Since PhoenixDragonSamurai has sadly departed early on in the year, and because we have gone another year without anything regarding Total Drama, I have thought about an idea to spice things up and to get more acknowledgement of the show for the end of the year 2016.  The process will take 2 months to finish and complete. 


For November, I am hoping that we will focus on Total Drama. I am planning on separating The Ridonculous Race and Total Drama because there are way too many people if we combine both, and it spreads this out to 2 months. It results for better organization, and they are different series under different formats.

How will this work? If people are interested, we can decide the nomination categories (or blatantly rip off Phoenix's, and use it for the entire series), and after there is some sort of an agreement, we can then nominate people from each category. If this were to go through,each user would nominate 5 contestants for the award. The people who end up being inducted will be the 10 people who received the most votes, would be inducted in the nomination pool. I decided on 10 people, so when we are voting a person to win the award, there is a bigger variety. Here is an example of how this will work.

Please choose what categories would you like inducted.

User A: Best Looking Female/Male!

Other users: Thumbs up/down nomination category

User B: Best Competitor! 

Other users: Thumbs up/down nomination category

User C: Fan Favourite!

Other users: Thumbs up/down nomination category

User D: Copy all of Phoenix's nomination categories!

User C: Fan Favourite!

Whichever nomination category idea has more likes than dislikes will become official. It would be easier if it is decided we take all of Phoenix's. The next step is voting for the nominees.

Please choose which nominees you would like to induct for the specific award.

Best Winner! *For this one, you can rank each finalist (but Cody) as a nominee, so the top 10 will still be inducted.

User A: Owen, Beth, Alejandro, Cameron, Zoey.

Best Alliances!

Guys Alliance 1, Guys Alliance 2, Sky and Sugar, Heather's alliance, Alejandro's alliance.

For this one, we will not be basing it from likes or dislikes, but I will tally the top 10 people mentioned from all of the comments, and they will be the official nominees. I will say it again, the top 10 mentioned names will be the inductees. After this, the final step involves voting for the winner. The person with the most votes will be the winner of the award.


I will probably post the results for Total Drama at the end of November (early December at the VERY latest), and then we will repeat the pattern with the characters from The Ridonculous Race. If anyone has any questions, ask me. What do you all think? If you have any ideas for anything, let's talk about it.

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