So, now that the season has come to the end I think we could take the time to discuss things this series did well and things it...didn't do so well.

Personally, Ridonculous Race was well done for the most part and is easily one of the best TD seasons in terms of writing and interactions. You can talk about characters, episodes, plot points, eliminations, ANYTHING as long as you have at least one good thing to say about the season and one bad thing to say about the season. Anyways, here are my thoughts (effectively serving as an example). 

The Good:   


Noah saves Emma.

1. Hello and Dubai- Thank you Miles Smith, the writer of this episode. I hated his work on Pahkitew Island but this episode caught me by surprise even after the outstanding Hawaiian Honeyruin. I don't really see much talk about this episode but from my point of view it is easily one of the best of the season. All the interactions in this are golden (Dwayne and Kelly, Emma/Kitty and Owen/Noah, Devin and Jacques), it really felt as if everyone had a time to shine in this episode (except for maybe the goths). The challenges were interesting and the plot and dialogue was also well done from Mickey and Jay being cheered on for accidentally hitting the tennis ball to Kelly putting the foot down on Taylor or even Owen the human squeegee there were a lot of notable things in the episode. 
Ennui and Burrito

2. Crimson and Ennui's elimination in El Bunny Supremo- I actually enjoyed this entire episode but I just wanted to single this out. I'm sure the majority of people on this wiki grew fond of Crimson and Ennui's monotone one liners but the Ice Dancers played this one well. The sabotage and stealing of the their pet bunny Loki was incredibly smart and the initiation of it that involved the replacement burrito and the duos reactions and resulting search allowed this to be really memorable. The writers also succeeded in making us hate the ice dancers in their emerging antagonism by getting rid of a fan favorite.  

3. Dwayne and Junior- Most of you are probably thinking "Why them? Instead of the Sisters or the Cadets?" Well, although I really love those two teams (especially the former which I like more than Father/Son) I can't help but think of how completely different these two contestants were to any previous contestant and how great the dynamic between them was. For some reason, this duo or at least half of it got a bit of hate and it might be because the traditional father/son duo is overdone but it was the execution that sold me.   You could actually feel their relationship develop with every episode and the bond was at it's strongest when they were eliminated. The relationship was quite humorous as well at times and after their gone you can feel it was low-key touching.
Dwayne found Junior

The Bad: 

1. Bahamarama- Plot holes, boring challenges, a major team being non-existent, awful elimination, pointless buildups....I would go on but this heaping pile of trash isn't worth my time, I'm not surprised the writer of this one did a lot of the All-Stars episodes.  

2. Excessive pain and gross out humor- Now don't get me wrong this season was nowhere near as bad with this as Pahkitew but sometimes it just felt like too much. Laurie and Miles (yes I know it's called Brazillian PAIN Forest) and Carrie and Devin's elimination episode come to mind and there are plenty more sprinkled throughout the seeason, Owen practically lives on this type of humor. 

3. Unsatisfying finale- This may be more of a personal thing because I really felt one team shouldn't have been there but even looking past that the Cadet/Dancers rivalry was underutilized, the challenge was a bit disappointing and a select few of past contestants even spoke, some of the ones that didn't speak even baffled me. The biggest elephant in the room was the dancers simply we don't need a Alejandro but I feel like a lot of the other teams that did less things got off a lot worse than them and the dancers did some awful things during the race. Where was their karma? And Josee destroys part of the park and nothing happens? She's not arrested? Oh my.... 

Feel free to discuss your own pluses and minuses of the past season below! And as I said you can talk about characters, episodes, plot points, eliminations, ANYTHING as long as you have at least one good thing to say about the season and one bad thing to say about the season.

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