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    Hey guys, I was just wandering around the Total Drama Official Fan Club, when I found this:

                                                                                                                                                                       So apparently, Tom is gay, and what do I think of this discovery? Eh. I stopped giving a flying damn about romance in the TD franchise (and to an extent, romance in general) so I have nothing to say about this. What I do want know though is your thoughts on this. Also, kinda unrelated question, but what do you think about the franchise's toned down adult humor? is it good? is it bad? or (like me) you don't care about it? (P.S. if Christine or another TD staff member already confirmed this,…

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  • Ultrablud2

    My Thoughts on Shelley

    February 6, 2016 by Ultrablud2

    Hello, Internet Surfers, I'm Ultrablud2 and as you can see in the title, I'm going to talk about my thoughts on a character that we never saw (yet) but was talked about quite a bit on RR: Shelley, Devin's ex girlfriend.

    Here's the deal: RR has got out of its' way to make Shelley look like a mean girl who didn't care about Devin and an obstacle to Carrie's goal of confessing her love to Devin. The problem here is that I'm not buying it one bit because the writers forgot to add one thing to the whole deal.


    For starters, we've only heard the relationship from Devin's P.O.V., and Devin's P.O.V. only, never did we hear Shelley's side of the story because, you know, we never even saw her. For all we know, Shelley could be a nice girl. Just…

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  • Ultrablud2

    Salutations, Internet Surfers, I'm Ultrablud2. As you can see on the title, I have an opinion that many RR fans would disagree, and that opinion is that there's a team that ALMOST EVERYBODY is in love with, saying that they're funny, developed, sweet, badass, ect. when in reality, they're not even that spectacular to begin with.

    What's that team you may ask?


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  • Ultrablud2

    When I first heard that CN would air The Ridonculous Race in a month, I accepted that decision because it meant I wouldn't need to wait for 6 months to see the entire season.

    only to realize I was kind of wrong.

    What I'm saying is that since we have to wait 2 YEARS to see anything TD related, I've kind of been though a TD withdrawal and I can only get my kicks by reading RR fanfiction. At first I didn't understand why some people on this wiki complained about CN's decision, but now I understand

    so, what do you think of CN's decision? was it a smart move, or a bone-headed move?

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