I am FURIOUS about this. How is it that the show air in Canada since 2007, and out of 5 seasons, we STILL do not have a female winner? I seriously am thinking that FE is right about Fresh being sexist. It would be one thing if the male deserved to win, but Mike did not do jack SQUAT to deserve winning. He did not win ANY challenge in ROTI or AS, and Zoey godplayed the entire season. So her godplaying was worthless. PLEASE tell me how Mike deserved to be the winner of TDAS? I would have prefered Mal won instead of that bland, anorexic, scrawny, ambiguously tanned joke of a character called Mike win. As a citizen of Canada, I am CHEESED about this crap. AT LEAST Alejandro deserved it, Duncan and Owen DID SOMETHING in the season. Screw Total Drama All Stars, and Screw Mike. State your opinion about Mike winning in Canada, and the 5TH MALE winning over here.

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