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  • Ultra98

    NEW UPDATE: Now that All-Stars premieres tonight this poll will be updated after each elimination.

    Well sadly the "loveable lamebrain Lindsay" got eliminated so now if you chose her you can root for another one. Take your pick.

    Congrats to the Heroic Hamsters for winning today. The first Vulture out of the game is the "Athletic non supprter Lightning" so now that I've updated please revote. Also comment on who you think the next finalist to leave is.

    The Hamster's completely CRUSHED the Vultures this time and "Bossy bruiser Jo" got the Flush of Shame this week as if we didn't know already. Time to vote again good luck to all of the remaining All-Stars.

    So far this weeks episode is my fav so far. The next All-Star eliminated was the "pregarius …

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