Another Thursday, and another regular day. But to me (and Mikey) this is not just any day for me. It's been August 11, 2010 when I joined the Wiki. So, I've been here for 1 whole year! After making loads of edits for months, weeks, and staying active, I finally reached this long goal!

I wanna thank all these users (in no order) who helped me get this far: Webkinz Mania, TDIFan13, Breakingmikey, *~*~ishni*~*~, Toadgamer80, N3/Numbuhthreefan, Silverspark735, Bigez620, Kgman04, Owenandheatherfan, Politoed89, TotalDramaAddict, CD-TDA, BarBar, Nalyd Renrut, Tulle and Jaxswim.

It was amazing to acheive this goal! Also, check this blog as well: User blog:Breakingmikey/uhhhhh....

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