Hello wikiers. I have decided to create another blog post about of course, blandness. I have heard many characters in the huge cast of Total Drama to be called bland, but we first most know what bland is. Bland is defined as... lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting; not interesting or exciting; lacking strong flavour. This practically means that it is generic and does not have a prominent character trait(s) to make them interesting or engaging, or relatable as a character, or even entertaining.

A lot of people tend ot confuse a bland character with a flat character, though they do relate since a majority of bland characters are flat and one dimensional. The definition of one dimensional is different... "having one dimension; lacking depth". These definitions relate to one another, but they are not the same thing. There can be a flat character who has a prominent 

personality; they just do not have depth or a backstory to them. 

I am gonna relate this to Total Drama and the characters. I have heard MANY characters called bland when they are just one dimensional and only thinks one way, or characters that DO have some sort of a backstory, but they still lack strong or unique personality traits. 

Personally, the only characters that I can consider calling bland are Zoey, Mike, B, Trent, Katie, Sadie, and debatably Beth, Cody and Bridgette. DJ can be there as well, depending on the matter.   File:ZoeyForTDMyWay.png

There are the generic traits of nice, normal, sweet, etc nad NOTHING ELSE. Some are also here because they are supposed to be unique, weird, etc, but all they are is generally nice, lacking in interests or unique personality traits.

I will start with Zoey and Mike. I consider BOTH of them bland because both are supposed to be very interesting and very unique, but their execution does not live up to that. With Zoey, she is supposed to be an Indie Chick, but she is used as a DID, or a godplayer, and the traits that are supposed to be prominent (old school, awkward, quirky, etc) are replaced with her being generically nice, and having no strong traits to give her more pizass, and her indie stuff are almost NEVER addressed, because she is too busy being a godplayer or a DID. Her issue is that the traits she is supposed to have are never focused on, and she does not have flawed character traits to make her interesting.



With Mike, his issue is different from Zoeys; in the sense that he is overshadowed and defined only by his MPD. The only time Mike himself is in control, it is about revolving around Zoey, what will she think, and cowering form his personality disorder He is given no traits other than to be the normal guy. He is supposed to be weird, but he is weird because of his MPD, NOT because Mike himself has weird interests. He is the normal guy who has little to no traits and instead of focusing on him and bulding his traits up, his MPD takes over and is used as comic relief, making Mike a character that revolves around Zoey, and shows off no cpntradicting, interesting, or traits that will make him unique or interesting. It does not help that he is labeled as "The Multiple Personality Disorder".

Trent suffers from some of the same issues as Mike and Zoey. His biggest issue is that his entire character is ENTIRELY about Gwen, adn when that role is taken from him, he is never used again. He is literally labed "The Cool Guy". What is that supposed to mean? Cool is not a personality trait. Cool is defined as "staying calm: staying calm or not showing emotions, especially nervousness or fear". Okay, so he is calm, that is a trait. If that his strongest trait, and not given anything other than that, it is not gonna make him interesting. Sure, he has his musical traits, but they chose to ignore that and put him in this spot of him being portrayed as normal, cool, and the one we are supposed to be like. He comes off as more of a plot device than a character with personality traits. He was the dream guy that Gwen liked, and then the guy who turned Gwen off in TDA. He never got focused on by himself as a character, instead of being a liability to another, and seen as cooler and more normal than the others.

KatieSadie Rank Lulu
B and Katie and Sadie are pretty self explanatory (he does not speak and only comes off as handy, Katie and Sadie are only supposed to be annoying to everyone but themselves). Each of these characters are lacking tht special trait and that special light in their personalities, or they are put in the role to be perfect or seen as better. Others are supposd to be one thing, but executed into another, and those are the reasons which can lead to a bland character. A lot of this leads into the fact that they are not that dimensional of a character as well,. but there are those that are flat, but has a strong, defining personality (Lightning). Characters need ot be given mroe than a generic trait of nice, calm, and friendly in order to stand out and to be unique, and these characters lack that.

If I missed some, or you think I am out of my mind, share your opinions in the comments. I want to hear who you think is bland and who is developed, if you think a flat character and a bland character is the same thing, and what does it take to not make a bland characters. This is not to attack some of the fans that like the characters I discussed (I like some of them). What do you think?

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