's relationship intensifies, as she is mad about how he acted in the other challenge, which he is annoyed by her overreacting. Chris is eating up from the obvious tension among-st the group, as they can not get along as they are completing the first challenge to get out of a spaceship. Both Duncan and Courtney promised to be allies with Lindsay and Justin, but plan to throw one of them under the bus, which the couple cannot agree as to who.

Winner: Duncan. He was the only one who could hold in his vomit, and Courtney refused to take part in the second challenge.

Bottom 2: Lindsay and Justin. They are both weak contestants, both want the other off, and Courtney was not going to vote off Duncan

Eliminated: Justin. They are annoyed with him complaining or praising about something revolving around his looks, and they think that Lindsay is a smaller threat than Justin is. He is mad about his elimination, but he says at least he has his looks, to only see that he has a cut, and a bruise and freaks out.

Top Dog

Duncan and Courtney are trying to rid of Lindsay, but their relationship is crumbling under the heat of the competition, and from Courtey's pushiness and Duncan not taking her seriously. Lindsay is thrilled that Justin is gone, but she does miss having an ally or friends, and knows that she is under the chopping block.

Winner: Lindsay. Beth taught her how to be kind and good with animals, which helped her, as Duncan's chameleon almost disappeared, and Courtney had an embarrassing loss.

Bottom 2 Duncan and Courtney (for not winning the challenge).

Eliminated: Courtney (same as show, and she breaks up with Duncan, which she soon regrets).

Mutiny on the Soundstage

Lindsay and Duncan's conflict intensifies as they race to win the final challenge.

Winner: No one, because it is a tie when they go to the Aftermath studio.

Aftermath 4

Geoff and Bridgette come up with random challenges to determine a winner, and when nothing works, they ask the others to vote for who they want to win. Lindsay says she wants to go to Europe with Beth, donate to charity, and open a few makeup stores, with Duncan saying he wants to have a few houses when he gets the money. Him and Courtney clearly miss one another and get back together.

Eliminated Duncan. Many did not like his attitude this season, but he did not care, as he went to take Courtney out for dinner.

Winner: Lindsay. People voted for her to win because she had a god spirit and attitude, will use the money for a better purpose, and played the game fair this season. She celebrates with Beth, and kisses Tyler, though she forgot who he is.

Aftermath 1

Geoff and Bridgette can barely get their hands off one another, but there is signs that Geoff is getting too carried away with this new job. They interview Izzy and ask why she made all of these personas, and she responds by saying that it helps her focus and then she rambles on and on and on. She also says that Chef got her team to lose because she refused an alliance with him. When DJ comes out, he said that Chef would beat him up if he did not do what he wanted, and feels really bad. He knows that he is at piece when he is not on the show.

Aftermath 2 Geoff is becoming crazier and crazier; meaning turning into a younger Chris. Gwen is asked about her breakup and does she like Duncan, which she avoids the question. She is bombarded by the hosts, and the entire audience and commentators. Trent comes out and reveals that he has a few mental issues that he should have worked out, and that it was crazy having an emotional breakdown on film. He apologizes to Gwen and wishes they could be friends. He reveals that he is starting a new band. Heather is asked about her failed alliance with Harold and her new friendship with LeShawna.

Aftermath 3 Bridgette breaks up with Geoff because of his sour attitude, to only get back together with him when he says that the producers are forcing him to act this way, as it is expected of him. They interview Owen, and it is revealed that his family is going through some serious issues. LeShawna is interviewed and apologizes for her behaviour in the season.

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