Well, I must say that my the on the Wiki went from Awesome, then average, and finally dissapointing. Looks like no one even cares about me anymore, and I don't like that. I was already hurt when I was celebrating my 1-Year Wiki birthday and no one commented. I can't beleive I got this huge dissapointment. So, yeah, more boring stuff's happening: Vandals are coming, School's starting in almost a week, more rollbacks are demoting, users are quitting. So, I decided to quit the Wiki and I'm not coming back to the Wiki at all. This dissapointment has hurt me badly and I can't stand it anymore. There are only four people I will miss the most: Webkinz Mania, Breakingmikey, Mocky74 (Whoever she is) and NTF and somewhat Silverspark, Owenandheatherfan, BarBar, CD-TDA. Just when I wanted to stay longer, looks like everyone wants me to leave, and they got their wish. Goodbye...

If anyone wants to find me, contact me here:

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