aka Blaze, Bwazey, Hedgie, Blazey Bear

  • I live in Wonderland
  • My occupation is being a fangirl and going on Tumblr
  • I am supposed to be writing a novel but i am just hanging out here and on the tumblrs
  • ValentineMorgenstern342

    The only reason I'm doing this because I was bored

    24th-Ezekiel My comment: I don't really like Ezekiel anyway

    23rd-Eva My comment: like Ezekiel I don't really like her

    22nd-Noah My comment: WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? I LIKE HIM A LOT!!!

    21st-Justin My comment: Don't like him

    20th-Katie My comment: I like her

    19th-Tyler My comment: Don't like him but, I still like LxT

    18th-Izzy My comment: Crazy.

    17th-Cody My Comment: I like him.

    16th-Beth My comment: Neturel.

    15th-Sadie My comment: I don't like her despite my like for Katie.

    14th-Courtney My comment: I liked her persontily near the beginning of TDI my after that I hated her.

    13rd-Harold My comment: I like Harold.

    12th-Eva (again) My comment: Same as my first Eva comment but I hated her more be…

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