So I decided to do a series where I look at the Antagonists of the show, and people who are antagonistic, including Blaineley, Jo, etc. 


File:Alejandro Rank Lulu.pngWell, let's discuss what his overall tactic was to fill the role of the antagonist. Well, from what I picked up, he used his charm and looks to get ahead in the game. In this sense, he is a lot like Justin, but with Alejandro, he uses his words more than his abs. With this, he managed to get rid of or had a part in eliminate Bridgette, Courtney and LeShawna. Remember these are the people he got rid of using these specific skills. He is able to seduce animals to get them to leave him alone, or to make things easier for him. A lot of people say that he is like Jusitn because of this.

Another tactic he uses is his manipulation skills, and this is the more prominent one compared to the other one. He uses this to get people to do things for him. He uses this on Tyler, Harold, etc, and it does help him. He uses it to get others to make a dumb decision and to get him further in the game. He tries to manipulate Mal in TDAS, but it fails. He is able to persuade others into a deal or to do something for him, and it mostly works. In this sense, he is like Heather.

What I would say that makes him stand out from the others is that he is EXTREMELY skilled. He is the son of a diplomat and seems to be from an extremely priviledged family. His brother is a soccer player, uncle is a hypnotist, a diplomat father, and such. But you could all say this is a cover up for the fact that he is a villain stu. He is given these random skills at random times, just so he can be seen as inferior to the other competitors and it is forgotten about. In TDAS, he is standing on his hands for 5 of the 10 episodes he was competing in, and it is even worse that he is faking it.

What he also has going for him is his deception and ruthlessness. He managed to get rid of Heather by stealing her Invincibility Idol, sabotaged the challenge so DJ would get eliminated, convinced everyone to vote off Noah when he was onto him, managed to sneak into the production room in TDWT to turn Sierra against Heather to vote her off, and he WAS gonna do the same in TDAS, but then he found out on what Mal was doing.

He is definitely intimidating, and does his job as an antagonist well, with his many skills, not being afraid to get dirty (like Justin is), manages it to make it far without benefiting from alliances, makes the ladies and animals go crazy for him and uses it for his advantage, is extremely strategic when he needs to be. But the fact that his only flaw is if someone is more bad than him and love, and the fact that he is supposed to be seen as perfect kind of takes away from his accomplishments.

I guess I should focus on his flaws. One of the two that I could find is Heather. In the last half, his guard is down, loses challenges (Greece), and is just a love struck mess at times. In TDAS, another thing that led to his downfall was his arrogance. He thought that he could make it through without making any friends, and constantly acted like he was better than everyone else. This made it so much easier for Mal to get the others to eliminate him.


File:Blaineley Rank Lulu.pngWhile Blaineley only appeared in a few episodes in the series, she did have an antagonistic role, especially in the aftermaths in TDWT. She fought with Geoff and Bridgette to get control in the show.

Well, the first trait that I could find for her is that she is a great instigator. In the first aftermath, she is eating up at the drama with Bridgette cheating on Geoff, constantly instigating him about it so he could blow up at his girlfriend. She would purposefully bring up Bridgette any time she can, but he would always find some way to avoid it. When Bridgette FINALLY comes out, she shows a video of her fawning over Alejandro, which makes both fo them upset. She even went as far to create a segment of Total Smackdown, where they will literally fight one another. This shows how messy she can be.

Another trait she has is her ruthlessness. She went as far as to shove Bridgette in a bag, throw a bag into a truck, to send her to Siberia (which Blaineley was supposed to go). She did all fo this to host the aftermaths.

Now, while she has those strengths, she has her weaknesses as well. One of them is that she is a diva. This causes her to act like she is entitled and can boss people around, since she is a bigger celebrity than all of the contestants. This causes her to get instantly disliked. This could also be seen that she does this because she has no other skills. When she was outed about her alliance with Chef, it was clear that she was doomed.

Another thing that is a weakness of hers is that she cares too much about her reputation. When she is crying about Owen getting eliminated, everyone knew she was faking it, and then she randomly asked if she thinks that will win her some fans. 

Overall, she is a great instigator and is good at exploiting serets, but her diva-licious attitude, lack of other skills, and her being so transparent is a downfall for her. No one ever took her seriously and she is desperate for fame.


Couerney was very bossy, demanding, but always followed the rules in TDI, and has some dignity. After she was unfairly voted off, that ALL changed. Not only that, but when she was not qualified to compete in TDA, she became very vengeful and determined to get on the show via her lawyers. Her lawyewrs and contracts were one of her main tactics to intimidate not only the other contestants, but also Chris and Chef to make it further in the game. She is more competitive and takes the competition more seriouisly than anyone else does, and she also uses this as a drive to make it further. She is ruthless, and can be manipulative as well, which makes her good at getting what she wants.

One thing about her that makes her stand out more than the others is that she is a HUGE opportunist. I think this is a trait of hers that she uses to her advantage because she used the opportunity of her getting booted off TDI to file a lawsuit against the show to get on the show, and even when she is ON the show, she threatens to or actually sues the show for simple things, as being second prize in the Bank challenge, uses any loophole she can to benefit herself and to get a reward in her contract or anything. She also uses the opportunity of creating a bargain with the others to split the money with her, and she will save them from the building about to blow up. This is one of the main reasons why she does so well as an antagonist, but it also kind of leads to her downfall as well. What I mean by this is that it can get her to lose connections and friendships with others (Gwen, Scott, Duncan). 

Another skill that she has that goes for her is that she is VERY skilled in many things, which cannot be said for Heather. She has a wide range of skills; athletically and academically, and this helps her out in many challenges. This causes her to be a threat to others. I think the fact that she has a wide range of skills and the fact that she is bossy and knows what she wants helps her out, which has shown through all 4 seasons that she has participated in. Her determination and for the most part being antagonistic and making it through the game by herself and just by her skills and bossiness makes her stand out.

Most of these can be seen as or turned into a weakness of hers as well. While she is an opportunist and goes after what she wants without being fake or putting on a face, it often backfires on her. Her lawyers turn on her, her friendships with Scott and Gwen and using it to push her ahead of the others are proof of this. Her bossiness and naginess also makes her seen as more annoying than intimidating, which is another issue; she is not intimidating anyone when she was an antaogonist or afterwards. No one is really intimidated by her, and can see and predict as to what she will do next, but everyone is annoyed by her. With Heather, Alejandro, Scott and Mal, there are some that are intimidated and feared by them, but that is not the case for Courtney.

It does benefit her from her skills, and she is seen as the enemy, but as an antagonist, she needs to be intimidating to the others. Well besides that, she is a good antagonist, as she is seen as an enemy, her strategy WORKS for her for the most part (until it befalls her), and it clearly annoys others. Her bbossiness, cut-throatedness, and anger is both positive and negative. She is not the best, but there are MANY that are worse.


Heather TDI Rank

There is a lot to be said about our first and arguably the best antagonist. She is ruthless, manipulative, threatening, demanding, and very calculating. She used an alliance to make it further in the game, and used people's weaknesses as well. What makes her good is that she is not THE perfect antagonist. What I mean by that is that not everything goes her way, she does have to work around certain things and she does not have a bunch of random skills. This makes her the most realistic.

Her best trait is that she is manipulative and threatening. She does this by convincingly uses the weaknesses of weaker people (ex, Beth and Lindsay) to do things for her and to help her. She even does this to them to get them to get her food and to set her shower. She really feeds off of controlling others. But instead of using her charms or looks like Alejandro and Justin did, she uses threats and passive aggressive statements to get what she wants. She will make a bargain with a threat or outright does one or the other to get others to join her. She also befriends or acts really nice with others (example Sierra and Harold) to get them to join an alliance or to help her, and if they are not of use anymore, she tosses them. This also leads to my next point.

She is very calculating. She is very specific as to what she wants, when to do something, and who to associate herself with. She wants Gwen to suffer, is she specifically does certain tasks to accomplish this (reading her diary, kissing Trent in front of her, pulling off her skirt as she was climbing). She uses this trait to often push buttons of others (Alejandro, LeShawna, Duncan, etc) and she does this specifically for a reaction. She chooses certain moments to do this to make others screw up or to embellish in their suffering. She specifically chose Beth and Lindsay as allies because Lindsay is incredibly stupid and Beth is incredibly insecure. 

Another trait of hers is that she is very dirty and ruthless. She went as dirty as to search for and read Gwen's diary, kiss Trent, threw insults left and right at Beth to make her feel like crap before she crushed her for abandoning her, setting Lindsay up to be eliminated and to lose, faking an injury to get Duncan to do her work, and many others). She went as far as to elbow Alejandro when they were making out and threw him down a volcano to win, distracted Cody so he can be eliminated and thrown off, believing that there will be a popularity vote. This helps her intimidate others and to secure her spot on the show at many times.

A thing about her is that she never puts up a front or a facade to get her further in the game. From the beginning, she makes it known that she is not one to mess with and that she is a Queen Bee, but this also shows to be a negative. She is very vain and thinks she is better than the others. This leaves her to not be sincere or to make friends (even after she is not an antagonist). I would have to say that this is her biggest issue, other than the fact that her habits and tactics become predictable and her being a liability. In TDA, she was a liability and was the always the first one to be thought of as being eliminated, and this carried on to TDWT. She was the target for elimination because she is vain, and no one wants anything to do with her. A thing about her is that sometimes, her feelings can get her in a trance and weakens her, but this is not a major one. Another one I can think of is that she practically NEEDS an ally. If it was not for her alliance, she would not have lasted in TDI, and she only lasted in TDWT because her team never lost and when they did, the triangle mess already happened.

She is a realistic reality show antagonist. She is strategic, dirty, ruthless, does not take every opportunity that she can find and is very careful with what she does (unlike Courtney), and enjoys seeing others suffering from under her. She is not a villain stu, and her strategies make her go far most of the time. She knows when to be under the radar to keep her safe, and knows when to be ruthless to secure her spot. But she is also very vain, snobby, and needs allies (or at least to team up with others for a bit) to make it far or to eliminate someone else. She is very good, but she does have her moments where it leads to her downfall.


Jo TDRI Rank

Jo is not the main antagonist of Total Drama Revenge of the Island, which goes to Scott. Despite that, she is extremely competitive (more so than Courtney; which is hard to do), ruthless, passive aggressive, and is the Queen of throwing people under the bus. She has her few temporary alliances, her skills and leadership gets her to succeed most of the time.

Well, her main skill she has is her athletic skills. She manages to help the team a lot and wins in Runaway Model by sending the Sasquatch an undercut punch off the platform, and when she is switched to the Toxic Rats (where it is just her and Lightning), her and Lightning excel extremely well with their athleticism. She also helps her team win the first challenge in TDAS. Her athleticism helps her and she uses it to her advantage.

Another skill she has and uses is her ability to exploit others weaknesses to make them do what she wants. She uses Lightning's dim-wittedness to help her out in the merge of ROTI, uses Anne Maria's insecurity about her looks to get her to climb the hill quickly, and does this to Cameron and Brick as well. This leads to another thing; she does not do this by charm, but by hurling insults and demeaning nicknames, which she does well.

A skill she has is that she is a leader and is bossy. If others just let her lead, it actually helps them, but the issue with her is that she does not let others input in their ideas, which can go against her as well. Her leadership skills are very harsh and it is not comforting for a team atmosphere, but she does not care about that. But what she does not realize is that it will eventually become her befalling.

Which leads me to her weaknesses; most of her positives end up negatives, except her being athletic. Her biggest weakness I find is that she is so quick to throw people under the bus, it is ridiculous. She does it so constantly, and she ends up throwing the wrong two people under the bus (Lightning and Cameron). I believe this is her biggest flaw because while she knows who to keep around, she is TOO quick to drop someone, and people pick up on it. I discussed her issues with her bossiness.

I do feel like she has potential. She knows who to keep around and what to use to get them to do what she wants, but her harsh personality and her throwing everyone under the bus like dirt and her arrogance makes her kind of lackluster. She is alright, but she needs to be a bit more strategic.


I am gonna keep it blunt; he is one of the worst antagonist this show has to offer (if not the worst). He only did one antagonistic act (boot off Trent and made Gwen lose a challenge for his team). He is threatening to NO ONE, he is dumb, and it seems like he needed Lindsay and Beth A LOT more than they needed him. He does use his looks to get what he wants..... and of course that does not last too long.

Well, one of the tactics he uses is his looks. He often takes off his shirt and flips his hair to make others (Lindsay but more so Beth) to do what he wants. He uses this to get out of putting work in the challenges, to get people (Izzy) voted off. He is seen as manipulative, but this only works if he takes off his shirt or shows off a part of his looks; he does not really have the charm of words like Alejandro does.

Another thing about him is that he is VERY dependent on others to help him in the game. Without Beth and Lindsay, he would not have made it that far. He could not even get others to vote off someone else other than these two. As you can see, there is MUCH more to bash about him being an antagonist than to praise.

He is pathetic. He is not a strategic person and when he tries to be one, it kind of fails. I think he knows he has no redeemable trait other than his looks. A lot of this has to do that his role as an antagonist disintegrates as soon as Courtney debuts. His flaws are about him caring too much about his looks to do anything right, he is stupid, lazy, unmotivated, and just........ a joke. He is not threatening to ANYONE and his looks wear off on Beth and Lindsay, leaving him useless. He is just seen as a joke. He is just a failure and it is so sad. He uses his looks to get what he wants, but he learns that it won't get him that far, but when he tries to be smart-ish, it fails. Maybe if he was supposed to be a failed-antagonist, than it would have worked. I think he IS the worst.


Lightning TDRI Rank
Well, there is not much to say about Lightning overall, but barely anything to talk about him being an antagonist. For the first 11 episodes, he was just an arrogant dumb jock, but after Scott is eliminated, he becomes an antagonist to Cameron (and minorly Zoey).

So, for the first 11 episodes, he let his athleticism get him very far in the game, and this is easily the only skill that benefits him. He won the semi-final round, and the Treasure Mclean episode with Jo. He is constantly taking protein powder, doing pushups, and prepping by playing sports. This is his only asset.

When he is an antagonist, he is just really aggressive. He pummels Cameron extremely hard in the final challenge with his strength, constantly threatens him since Cameron stole Lightning's victory, and used his strength and domineering presence to intimidate the weaker Cameron.

He has countless weaknesses; he is not strategic, not smart, extremely gullible, is incapable of making friends or allies, and is too arrogant and selfish to really notice others, unless it involves him. Cameron was intimidated by him, but..... he knew Lightning could be easily outsmarted. Not a good villain because he is only it for the finale really and has too many flaws. Nothing else can be said about him.


Mal is one of Mike's personalities, but this one is evil. Apparently, he is a criminal and went to the same Juvie that Duncan did, but he was the head honcho of the prison. What did he go to jail for.......never discussed. How did he go away.......never explained. He is threatening and is seen as strong and such, but his goals changes randomly, and he does not do much.

Okay, what he has going for him......... He is strong. Did you see the way he carried Alejandro around? If he could handle one of the strongest people in the show, than that says a lot about him. What I believe to be his biggest trait is that he is threatening. His voice is scary, he has the darkest soul out of ANYONE in the show, he does not have any goodness in his heart, and he is known as the Malevolent one. He is very violent, which works for him at times.

Mike is not able to take control when Mal appears, which shows another signature of his strength. He is shown to be quite intelligent at times, and very sneaky. He rigged the votes so Cameron can get eliminated, attempted to frame Alejandro, and exposed Courtney, but he shares the same issue as Alejandro; he is a godplayer. It makes little to no sense that someone that scrawny can handle the muscular Alejandro, and he does a lot of things spontaneously with NO explanation and makes absolutely no sense. A lot about him is unexplained and how his plans came to fruition made no sense.

The biggest issue is that Mal did not accomplish much. He says that he is gonna do damage, but all he did was eliminate Alejandro (who would have been voted off anyways) and expose Courtney (who had strained relations). He had NO involvement in Cameron getting eliminated or injured, Duncan's knowledge of him passes by with Duncan going to jail (nothing involving him), and not much would have changed if he was not there, kind of taking the point of an antagonist away.

To sum it up, Mal is all talk, but not much game, and when he does have game, it is godplayed a lot more than it was with Al, makes little to no sense, and has little to no explanations.


Scott; is honestly a mixed bag. While he has shown that he can blackmail people and frame others, his overall plan to win is STUPID. He is like half comic relief, and half a serious villain that we need to be scared of.

Alright..... one thing I can say is that he is very opportunistic (like his ex girlfriend). He was stealing his teammates stuff to use to frame someone,and he sued it the first chance he got; on Dawn.  As soon as he heard about Mike`s MPD from Cameron, he used that to blackmail Mike to leading to his victory in the merge challenge in ROTI. He uses every opportunity in both seasons to look for the McLean statue, and he used it in ROTI the first time he was on the chopping block.  This is the only thing I can really say about him.

I can also say that he can adapt and not stick out well. Unlike the other villains, he is not so blunt with their bossiness and antagonism, and it makes him almost never on the chopping block. He manages to convince his team many times as to who to vote off, which shows that he can blend in like a normal person. I have nothing else positive for him.

While his plan is kind of smart in the beginning, and it is unique, why does he think that it is a good idea to lose VERY SINGLE CHALLENGE.  Then eh miraculously gets put on the Maggots and plans to do the same thing there. This is not a good plan for full term, and easily could have worked against him; like getting exposed for sabotaging, people finding it weird that he is always calling others out, and him not being a team player. Scott almost NEVER thinks things long term and fully. His defeat was also pathetic and very anti climatic.

Another thing against him is that he is NOT intimidating to anyone, except for Mike and Cameron. No one (even after he is found out) is scared of him or nervous as to what he will do next. It is almost like the audience is not supposed to be intimidated by him, as he is also used as slapsick humor. He is too much like a fool, and don`t even get me started on his personality switch in TDAS.

Don't be scared to comment. I want to hear your opinions on the matter.

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