I was thinking of a lot of ideas, and here's what I thought of:

  1. I was thinking of removing images that are edited/not Total Drama/Reverted a lot of times but nothing is changed. I mean, just look at our Wikia! There are already over 27 thousand or more files, and I think 10.000 or less files are related to Total Drama. Fanon images, created images A.K.A. artwork are ok, I don't think they should be deleted, and there are probably 1.500 files. So, no need for these files to be deleted. Any edited images should be deleted, I already saw 3 edited images. When making an image with better quality, that is fine, I don't mind. But I do mind edited images. They just waste space here! So how about it? Yes or No? Put {1.}, then say yes or no.
  2. A lot of forums already have images with horrible quality, and I think we should improve them. Yes or No? Put {2.}, then say yes or no.
  3. This is for the first topic. I think the users who uploaded edited images should be banned for I dunno, you decide how much time. Yes or no?
  4. There already a lot of rollbacks, admins, bureaucrats that have been demoted/demoted themselves. I think that we should promote some users to be rollbacks, admins or bureaucrats. Why not promote users who have 1.500 Edits (at least 400 or more mainspace edits) or more? Yes or no?

So, there you have it. Please comment on this, because it's very important.

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