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Hey Wikiers. So I recently read an article about the females and males of TDWT from an analysis point of view, and it practically said that the girls storylines in the season are practically focused on a guy or making a point to a guy, and how the females just became the pawns of guys, being derailed from their strong, independent selves in the first season to become pawns and love puppets in the third season. If you look at some fo the females, like Bridgette, LeShawna, Sierra, it is true, and love/lust is involved in almost all of their storylines, but it does not define the guys like it does to the girls. 

I disagree with the point that the guys are given so much more independance and power in their relationships this season and more than just pawns. Almost all of the guys have love/lust in their storylines as well, so I do not see why the author refused to acknowledge that. So let's look at the examples of guys and girls who this could fall under.

Harold: Decided to quit to impress LeShawna and Al convinced him to.

Bridgette: Voted off because she let her lust for Alejandro cloud her mind , and had to deal with the wrath of her boyfriend.

LeShawna: The same as Bridgette, and slowly began to warm up and get comfy with Harold again.

Lindsay: She crushed on Alejandro in the first few episodes , but she started to remember Tyler. She had love in her storyline , but it was never extremely important, and has been proved to be an independant woman.

Izzy: Was only focused on in Egypt (when she had to switch teams) and in her final episode, so she can break up with Owen in the most contrived way.

Tyler: His entire storyline was to reunite with Lindsay, and that was accomplished in Episode 7, and was still moping about Lindsay's elimination. In London, he got himself involved in the Love Triangle mess.

Gwen: She was slowly crushing on Duncan, but she and Courtney were doing their own thing for a while. When she kissed Duncan, she started to barely care about being a mistress, and hooked up with Duncan, getting eliminated soon after.

Owen: He did not have a storyline either this season, other than his breakup with Izzy, being used for Alejandro to insult, and his lust for Blaineley.

Courtney: Similar to Gwen in the first half, as they both missed Duncan, but became crazy with envy when she found out he cheated on her. She then flirted with Al to make him jealous, and somewhat falling for him herself.

Duncan: He left to get away from the girls he was conflicted about, as soon as he came back, he hooked up with Gwen and had an affair, to eventually propose steady to her . He got dumped by Courtney and continued to have a heavy feud with her.

Sierra: 5 words: Obsessed about Cody all season.

Cody: He was still trying to get witrh Gwen all season long, but when he was not doing that, he was trying to get away from Sierra, and was helped by the latter up to Hawaii , where he was eliminated minutes after she could not help him.

Alejandro: His strategy was to flirt with girls to get rid of them, and he did that with Bridgette, LeShawna, and Courtney. Not only is he the replacement of Justin, but his beligerent relationship with Heather got A LOT of focus and made him a lovestruck fool.

Heather: She had this feeling about Al and wanted to destroy him from the beginning, but it became a heated attraction as the season went on , and even went far enough to flirt with Duncan and to flaunt her butt to make him notice her or to be jealous.

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I know I talked about both genders, but that was to disprove the point above, but it is true that pretty much all of the ladies had love in their plots this season, and the ones to always be single (Katie, Sadie, and Eva) never competed since 2007.If you look in the later seasons, the females are faced with the same thing (for the most part), but the same can be said for the men. Remember this though; the most dominant and successful team is the team with 4/5 of the members being female, and that isTeam Amazon . They only lost 4 challenges.

Girl Power and Feminism is not only in relationships, but also in friendships. I was actually suprised with the lack of positive female interaction in this season, and the ones that I DID find was earlier in the season. We saw Lindsay and LeShawna gosipping in Yukon , Bridgette and LeShawna in the second aftermath , when they were all about "Sisters", Izzy and Sierra switching teams, so they can be with their men (and were friendly on the TDA special). There is the Courtney and Gwen interaction in London , but that quickly turned into a rivalry. Now let's look at the amount fo feuding in this season; Courtney and Heather , LeShawna and Heather , Sierra and Heather, Sierra and Gwen , Sierra and Courtney, Gwen and Heather , Blaineley and Heather.

Do you think that love overall is derailing the characters on the show (especially this season)? Do you think tht this show is anti-feminist? How do you think about how the ladies were treated in this show? Feel free to explain and thanks for reading. Don't be suprised if I do a Feminism for each season article. 

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