Since analyzing is popular in Wiki at the moment, I decided to analyze which couples/attractions are the best, and would actually work as a real couple, not taking note of it being formed in a day or so (though it will be touched upon if a couple is rushed). I just want to say that this is not my rankings for the least favourite couple, but just about analyzing which one is literally the worst couple/attraction that is two sided based off of these categories; Trust, Intimacy, Communication, and Common Interest.

The pairings I am counting are:

  1. Lindsay and Tyler
  2. Courtney and Duncan
  3. Harold and Leshawna
  4. Gwen and Trent
  5. Bridgette and Geoff
  6. Izzy and Owen
  7. Gwen and Duncan
  8. Alejandro and Heather
  9. Dakota and Sam
  10. Anne Maria and Vito/Mike (since he is the real personality and under their circumstances, he needs to be brought up).
  11. Mike and Zoey
  12. Courtney and Scott
  13. Jasmine and Shawn
  14. Dave and Sky
  15. Crimson and Ennui (UPDATED IN 2016)
  16. Ryan and Stephanie 
  17. Carrie and Devin
  18. Noah and Emma
  19. Brody and MacArthur

19th. Courtney and DuncanEdit

These two are just horrible together for many reasons. Let's look at their trust. They do not trust one another at all, and for the right reasons.

Courtney (and somewhat Duncan) will throw anyone and anything under the bus for money, and the way they have deceived other people and one another gives them reason to not trust one another. There is really never a time where both fully trust one another. This also has to do with untrustworthiness being in both of their personalities.

They do have a good amount of intimacy though, where they make out and kiss, but there is more to intimacy than that. They rarely hold hands, just cuddle with one another, or any of that. Of course you can only do so much with intimacy on a kids show on Cartoon Network.

Their communication is deplorable. Neither ever listen to one another, they talk at one another instead of to one another, they fight a lot, since they are both entitled brats, it is almost impossible for either of them to get their point across rationally, and they can never compromise. When Courtney does not get what she wants, she resorts to physically harming Duncan, which is abusive, and making their already toxic relationship more toxic. Duncan likes to avoid issues as long as he can, and blows Courtney off when she is not acting like how he wants to act.

Now let's go to their common interest; they have no good common interests at all. Courtney is organized, preppy, critical, bossy, ambitious, and a very serious person while Duncan is a carefree, trouble-making, rebellious, creative, and an unambitious person. One dreams of going to University, while the other wants to be in juvie forever. The things they do have in common are bad though; they are abrasive, demeaning, brash, irresponsible, easily angered, and inconsiderate of almost anything that has nothing to do with them. This causes them to be attracted to their naughty, wild sides, and while that can be good, that should not be the only thing that is holding your relationship together.

You cannot have a good relationship and be attracted to the toxic parts of your other, and have a crappy way of doing everything else that is needed for a successful relationship.

18th. Dave and SkyEdit

These two did not end up together, and that is a good thing. We all thought they would be another Zoke, and a normal, bland couple, and we were SO wrong with that.

There is always too much or too little for anything with life, and trust is one of those things. With Dave, he either has too much trust in Sky (to the point that it becomes obsessive) or loses his top when he does not trust someone, like he did in the finale. Sky is very hesitant with Dave because she wants to win, and has a boyfriend, but she does trust Dave, because she is willing to use him and his like for her in the finale. But that is the thing; manipulating and trust do not go together, and obsession and trust do not go together; at least not in a good way. 

Well, there is not much to say about their intimacy and closeness, because Sky has resisted Dave the entire season, but from her dream, it is clear that she wants to be intimate with him. Dave made his opinion known that he wants to be constantly around her, and constantly thinks of her. Nothing else to really say with this aspect.

Their communication is deplorable. Dave almost never listens to Sky, and takes in what she is telling him. It is like it goes through one ear, and comes out of the other. And when he DOES listen, finds a way to unintentionally insult her. This happens when she is telling him her dreams and her sister being her inspiration, which he insults both of them. When she decides to try to tell Dave why they cannot be together, he cuts her off, and refuses to let her finish her statement, which he did in the finale as well; constantly cut her off. You cannot have good communication where someone is cutting you off and not listening to you. Sky's communication is not good either. If she really wanted to squash things with Dave, she would have told him about her boyfriend A LOT sooner than she did. She also gives him a lot of mixed signals, and says one thing, but does another, which is never a good sign. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you are saying.  And when she does not do that, she gets mad and storms off, and feels a way when another single woman likes the single man you are having an affair with.

Common interests.............what do they have similar again? They are nice-ish, have bad communication, and.....that is it. The differences between them is that Sky is active, Dave is not. She has ambitions, he does not. She is manipulative, he is not. He is obsessive, she is not.

You should never be in a relationship with an obsessive person, since it is not healthy, and will only cause you more harm than good. There is like no common interest between the two, they have weird trust, and their communication sucks. No way that they can rationally get back together and to be a well, especially with Dave's insanity.

17th. Ryan and StephanieEdit

Stephanie and ryan1
I was debating about putting them last, but no one could be as horrid as Duncan and Courtney (who they have a lot in common with). I put them a bit higher than the other two because they DO have common interests, and have SOME history. Despite this, they suffer from the same faults of the other two couples/attractions listed lower than them. 

Trust....... in the first few episodes, they are overly reliant on one another, but it is clear that Stephanie puts less and less faith in Ryan, so this eithe rshows they trust too easily, or it is build from a facade. Stephanie completely loses it as she needs to control everything, and when Ryan snaps at her ways, he becomes overbearing as well. The two just insult one another, physically sabotage one another, and they screw things up for their team countless times because of their lack of trust. The two seem to have worked it out on their elimination episode, but the show deliberately emphasized that this is a pattern with the both of them, which is horrible.

I will give it to them; they are VERY intimate. The two have stated countless innuendos about their intimacy throughout their tryst on The Ridonculous Race, and we know that they are adults. They make out incessantly on the first few episodes on the show, and they are a lovesick couple with their need to be around one another. Also, they are models, so maybe the emphasis on their looks, and the attraction of their looks make them even more intimate.

About their communication, a lot of that was covered in the trust section, sicne they go hand in hand. Stephanie is overly bossy, and likes to demand and yell orders. Because of this, she rarely listens, and thinks she is always right. It is not solely her fault, since Ryan's issue is that he cannot find balance. Ryan is either way too passive and complacent, or goes the complete 180, and yells back at her in abraisive ways, and debatably acting worse than her by trying to goad and bait her. Not only do they argue a lot, but it seems like when they are getting along, they are communication through their intimacy, which is still very shallow and almost just as problematic.

Despite everything I said, the two DO have common interests. They both have a strong interest in athletics and aesthetics, both of them enjoy modeling and showing off their looks, and both are competitive, though in different ways. If I were to be honest, there is not much that is different about one another. It is good that they have common interests, so they do get along in a certain sense, but their issue might be that they have too much in common.

Overall, I think their issue is that Ryan and Stephanie's relationship is still a bit too shallow. They need to go through more stuff, and need to talk about more in-depth stuff, while being in more in-depth situations. We do see that they are friends and have some respect for one another, but with both of them being hot tempered, and not knowing how to communicate, it makes almost everything else not matter.

16th. Anne Maria and Vito/MikeEdit

Finders Creepers (20)
I know many would have put them last for many reasons, and many of them are valuable, but there is something there that shows us why they are better than some of the others. But other than that, this relationship is toxic as well.

Trust. Anne Maria trusts Vito, and trusts every decision he makes. He punches a shark, and she oozes at it. But I have noticed that Vito's ego is bigger than Anne Maria's and he does not listen to her much, unless she "puts out", which is shown in Finders Creepers. It seems like she trusts and respects him a bit more than he does her. When it comes to her and Mike, there is almost nothing there whatsoever, and he would be overly turned off by her, and the situation would eventually be too much to handle. She will be put in a position where she could not trust anything that comes out of Mike and Vito's mouth, especially with Vito being an egomaniac, and Mike not being the most honest person.

When it comes to intimacy, Anne Maria and Vito definitely have some intimacy. They cannot keep their hands off one another to caress, or to make out with one another, which is shown in both Backstabbers Ahoy and Finders Creepers. They make the other feel wanted with their actions, so they do have that "close" feeling. But there is other ways than physical intimacy, and if you ever watched Jersey Shore (which these 2 characters are based off), their only form of intimacy is physical intimacy, revealing how shallow they are.

A lot of their communication will be speculation, where I use Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore as references, and with the entire situation with Vito being a personality. With Anne Maria and Vito, they do not really talk to one another, which is not a very good thing. Their form of love is hooking up and "smushing". If you looked at the 2 I mentioned in Jersey shore, they were all about the hooking up, and the "smush sessions", and all of that. There ain't a lot of time for tlaking, and just like Snooki needing more than smushing, Anne Maria will too. Anne Maria wants to feel loved, but she only sees physical contact as love. With the entire situation, Mike already resents her for ruining things with Zoey, so the communication there would not be great. I think the situation would end up abusive for Anne Maria to be honest. Vito is aggressive, and has little concern for her opinions, and Mike resents her. Almost no good will come of this for Anne Maria, and things would only be worse because Anne Maria has a bad temper.

Common interests.....they are both obsessed with their looks, they have the Jersey mentality, like to tan, and like to get physical (whether it is sexual/romantic, or aggressive with other people). It also shows that Anne Maria does not like Vito for his looks, or else she would be attracted to Mike. These interests show that Anne Maria likes someone for their substance, but it is not enough, and these common interests lead to an eventual abusive relationship.

15th. Mike and ZoeyEdit

I know that many others would have them lower if they made this list, and while they are my second least favourite couple, I have to not be biased. You can kind of see why they like one another, and you can see what the writers were trying to do, but.......the execution is not the best, all.

Well, what I will say about them is that they do trust one another, though Zoey trusts Mike a lot more than he trusts her, though he has given her reasons not to trust him all. I say she trusts him a lot more than he trusts her because he has not told her of 2 huge things that have a huge affect on his life, and as someone that is trying to get with him, it is something she needs to know. He did not tell her about his DID until he had no other choice at the situation he was in (Cameron told her earlier, and he was knocked out, about to be eliminated), and that was somewhat understandable, but hiding a dangerous multiple personality that you know is on his way out from her? That is beyond dumb and speaks volumes. What is worse about this is that Zoey accepts this behavior for the most part. 

Intimacy and Mike and Zoey.................They do not have their first kiss in a year, and at the end of their 2 season duration. Says a lot about their physical intimacy. They do hold hands a lot, and they do kiss one another on the cheeck, so they have something there, but it is the pure, and innocent physical intimacy. They have emotional intimacy, but the issue is that we never get to see it, and we never know why. I guess that it could be because they are both oddballs? Even that is a stretch.

Their communication is supposed to come off as better than it really is. They are supposed to be this really deep and really strong couple that works things out, but they do the stupidest things, and their issues could be easily avoided. With Mike not telling her about the personalities, and when Vito gets with Anne Maria, he comes up with the lamest excuses (being a method actor) instead of telling the truth, and telling Cameron to cover for him. Wait, I forgot that it was not Mike who told Zoey about his multiple personalities; it was Cameron. And for Zoey to let Mike compete in the competition in TDAS, she is not mentally stable at the moment shows a lot as well. She did not even go up to speak to Mike about to his mental state, and him going weird, and never said that stuff to him face to face in TDAS. They do work through their issues eventually though, so I do give them that, even though it os based on countless contrivances and conveniences.

They do have common interests; they are not that popular, very innocent people, and very pure. It is not enough for a relationship, but there is something to connect the two. Oh, I forgot. They both like action movies.

14th. Courtney and ScottEdit

Scourtney (FF)
Like I said, WTF do they even exist. I see how they could have went well, but overall, the idea of them is dumb. They were rushed, lacked substance, and make little to no sense.

Scott initially trusts Courtney for.......unknown reasons, and Courtney only trusts Sctt as a servant to her, but nothing else. You see how screwed up this is? That their trust is only to further and help themselves? You do see Scott trust Courtney less and less as the season goes on, and Courtney suddenly forgets that Scott is an eel as well. Overall, their trust for one another is a rollercoaster. They can work well with one another when they put their minds to it, so that should say something.

Well, Scott does hold her hand in Eggspects because he has been around the radioactive island before, and they do hug one another accidentally. Their intimacy is........weird, but I cannot say that it is weird in a positive way or a good way, cause both of them are very assure and confident in themselves. They do not have emotional intimacy because their conversations are shallow as hell, and that is when they have conversations. They have no intimacy because their relationship is overly rushed and unbelievable. At least Courtney is nicer to Scott than Duncan, and Scott is trying, I guess.

When it comes to their communication............Courtney bosses him around, and he accepts, cause he likes him a bossy woman (his words). That is not a good way to communicate, especially in a relationship. I guess some people like being submissive, but that does get old, and it can get old fast. Courtney does not really respect Scott much either to be honest. If you are going to treat your boyfriend like a pet, than expect to not have a boyfriend for long. They do not even express their feelings to one another, or the audience really. They do not even communicate for the most part, but when they do communicate, it is so halfassed with no payoff. 

Common interests........ they were both antagonists, both kind of selfish, both...........uh.......why are they together, and what do they have to speak about? Seriously?

This couple is trash in every way, and they are only this high because the others ar emore abusive and problematic. Easily my least favourite couple in the entire franchise.

13th. Brody and MacArthurEdit

Macarthur and brody
They are Scott and Courtney personified in The Ridonculous Race. All fo the other couples/attractions receive a lot of focus and interaction, but these two? There is nothing there, and I have to blame the writing.

Trust......... they have barely interacted, so this is going to be really hard. For a while, this was a one-sided attraction, but the finale confirms that it was two-sided all along. What I will say is that Brody is very trusting of her, even though she has given him no reason to trust her. I think this has more to do with his personality than MacArthur per say, since it was even a plot point throughout the season showing that him and Geoff are way too trusting. MacArthur takes advantage of this a few times if the two are in a challenge together, so she trusts him enough to manipulate him? Ehhhhhhh.

Intimacy, there is absolutely none. Brody drools over her, and compliments how she looks and stuff, and she makes fun of him for gaining weight when he returns. She says how she thought he was cool, so maybe she was attracted to him? I don't know, they are really odd. In the finale, she does tell him to call her, so I do not know if this is a way for them to........ get intimate or noth. There seems to be some attraction, but neither of them have a chance to become intimate, so maybe they would have a high sense of intimacy if they had the chance to.

Regarding their communication,they are immature enough to talk about some weird things, and have some sort of a friendship, but we do not see them interact as a couple to base anything off of. We barely see them interact, and when they do interact, it is either him gushing over her, or her taking advantage of him. So already, the dynamci is kind of off.

The only thing I could come up with as to what their common interests are is that they are both gross, very immature, playful, and tom-boyish. Because of these common interests, I see in concept how they could be a good attraction or a couple. There is common interest that could be a good foundation, but like I said before, both are very immature.

This writeup is kind of pathetic, but there is nothing there. This attraction is definitely shallow, and I don't really get the entire purpose of it. A base of manipulation is in this as well, which is never good. Maybe the issue is that they are like good friends instead of lovers, but otherwise, there is nothing. Just ehh.

12th. Harold and LeshawnaEdit

I like this couple; I really like them. They are my second favouite couple, but even I have to admit that they are not the best couple; at all. They were only official for a bit, but in the next 2 seasons, they were like friends with benefits, and a bunch of other confusing things. Very indecisive.

They actually trust another a lot, but there are times where they have stabbed one another in the back, and where the trust is has not been for the best. Leshawna has given him a good reason for him not to trust her, and for a while he does feel betrayed. She makes it up to him, but he votes her off, because he still feels like she is being shady and giving him mixed signals, which she understands. Outside of that issue in TDA, they both trust one another a lot, and they go to one another if they feel like their life is in crisis, and would fight for the other (which we literally saw in TDWT).

They only kissed once, and were a couple for a little bit, so you would assume I have nothing to say with their intimacy; wrong. What I notice with Leshawna and Harold is that they call one another a bunch of cute, flirty, and affectionate nicknames, which eases and comforts the other. They do this the most out of every couple on the show, and I know many couples in real life do this as well. Also, Harold and Leshawna do somewhat cuddle one another, and hold one another. There is an extra scene from Hawaiian Style, and Harold is romantically caressing her leg, and she likes it. When they are in a good spot, they are very affectionate with one another.

Now, here is the issue, the communication, and this is the issue because of Leshawna. She says that she does not want him, though there is many pieces of evidence that shows otherwise. She does not mean what she says, says what she means, and acts by what she is saying, and it is causing Harold to get mixed feelings, so when she is like "I don't want you Harold", no wonder why he gets overly upset, or just blows it off. When Leshawna is not indecisive, they are comedy gold, and work really well and communicate well together. If she is going to continue to be indecisive, there is no hope for their relationship or friendship. It is a serious issue, and it comes off as manipulative, especially when she goes and flirts with others, which is only because of their appearance.

When the series starts, you think that they do not have anything in common, and some of that is true, but as the series goes on, you realize that they have a lot in common. They are both goofy, bad dancers, very opinionated, have a sort of wisdom to one another, and are very emotional people. Differences are that Harold is very nerdy, and Leshawna gets loud, crunk, and physical. These 2 have their issues, and they are not small ones, but there is also a lot that is decent or good about them.

11th. Lindsay and Tyler Edit

Eine Kleine 16
The first couple of Total Drama is pretty much the least focused on couple in the entire series, and it really shows. While it is clear why they like one another, there is not much there that is really given to us the the 10-ish episodes they have received over the entire series.

Well, they do trust one another a lot.......though they have not given us any reason to trust one another. I do think that Tyler trusts Lindsay more than he should trust her. She has flirted with 2 other men, as she knows (for the most part) that she is in a relationship. But since she is dumb, it is "okay". It seems like he would put up with everything she does because she is dumb and pretty, and that is not an excuse. I could see how he would end up overly forgiving to her, which is not a good thing. She trusts him because he has always been there for her, and is always faithful to her; it is like a security blanket. I like how she would not laugh at his misfortunes in the third aftermath in TDWT.

Lindsay and Tyler are one of the most intimate couples in the entire series. They cannot keep their hands off one another when they are both eliminated, and when they are in TDI, they had a secret relationship, where they would have secret makeout sessions. We do not see enough of them together to be emotionally intimate, so from what we have seen, they only know how to be physically intimate, which does make their relationship look really shallow and based off of looks.

Their communication is pretty good. They are very affectionate with their words, and they talk like a very sweet, young couple, which is really refreshing. While they are not a pure and innocent couple, the way they speak is very pure and innocent; like hopeless romantics in their first relationship, without all the logic. They have never said to one another why they like one another, and they have never even revealed why they like one another. We have never seen Tyler and Lindsay have conflict or an issue in their relationship, so we do not know how they handle problems, especially because we do not even see them interact much. Their lack of screentime makes them really shallow.

The things they have in common is that they are dumb (though Tyler is a lot smarter and has more sense), nice people, and fit the stereotype of the dumb cheerleader. They are somewhat athletic. Otherwise........there is not much there because they are not shown together much to develop as a couple, or two people in a relationship.

10th. Dakota and SamEdit

I never found them interesting, and never found them engaging, and as I recently rewatched TDROTI, their relationship barely get focused and is really halfassed. They are decent enough for what they are though.

Well, they do trust one another. Dakota trusts him now more than ever because of supporting her when she was Dakotazoid, and Sam trusts her because...........she gave him fashion advice? While she has done nothing to really make him not trust her, she has done nothing to make him trust her either. It is just a lack of reasoning, which plagues their relationship. The point is, they trust one another, which is very fundamental and important, so good for them.

Intimacy.......... they only start kissing at Dakotazoid's elimination, they do not really call one another nicknames, and are not very intimate with one another. They do not hold hands, they do not cuddle one another, they don't hug, you don't get to see it. This is also coming from the issue that they (writers, producers) phoned in this relationship.

When it comes to their communication, we do not ever see them have an issue in their relationship, so we do not know how they handle problems or conflicts. They don't have nicknames for one another (except for Dakotazoid) and their conversations are pretty generic. They don't really talk about themselves, but whatever situation they are in, like Sam needing fashion advice, or him getting out of the ground in the funeral challenge. He does compliment her a few times, and she does blush at him. She did mention something like never being listened to, so that could be a reason why she likes him.

Their common interests is that they have technology they like to use, but it is a phone for Dakota, and a game console for Sam. Oh, and they are decent people that no one likes to listen to. Otherwise, they have nothing in common. I could see Dakota tire out of Sam, since he seems like the person to not do much, like at all. I do not know how they would handle it when things get a bit salty and sour in their relationship, because their relationship is only decent at best. It is nice that they have similarities and differences, so it is a great balance.

9th. Emma and NoahEdit

Noah and Emma were debatably the couple in The Ridonculous Race that received the most focus out of all the two/sided attractions; even over the ones that were together from the beginning of the season, or were already partners. A lot of people like that Noah finally got a partner, while a lot of other people do not. Honestly, I am in between, since there is a lot of good, and a lot of bad to them.

Onto the first factor of trust; they do trust one another, and there is never really a situation where they end up NOT trusting. Emma can be cold, and decide to toss Noah aside for the competition, but on the other end, both of them are obsessed with one another, and glued to the hip. Noah trusts her BECAUSE he is hopelessly in love, and can become blind. Being overly trusting; no..... wrong wording. Being BLINDLY trusting is not a good trait, and Noah is like this 100% of the time, which is why some people do not like this pairing.

Intimacy, what is there to say? We only see them kiss once, and they never really have time to spend time with one another as a growing relationship. Both of them clearly want to, with how glued to one another, and attracted to one another (almost to a clingy, obsessive manner) they both get. I am guessing that the want to be more intimate (emotionally, etc) is the most important thing.

Now to focus on their communication... We do not see them talk much to one another about anything substantial. Most of the time, both are either too flustered to say much of anything to one another, or Emma refuses to engage with him to focus on the competition. A lot of the dialogue involving their relationship is of them talking to their partners (RRace partners) about their crush. We do not know how they would handle problems, but there is a manipulative side to Emma that may not pan well, and if Noah ignores things, it makes it worse.

Despite everything, the two have some common interest. They are both snobby, uptight, and highly intelligent people who believe in logic. Too bad that when they are together, almost NONE of this is there, as they start to lose their identity. The main difference between the two is that Emma is active, and Noah is lazy.

Overall, these two should be the epitome of a perfect couple; a lot of trust, the want to be more intimate, and having common interest, but the execution makes the couple severely lacking. The obsessiveness between the two of them, and the lack of in-depth conversation puts them over here. We never really see them as friends or lovers really, but only in the obsessive infatuation level.

8th. Gwen and TrentEdit

The first "main couple" (meaning they are about to kiss at the campfire on the theme song, and the ones they focus on the most in the season) of the series seemed like a brilliant thing at first, and in certain ways, they still are great, but things took a turn for them, and they are the second couple to break up. 

When it comes to trust, that is not an issue in their relationship. Trent trusts Gwen a lot, and it becomes too much (which is kind of a reason why they broke up) and he always wants to be around her, to protect her, and it becomes too much for Gwen. Gwen's trust of Trent varies, because of a few incidents in TDI. What I notice about Gwen is that she gets overly mad, but either does not want to say anything, or just writes it off, instead of dealing with the root of the issue. And she will get mad at the most random times, and likes to hold grudges. This could be a contributory reason why Trent is so obsessed with being on her good side and fixing things. Not a HUGE problem in their relationship, but it is there.

I have to say that they are pretty good at intimacy, especially the emotional intimacy. They are both musical beings, and they probably have the most conversations (and in-depth ones) out of every single couple to date on this show, which is nice to see, and many of the other couples that needs to do that on the show. They have literally only kissed once, so they do not have much physical intimacy at all.

Communication. Well, they do have a lot of conversations, about their interests, why they like one another, and what is going on around them. They have a lot of genuine moments in Total Drama Island, and even when they have a few issues, they try to work things out. The issue is, Gwen does not really move on (though she says she is), and Trent's anxiety runs high and his paranoia causes him to act crazy and crazy. We also see Gwen say that she has moved on with an issue (TDI Ep 7), but randomly gets mad about that issue how long afer they said that she moved on (TDI Ep 15). When they are having normal conversations, they are fine, but when there is an issue with their relationship, their communication is not as good. When things get too hard, Gwen dumps Trent when they did not really get over their issues (which she does in another relationship).  They need to learn the true meaning on "forgive and move on".

They have some noticeable differences, like Trent is uppity, and Gwen is a goth, but they do have certain things that are similar, like they are artistically gifted, and see themselves as normal. They have enough common interests to have great conversations. They were good while they lasted, but they are the clear cut example of a summer romance.

7th. Duncan and GwenEdit

Well, I never cared for the triangle, never will care for it, and I still do not care for it. I know their relationship is formed through cheating, and I am disgusted by it, but it happens all the time, and there are successful marriages, where it was formed by cheating, no matter how wrong it is. I am not a fan of them, but I am not a hater. So let me say this; the cheating issue is not going to be touched upon much, because I am looking at how Duncan and Gwen interact.

When it comes to their trust, Gwen is the one of the only people Duncan genuinely trusts, and for the most part, Gwen trusts Duncan as well. She starts to lose trust in him because he thinks she is really a villain, and says that "he does not know her at all", and when he starts to ask her about Courtney, her trust is broken completely. I am trying to analyze them as a couple, and it is hard to do that instead of analyzing their friendship is because we do not see a lot of them as a couple, since she was eliminated right after they became a couple, and in the next season focuses on their breakup.

Duncan and Gwen's intimacy is............well, they do make out a lot with one another, especially in TDWT. They clearly have somewhat of an emotional connection, since they were friends first, but the thing is that we do not get to see it as a couple. They have a lot of physical contact, and they like to playfully tease one another, especially with him calling her "pasty". They don't have a lot of intimacy, but there is some that is there.

Duncan and Gwen's communication seems really good in TDWT. They are both in the same place, and they asked one another what place they are at, and came to a common consensus when they first got together in Ex Files, but in TDAS, their communication is not that good. Let me point out that it is RARE for couples to ask what mindset they are in, and set boundaries for their relationship. For some odd reason, Gwen is distant towards Duncan, and continues to be even more so, when he is..........actually treating her right. Yeah, he did think she was doing those things to Courtney intentionally, and.....holy crap; I am actually defending Duncan. Gwen purposelly snubs him to not make Courtney uncomfortable, and keeps on bringing her up to him, but when he mentions her a few times, she suddenly breaks up with him. I feel like there is a bigger reason why she did not want to be with him but she did not say anything to him. I feel like Duncan should have been more considerate of Gwen's feelings with this, but Gwen needs to speak her mind, and learn to get to the root of the issue, but she blows it off with him, just like she did with Trent. A common theme with Gwen. They can have brilliant communication, but can have bad communication as well. The reason they broke up was really....confusing, hollow, shallow, and kind of ridiculous.

They do have some common interests. They are both artistic, both like rock music, like horror movies, are into the punkish lifestyle and stuff, and have shown to have a lot to talk about. They do have differences though, like Duncan not caring for authority, while Gwen likes to be neutral and is not about being bad. Gwen cares about other's feelings and wants to be a neuteral person, while Duncan likes to rebel and just simply does not care.

6th. Alejandro and HeatherEdit

I know I am gonna get some heat for this, and while they are my favourite couple, they are not the healthiest couple, and it is for one specific reason. They started interacting because they both wanted the top spot, and they were getting in the way of one another's strategy, and they managed to make a really good relationship.

When it comes to trust, that is not an aspect in their relationship that they do well on. A part of that is because of their personalities, but it must be hard to always question your partner's motives, and to make sure that they are not going to or deliberately trying to screw one another over. You can tell that they want to trust one another and to believe everything that they tell one another, but that is clearly not the case. They have a lot of moments where they trust one another, and feel betrayed when their trust is broken.

They do have their own weird way of intimacy. They are not overly physically intimate, but when they do get together, they are mushy to one another, and do kiss a lot. Alejandro gives her very nice nicknames, and very flirty nicknames that are clearly meant to affect her in an intimate way, and while she tries to repel it, it does get to her in an intimate way. They are not that emotional, but they do connect with one another based off of how similar they are to one another.

Let's get the negative of their communication out of the way first; they are constantly trying to out-do and out-manipulate one another. Sometimes, couples do trick one another to do certain things, and it is fun at times, but the difference is that Alejandro and Heather are almost constantly like that. Many will say that it is only because they are in a game, but that is a trait that the two naturally have and carry with them, so that manipulative nature will follow them in their relationship. A relationship should not constantly feel like a battlefield, and they are going to need to learn that there are times where they need to not be manipulative to one another, or they will ruin things. Now onto the good. They do show that they care for one another a lot, they do have certain conversations about how they feel about one another, and they both tell the other when they are hurt, betrayed, etc (and there are many examples of this). This shows that they will tell one another when they have an issue with the other. When Heather goes along with her romantic feelings it is great. They compliment one another, and they are affectionate with one another. Love has truly softened their cold hearts.

Alejandro and Heather have so much in common, that it is ridiculous. Both are cold hearted (though when they are into someone, they are into them hard), aware of how people view them as attractive, manipulative, snobbish, power-hungry, and confident. They both like the other for who they are, and that is good for them. They are a gret team, and they know they are.

5th. Devin and CarrieEdit

Carrie Gags
Despite a lot of people thinking that their relationship was extremely draining and derivative, there is actually a very good foundation to them, and a lot of this involves them being friends for so long before they got together. When they get together, you see how it makes sense, and you feel that there is some chemistry.</span>

I do not recall a situation where the two doubted trust in one another, since the issues in their interactions involved communicaiton instead of a lack of trust. I think they both trust one another; no..... wrong word. I think they lean on one another a bit too much, which causes a dependency issue. Them being overly dependent on one another caused a lot of their issues, but there is no instance where a lack of trust was ever an issue.

They are not very intimate, but to be fair, they did not have a chance to because they got together right before being eliminated. They probably will be more intimate because intimacy involves being comfortable, and when you are friends with someone for a long time, chances are, you will be very intimate in one way or another. The potential for these two are there for intimacy.

What I will critique about these two is their communication. The fact that it took Carrie so long to tell her feelings for Devin, and when he started to reciprocate, it took him forever to tell her as well. What this signals is that when they ahe problems, the two will delay it as long as possible, which only makes things worse. Delaying anything makes issues even worse, so I see a lot of stress and strife regarding problem solving.

When it comes to common interests, I will say that they have to have some things in common for them to be friends for so long. I cannot really quote what, since I did not pay the most attention to them throughout the season, but there is something there.

Overall, Carrie and Devin have a strong and stable foundation, and being friends always help, because you need some commonalities in order for any interaction to grow and strengthen. Their communication regarding when a tough situation is among them is an issue, and romantic communication is completely different from communication with people who are just friends.

4th. Izzy and Owen Edit

Owen izzy tdwt theme song
It is sad that this couple never got much focus, and it sucks that they broke up (stupid executive meddling), because they are actually one of the most consistent and healthiest couples/two sided attractions in the entire franchise.

Izzy and Owen actually trust one another a lot. He always supports her as an adventure buddy, and in a way, they are kind of like their own, quirky, less evil version of Bonnie and Clyde. There was that incident in Hook, Line and Sinker where he pushed her to the "serial killer", and she stayed mad at him. They have not had an incident otherwise where they had a reason to not trust one another.

They are actually very intimate as a couple. They have a lot of intimate moments, and are very loving towards one another. They give one another a lot of affectionate nicknames for one another (though a lot involve food), and they have no issue holding hands, hugging, and making out with one another. Some of the innuendo they say to one another is actually pretty dang shocking. They get physically intimate, and while they do not get overly emotional (since they are comic relief characters), but there is clearly something their that holds the intimacy in their relationship.

The 2 actually have great communication. When there was in issue in TDI, Owen tried his very best to make it up to her and to apologize to her, which is more than a lot of these men would do when they screw up, and Izzy let him know what the issue was, instead of pretending everything is okay, though they are not. I have to say that they were at their best in TDA. They tell the audience and one another why they like one another, and makes one another feel comfortable and wanted, which is a very good thing for their communication and intimacy.

Common interests.......well, there is the fact that both of them are friendly and carefree people. They are adventurous, daring, nasty, and weird, and the two of them engulf in it, and are weird together. Even after breaking up, the two are still in a decent place. They like being weird together, and just go on with their own activities, and don't care that everyone else is looking like them like they are insane. I wish this couple got more focus, because there is a lot of good with them, and they have what it takes to make a stable couple that they try to focus on other couples (which is really ironic because Izzy and Owen are not stable as individuals).

3rd. Crimson and EnnuiEdit

Crimson talks about bats
It was kind of a given that they are up here, solely because of the fact that the two have been together with one another for a few years. We have not seen them in any conflict, and you can tell that they are very, very good friends with a lot of common interests. I cannot really put them any higher because despite this, we have not seen a lot of them, and barely with them having any problems.

The two obviously trust one another. They have known one another for years, don't even have to speak to one another to get a job done, and there has never been doubt between them. There is literally nothing else to say here.

Crimson and Ennui are not intimate whatsoever. We have never seen them kiss, refer to one another in a romantic way, or even show emotion. I guess some couples are not overtly romantic, and that is fine, but we have not seen them be intimate with their words or actions. They probably have a strong emotional/silent intimacy, and that's fine enough I guess.

Unlike the other two sections, there is a lot to speak about regarding their communication, and that....... there is a lack of it. It seems to work for them, since neither are very vocal people, but this also puts them into a disadvantage. It does because the two have known one another for years, and they have never seen one another in their normal appearance. Not even pictures of how one another looked when they were younger. If they do not even know how one another look like, than they must not talk about their past pre-goth much, if at all. That is not very good. It did not cause much of an argument between them, and they do get through it, but only becuase they saw a gothic store, and all of that was pushed aside.

They have a lot in common, which is very good. They have everything in common. That is brilliant, and it will make their lives together very easy. We have not seen them as anything that would distinguish one another as individual characters, so there is a lack of depth regarding them.

Everything that is needed in a great couple is there, but the lack of depth due to the format of the show really hurts them.

2nd. Jasmine and Shawn Edit

The main couple of the third generation cast of TDPI has managed to make it 2nd, and that is because they are realistic, but both have their issues, but still manage to make an investible, healthy relationship. They are not my favourite couple at all, but I have to acknowledge that they are a good couple.

What I do like about this couple is that they do not initially trust one another (like so many others in this show), but grow to trust one another, like how relationships are. Shawn's personality lets him have trouble trusting people, and he had to overcome that in order to have a happy relationship and to learn to trust another person. Jasmine lost trust in him because of the thing in Ep 5 of TDPI, as she felt like he only used her to get farther (though they were on different teams, so I do not know how he would use someone on another team). The thing is that both feel a way that they care about and trust someone else with both of them finding it confusing.

Well, they are not that intimate of a couple; I am gonna be honest. But to be fair, that is because half of their time on the show, Jasmine is mad at Shawn, and when they finally do get together, Jasmine is eliminated 2 episodes afterwards. But I do notice (which I have honestly not seen yet on the show) is that as soon as they hook up, they work together on all of the successive challenges (Scarlett Fever, and Sky Fall), and are side by side the entire time, which I find cute. They do have more than one kiss in the show, but they do not make out like Duncney and Gidgette does.

The communication of Shawn and Jasmine is definitely not the best, but it is decent enough. Shawn has never been truly mad at Jasmine, but when she is mad at things, she just cuts things off, which she did with Shawn over the smallest incident ever imagine. If she did this over something so small, than could you imagine every single time they get into an argument or an incident? But the thing is that she cares about him so much that she is willing to make things better, and Shawn is determined to fix something when he does something wrong. I take back what I said about Shawn being mad at Jasmine; he was mad (maybe annoyed is the better word) when she expected him to split the money, and he did rant in the confessionals about it (instead of to her face). They do reveal why they like one another, and they do talk about a lot, and have friendly interactions (you need more interactions than romantic interactions in a couple).

What these two have in common? Well, they love the outdoors, they are very adventurous, good at hunting, they are very kickass and action-moving people, and they have similar weird tendencies as well. They both sleep on trees. These two can really talk about anything, no matter how weird it is. These two are good, but there is only one that is better.

1st. Bridgette and Geoff Edit

Geoff and Bridgette kissing
have always thought that this was the best handled couple out of the first genreation, and I still do think that. They are really genuine, their relationship is not rocky smooth, both screw up, and you can really tell that they care about one another. They are truly the healthiest couple in the entire Total Drama series.

What I like about these two is that they do not trust one another off the bat. Their trust for one another was officially formed in Who Can You Trust after their part of the challenge, and they went swimming. It is a very nice moment between them. Even when Bridgette is voted off, she trusts in her boyfriend that he did not vote her off (I think I have explained time and time again why I do not think he voted her off). I also like that their trust has been tested, and that they had to earn the other's trust back; Geoff in TDA, and Bridgette in TDWT. They hurt a lot because they have such high expectations of them, and it is very endearing to watch a couple work through their things and do not care to show off their love in front of everyone.

These two are clearly the most intimate couple in the entire series. They make out a lot, and some of the positions they end up in and when they make out, says.......a lot. They are the only couple to moan when they kiss. These two also have a bunch of mushy nicknames that they call one another, and those nicknames are really mushy; like you should not be saying them outside of your house for the public to see. In TDWT, their making out decreased, but they would either end up cuddling, or just the way they are around one another shows that they are a very intimate couple (I am not only speaking physically). Some of their conversations in TDI showed that they do have some sort of an emotional intimacy.

Their communication is pretty good. I like that when there is an issue, they alwys try to fix it instead of prolonging the issue, and pretends like there is absolutely nothing wrong (coughGwencough). They get to the bottom of it, forgive, take responsibility, and move on. They have done this when both of them lost their way, and they are still one of the only couples to do this. They interact like a healthy couple; the good and the bad side of being in a couple. They do discuss certain things, which is very nice to see a couple actually socialize and hang out with one another, and I like how they are still individuals when they are together, with their own personalities. They speak like friends, and sometimes they speak like lovers, and it is very nice to see.

The common interests these two have are that they like the beach, both down to earth people, like to celebrate and have fun, do not like drama, and are romantic people, who are not goign to downplay their emotions. They do have their differences, like Bridgette being an enviromentalist, and Geoff caring a bit more about reputation and partying. They have their own identity, but have a lot in common. I would like to add that it seems like they learned from their issues in RRace, sicne Geoff ended up fine without her being on the show, and they are able to have their own identities again.