• UnderdogFan28

    So, now that the season has come to the end I think we could take the time to discuss things this series did well and things it...didn't do so well.

    Personally, Ridonculous Race was well done for the most part and is easily one of the best TD seasons in terms of writing and interactions. You can talk about characters, episodes, plot points, eliminations, ANYTHING as long as you have at least one good thing to say about the season and one bad thing to say about the season. Anyways, here are my thoughts (effectively serving as an example). 

    The Good:   

    1. Hello and Dubai- Thank you Miles Smith, the writer of this episode. I hated his work on Pahkitew Island but this episode caught me by surprise even after the outstanding Hawaiian Honeyruin. I…

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  • UnderdogFan28

    So, I'm pretty new here and I was looking around the wiki a bit....and I found that there was no in depth rating/ranking of Total Drama World Tour, one of the most controversial seasons of Total Drama (you either love it or you hate it I find). Personally, World Tour is one of my fave seasons and although it has its gems it also has...some pretty big atrocities. Thus, I decided I'd count down from worst to best episodes of the season. Since I consider Walk Like an Egyptian Parts 1 and 2 one full episode there will only be 25 episodes on this list. Feel free to share your own opinion!    

    25. The EX-Files- THIS. EPISODE. BLOWS! (Get ready: long rant ahead) This is probably the one episode in all of World Tour where I could find no redeeming q…

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