You know how at the end of TDI 14 competitors got to go to TDA? Well half of those competitors just so happened to be TDI's final 7 (Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, and Izzy) and I remember something saying that TDA was being writen to give some characters more development? Well about half of the TDA competitors didn't need much anyway! When I heard about that I was thinking about the Underdogs (Tyler, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Ezekiel, Noah, and Cody). I think that the final 7 should've been left out of TDA and have been in the Aftermath because they'd make better commentators for sure because they could actually have something to say, and Owen and Izzy could've hosted. If the Underdogs got to TDA instead of the final 7 then a handful of things that made people dislike TDA wouldn't have happened like the TxG breakup because they'd still be together if Gwen sat season 2 out, Owen and Duncan hogging the screentime, and too much DxC concentration for some fans to handle. So if TDA was fair then the teams would've just been teams of seven because the whole schoolyard style thing was just there to make drama between TxG by having Gwen pick Duncan first and there wouldn't have been any double elimination because GxB wouldn't have even been together to over do it with the making out. Here's what I think the teams would look like

Screaming Gaffers



Eva (replacing Heather)

Katie (replacing Gwen)

Sadie (replacing LeShawna)

Noah (replacing Duncan)

Cody (replacing no one)

Killer Grips





Tyler (replacing Owen)

Bridgette (replacing Izzy)

Ezekiel (replacing no one)

Courtney later

If you asked me, I'd say that these teams would've made more people interesting in Total Drama Action because there would've been more possibilities for good writing would've opened. Like for the Gaffers team, Eva ends up antagonizing everoyne but somehow stays in and all the underdeveloped people on the team develop more personality. Then for the Grips team there could've been a whole other love triangel because with Lindsay sort of liking Justin, I bet Tyler would've gotten pretty mad and that could spark a Tyler-Justin Conflict and then Tyler having to make Lindsay like him more. And Ezekiel could bother Bridgette to death by trying to get with her or something. I'm just saying that no one would be referred to as Underdogs or Screen Hogs if the final 7 was left out of TDA in exchange for the people who were eliminated early and left out of the real TDA. Any thoughts?

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