So, I'm pretty new here and I was looking around the wiki a bit....and I found that there was no in depth rating/ranking of Total Drama World Tour, one of the most controversial seasons of Total Drama (you either love it or you hate it I find). Personally, World Tour is one of my fave seasons and although it has its gems it also has...some pretty big atrocities. Thus, I decided I'd count down from worst to best episodes of the season. Since I consider Walk Like an Egyptian Parts 1 and 2 one full episode there will only be 25 episodes on this list. Feel free to share your own opinion!    

25. The EX-Files- THIS. EPISODE. BLOWS! (Get ready: long rant ahead) This is probably the one episode in all of World Tour where I could find no redeeming quality whatsoever, thus making this the worst episode of the Love Triangle fiasco and the worst episode of the season. My first problem with this episode? Everything about it seems so mean spirited. Let's start with the dreaded trio shall we: Duncan is pretty much a jerk this entire episode and a very selfish one at that, not only does he kiss Gwen again but he shows no remorse for it. He only offers to help Alejandro with the alien stuck to his face if he doesn't vote for him and he laughs and jokes about Tyler's and Owen's misfortunes. Gwen was also extremely unlikable as well by being okay with cheating with Duncan, she even says: "Why don't we just let things happen." NO. JUST NO. You break your friends heart, don't even apologize and now you're okay with all of it? Seriously? And then there's Courtney who consistently tries to throw the challenge for her team just so she can eliminate Gwen, she even questions saving Heather's life and almost leaves her to die. I didn't even mention the horrid "Boyfriend Kisser" song where she debates different ways to "punish" Gwen (read kill) for kissing Duncan. Continuing on, Tyler probably got hurt the most in this episode, I'm aware he is supposed to be Trent of World Tour but you have to draw the line somewhere. In this episode alone, he runs into a cactus, climbs up an electric fence then falls, is electrocuted by an alien, steps on a mime and is punched out the plane by Courtney. It's not funny or amusing, it's overkill. Alejandro pulled some godplaying one time hypnotist ability out of his butt for no reason but to get revenge on Owen and he even teamed up with... Duncan. They even managed to make Owen unlikeable by turning him into a bumbling idiot after he is captured while his teammates require assitance. Another thing about this episode is that it's not funny or entertaining really, it's a total trainwreck. They pulled a lot of references to sci-fi movies or horror in this episode and ALL of them were misses IMO. The writer must have thought pain was funny though because there was a lot of that here, various characters were shot by lasers, or threatened to be killed throughout the course of it. The characters that weren't annoying or at least tolerable in this episode were barely utilized (i.e Cody, Sierra, Heather) as well. Finally, I can take a bear putting on glasses, an actual psycho killer and a sasquatch but Total Drama? From the plane being zapped down by UFO's to the comic relief being shafted in favor of a screenhogger simply to continue tension everything about this episode was a fail.  

Australia kangaroo pwns duncan

24. Picnic At Hanging Dork- This crapola episode was supposed to be the "satisfying" end to the love triangle? Boy, did the writer screw this up. Duncan, Gwen and Courtney are further derailed to the point where I wanted them all gone. Duncan scheming with Alejandro to get Courtney eliminated? Gwen manipulating Cody to vote for Courtney? Courtney wanting to throw the challenge again just so Gwen can leave? The challenge was made unbearable with the constant bickering and there weren't any really clever jokes. The extent of the humor featured Sierra throwing herself off a cliff without a bungee cord (and the resulting medic for the sheeps), Owen being attacked by a dingo and crushing 2 emus. The tiebreaker was unfair and just wrong as well, Gwen who was allergic to eucalyptus had to go through with it anyways of course. The only good things about the episode was "Shearing Sheep" and Cody and Duncan's rivalry. 

To be continued....

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