The only reason I'm doing this because I was bored

Total drama Island Elimination

24th-Ezekiel My comment: I don't really like Ezekiel anyway

23rd-Eva My comment: like Ezekiel I don't really like her

22nd-Noah My comment: WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? I LIKE HIM A LOT!!!

21st-Justin My comment: Don't like him

20th-Katie My comment: I like her

19th-Tyler My comment: Don't like him but, I still like LxT

18th-Izzy My comment: Crazy.

17th-Cody My Comment: I like him.

16th-Beth My comment: Neturel.

15th-Sadie My comment: I don't like her despite my like for Katie.

14th-Courtney My comment: I liked her persontily near the beginning of TDI my after that I hated her.

13rd-Harold My comment: I like Harold.

12th-Eva (again) My comment: Same as my first Eva comment but I hated her more becuase she was rude to Bridgette.

11th-Trent My comment: Don't like him.

10th-Bridgette My comment: Like her a lot!

9th- LindseyMy comment: This episode: AMESOME! Other episodes: OK

8th-DJ My comment: Don't like him

7th-Izzy (again) My comment: Like at my Izzy comment above

6th-Geoff My comment: Don't like him

5th-LeShawna My comment: Neturel

4th-Duncan My comment: LOVE HIM!!!

3th-Heather My comment: HATE HER!!!

2nd-Gwen (First in other verson) My comment: MY FAV FEMALE CHACTHER EVER!!!!

1st-Owen ( Second in other verson) My comment: LOVE HIM!

Total drama island Elimation my way:

24th- Ezekiel Reason- He was to lazy to do the challenge

23rd- Sadie Reason- She was really annoying to the team

22nd- Beth Reason- She failed in the challenge

21st- Trent Reason- He made out with Gwen through the whole challenge

20th- DJ Reason- He decided to quit becuase he was to scared to contine

19th- Country Reason- She was bossey to her team

18th-Izzy Reason- She wasn't helpful during the challenge

17th-LeShawna Reason- Other members were wanted to vote off Leshawna

16th- Izzy Again Reason- too crazy

15th- Eva Reason- Really Rude and Mean to Bridgette

14th- Geoff Reason- He lost to the challenge

13rd- Tyler Reason- He Made out with Lindsey thourgh the whole challenge

12th- Duncan Reason- He was rude to the contestants

11th- Lindsey Reason- She missed Tyler and couldn't stand much longer

10th- Heather Reason- She was rude to the contestants

9th-Harold Reason- He was annoying to his team

8th-Bridgette Reason- She gave her Invisably to Gwen

7th- Owen Reason- He gave his Invisably to his friend Noah because he was orginlly gonna be voted off

6th- Katie Reason- She was bored and missed Sadie a lot

5th-Justin Reason- He was voted because Gwen, Noah, Cody & Duncan Plus, Duncan returns

4th- Cody Reason- Annoying Gwen

3rd- Duncan Reason- Noah wanted to get revenge

2nd- Gwen Reason- She lost in the last challenge

1st- Noah Reason- He won in the race againest Gwen

Total drama Action elimination

17th/16th- Geoff

17th/16th- Bridgette

15th- E-scope

14th- Trent

13th- Gwen











2nd-Beth ( 1st in other verison)

1st-Duncan ( 2nd in other verison)

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