She may be an antagonist. True, but look at how hard a time she's had in the competition and how hard she's tried. Yes she used LIndsay and Beth, but then she apologized. Which is good. Also she got her head shaved! I mean how many people would have the confidence to parade around bald for a year or so just because of an accident while trying to win the money! That moment just made me feel so sorry for her, you have no idea. And look at season 2, Heather didn't do anyone any wrong except for Courtney by trying to steal her hair, which was funny! And she's tough! She never gives up! I'll admit that havong another alliance isn't exactly a nice thing of her to do this season, but maybe she'll become friends with Sierra in the process of having the alliance and Sierra will willingly vote with her instead of feeling forced like Lindsay and Beth did. But if you look at all Heather has been through in the competition, don't you think she deserves it? She definately had it harder than Owen :P

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