I decided to create this blog after the last Countdown to 10,000 was over. So, here is a rank of all 6 seasons, which was best, and which was worst: Also, I also threw in a little of my secrets.

6th. Season Six: Why? Here's why: This season is probably the worst one since only the first, second and third week were good. Later on, users that weren't called Fedora Kid only made a small number a edits. Especially Week Six, since two people made -5 or more negative edits. Also, Musou: -51 EDITS? Seriously? I was excited at the start, but dissapointed at the end. I did love how FK was eliminated. Secret: I was also editing in this season, even though I wasn't a contestant, to stop everyone from making a huge number of edits.

5th: Season One: Not that exciting. Many people made less than 100 edits in weeks 1-3 (That aren't CD-TDA or TDA ROCKS), which was bad, but... Weeks 7 and 8 were pretty good since everyone made more than 70 edits (except TDIFan13, nice strategy on not editing). Also, Only CD-TDA, TDA ROCKS, Ragingblaze, NinjaIzzy and Ryan made so much edits. So yeah, not much drama, like Season Six :/

4th: Season Three: Haven't knew anything.

3rd: Season Two: Haven't knew anything.

2nd: Season Five: It was pretty cool how some new and older contestants were competing, like Jam7, TDAwesome15, Mikey, Me, Ishni and Politoed89. This was a very fun season because everyone focused on editing (Except Barfy, Gary, JAEditor, Dakotacoons, Jam7). Also, I hated how Mikey purposely didn't edit in Week Ten (I mean, dude! You could've won!). Well, at least Ishni won. Secret: I saw that Silver was on the Awesomettes, so I was purposely making a small number of edits until I switched to the Awesomettes. I was lying when I said that I didn't know how to edit in Week Six, because I saw that the Awesomettes needed a little help, so when I switched from the Jammers to the Awesomettes, I was purposely starting to edit faster and better. Other than that, when I was eliminated in Week Six, I was a little... OK. Middle Place wasn't so bad, but not good as well. Now that I was out of the game, I still edited, but only because I wanted to beat Bigez's highest editcount (809 Edits, Season Four).

1st: Season Four: Seriously? Why? Because Webkinz Mania and Ryan were there! Also, I felt that this was the most dramatic season because of too many betrayals, editing and friendship. My hatred for Fedora Kid started after this season when he voted for Webkinz Mania and got him eliminated. Also, I loved how Addict managed to beat Fedora by just 3 EDITS!!! Addict FTW. I loved that. Really. I did dislike how ROCKS was automatically eliminated due to being banned. Why? He didn't do anything wrong! Except making one edit in Week Five. So this is why I loved Season Four: All threats were competing, some getting eliminated earlier (WM, Ryan, CD-TDA, Ragingblaze), drama, editing etc.

So, yeah, there you have it. Enjoy editing!

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