The TDA writers should've realized that in order to keep the show intersting after the merge, they needed Heather still. Why? Well to try and remake her alliance of course. Lindsay and Beth were still in the game by that point so Heather could somehow make them think she was good. Or promise equal treatment in the alliance this time (but not really keep the promise that well though). I mean it could've happened because Beth somehow let herself get into Courtney's Alliance, so she was still alliance prone. And she hated Courtney and somehow got persuaded to be in that super short alliance with her. And Lindsay would just want to go with Beth and would also end up believing that Heather has turned over a new leaf. So with LeShawna gone in Million Dollar Babies instead of Heather here's how the episodes following Million Dollar Babies would've gone with Heather.

Dial M for Merger

The episode starts off in the girls' trailer where Lindsay is in her pajamas deciding between two outfits, her normal one and the one she wore in Up the Creek and near the end of Basic Straining. She takes Beth's advice and chooses the one from Up the Creek. Then it goes to Heather styling her wig into a ponytail and then asks the other girls if it looks any good.Courtney tells her it still looks lame and Lindsay (who had gotten dressed off-screen) and Beth agree because they still hate Heather. Then it goes to the confessional where Heather still considers Lindsay and Beth simply as followers due to siding with Courtney just because they're teammates and then goes on to say that Courtney could easily lose their companionship by bossing them around more in the next challenge. Then Heather says that if only Heather could get Courtney to act superior towards the rest of the Grips again,Lindsay and Beth would go back to hating her and then she could get Lindsay and Beth to rejoin an alliance with her by talking about how they'll be able to vote Courtney off together, but the only problem is that the teams aren't merged yet so that would be difficult. Then in the next scene everyone goes to those benches between the trailers after lunch where the Grips and Gaffers are seperated and the Heather walks up to the Grips' bench and says "Hey Lindsay and Beth! Wasn't lunch great today?" then Beth replies "Whatever Heather. Go away!" then Lindsay goes "Yeah!", then it goes to the confessional where Lindsay and Beth are together and say that they still hate Heather for using them in TDI and want absolutely nothing to do with her, but admit that they may have been a little harsh out there, but that Heather deserved it anyway. Then it goes back to the benches and Lindsay goes to the girls' trailer saying that she needs to get her lip gloss. Then she forgets to use the door knob like in the actually episode with Courtney having to tell her and then when she tries it she gets scanned and falls into that ditch. Heather then shows the most concern (false concern though) and runs over with Duncan, then they both get shot with trainquilizer darts. Courtney runs over worrid about Duncan and then gets hit by that flying hat. Everyone else runs for cover in the boys' trailer, but after Beth runs in after Justin, he shuts the door forgetting about Harold. Then they have that conversation they had in the actual episode. Then Harold's confessional about the producers trying to kill them is the same. Then everyone's in that cave and Beth hits Justin in the eye, Beth apologizes, Justin freaks out, and then Courtney was looking for her PDA and when Beth picks it up and give it to her Courtney yells at her for "stealing" it causing Beth to dislike Courtney again. Lindsay comes over and tells Courtney to give Beth a break and that she didn't steal it, but Courtney just says "Yeah whatever, dumb blonde." making Lindsay dislike Courtney again. Lindsay was about to retaliate, but Chris made his hologram show up directly when Lindsay was going to speak. Chris explains the challenge just like he did in the real episode, then Courtney asks her team if they know anything about bombs and then Lindsay says she does and it goes to her same confessional from the actual episode. And when it goes back Duncan tells Heather to keep Harold away from the bomb, then Harold still has his remark about the booby traps. Chris tells them that the teams are done, then Lindsay and Beth have their lines about the lip gloss and then it goes to Justin saying LeShawna's line from the real episode, "Breaking us up?! After all we've been through!" (I would've had Heather say that, but she's happy about the teams being through). Then the 6teen sequence happens. When it's over Lindsay, Courtney, and Duncan still have the same lines and where LeShawna told Duncan "That direction will only lead to heartbreak and tears on your pillow." Heather says "Duncan, are you really going to trust her?" to which Duncan retaliates "I trust her more than you!". Justin finds the elevator and everyone goes in it. Then he has his confessional about the brain thing. Then it goes to Heather saying "My plan is coming together perfectly! Did you see the way how Courtney ticked off Lindsay and Beth? This is awesome! Alliance time.....". Then everyone gets to that tower where Harold has his line about ,"The Ultimate Altimatum". Chris has his exact same lines about the next challenge and Duncan says the easy smash and grab thing. Then Chris finishes his explanation. Duncan pushes Harold into the lasers and then Harold tries to pull Duncan down with him and succeeds. Then they have a fight. Heather goes over to Lindsay and Beth and says "I saw the way Courtney was treating you.....she's not very nice to you is she?" then Lindsay says "Nicer than you were to us!" then Heather says "Look, I'm sorry.....for everything. Weren't we best friends forever?" then she starts crying and when Lindsay goes to hug her Beth stops her and sugguests that she could just be tricking them into another alliance. Heather cries some more. Then Lindsay tells Beth that she thinks Heather's being sincere and that they should let her go through the lasers with them. Then Beth says "FINE! But I'm NOT trusting her! You shouldn't either Lindsay!". When they go through the lasers and get caught between each other and Lindsay and Beth blame each other, Heather says it was no one's fault and that the lasers were just difficult to go through, but in the confessional Heather goes "Those two have as much coordination as Chef does in the kitchen!". Justin goes through the lasers in the same exact way as in the actual episode and has that same conversation with his brain about the circus and the mirror thing. Courtney does her little kung fu routine to get through the lasers and then asks what to do next. Duncan and Harold finally stop fighting and say their lines from the actual episode and Courtney farther away from the glass dome. Where LeShawna asked what Courtney was doing, Heather says "Oh yeah Courtney, as if walking away will help!" and then Lindsay and Beth laugh then in the confessional Beth says "Okay.....Heather may not be as bad as I thought. I mean she dissed Courtney and apologized for being evil last season! I think she's turning over a new leaf! But just in case.....maybe I should keep my guard up...." then Courtney does the same kick she did in the actual episode and Duncan has the same confessional about Courtney and her going way up on his "You're Alright Meter". Courtney got the wire cutters and the wire gun (or whatever it was called) and then Chris starts the countdown. Courtney hugs Duncan, Justin hugs himself, Harold says he's too knowledgeable to die, Lindsay and Beth say that they'll miss each other's smiles, and Heather starts apologizing about this long list of sins, then Chris tells them he was faking, Courtney pushes Duncan aside and Duncan has his same confessional about Courtney wanting him back. Chris starts the countdown again and then Lindsay pulls Heather saying "Let's go!" but she was still listing her sins and then Lindsay says "SNAP OUT OF IT! LET'S GO!" and then Heather finally stopped and said "Thanks for snapping me out of're a lifesaver Lindsay!" (she sort of meant that, and even said so in the confessional. But that's just because she would've let herself blow up with all her sins and that she still has no problem using her in the alliance, but may be nicer this time to make it last longer) Then Harold finds the exit and asks Courtney to aim the gun at the building next to the tower. Then everyone else runs over and then Beth says "WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? LET'S GO!" then Courtney says "Not so fast! What do I hear for a ride to freedom?" Then Heather says "I won't push you out of the building!" then Courtney just shook her head and said "Um...that won't do it!" then everyone else offered the same things they did in the actual episode and then Courtney forces them to split the money 50-50 with her if they win and then Chris says his line about being glad about picking Courtney and that she's nasty. Everyone agrees to it just because they were running out of time and then Courtney shots the wiregun and they use Harold's belt as a zipline. The explosion ended up to be a fake and Harold was annoyed about that and Chris talked about how they don't have the budget to explode a building. Then he introduces the bomb challenge. Then Harold and Lindsay ask their questions and Chris just ignores them.Then everyone runs over to the bombs and tries to decide which wire to cut. Lindsay starts talking about how all the wires match stuff on her and Harold and Duncan insult each other with the same insults from the actual episode, Courtney calls her lawyers and gets an out of office reply, Justin talks to his brain, and Heather starts filing her razor sharp nails for when she decides to cut a wire. Then Lindsay decides to cut the blue wire because it's the most fashion forward. Beth tells everyone that Lindsay's cutting the blue wire and asks Courtney if Lindsay can borrow the wire cutters. Then the suspenseful moment happens and everyone's sweating and Heather's still filing her claws nails and then Beth says "Before you what? Besides if a bomb goes off then we'll all be stinked!" then Courtney says "Good point!" and throws Lindsay the wire cutters. Then Lindsay cuts the blue wire. The bomb goes off. Beth then hugs Lindsay and regrets that she ever doubted her, Heather joins in the hug and doesn't get shooed away. Duncan tells the girls "ENOUGH WITH THE LOVE FEST! EVERYONE CUT THE BLUE WIRE!" Justin uses his mirror to reflect sunlight to cut the wire and says done, Beth reflects the light from Justin's mirror with her glasses and then says done, Heather claws the wire and says done, Duncan breaks it and says done, Harold bites it and says done, and then Lindsay throws the wirecutters back to Courtney and then she cuts the blue wire and says "So done!". Then Harold realizes the bombs are still ticking and then everyone freaks out and gets hit by the stink bombs. Then the camera goes to Chris sitting far away telling the audience that it would've been lame to wire all the bombs the same way and that it would be easier for the production crew and less fun for him. Then everyone was in the tomato juice bath, except for Courtney who changed into her swimsuit in her private bathroom instead of the communals with everyone else (I know they weren't wearing their swimsuits in the real episode, but that seemed stupid to me) and changed way slower for whatever reason. Then when Courtney finally came to the tomato juice bath and asked if she could get in with everyone else and then Heather told her no unless she doesn't call of the 50-50 split. Then Courtney agreed to those terms just to get rid of the smell. Then before Chris came over Heather asked Lindsay and Beth to rejoin her alliance, which Lindsay happily agrees to for being so friendly and then asks Beth to join too, and Beth actually joined, but admitted in the confessional that she still doesn't trust her and will protect Lindsay from trusting Heather if she catches her doing anything out of line. Then it goes to Lindsay saying that if her rekindled friendship with Heather doesn't work out, she may vote her off. Then it goes to Heather saying that her plan is going perfectly and that there's no way that Lindsay and Beth aren't on her side now. Then it goes back to the tomato juice bath where Chris tells Lindsay and Courtney that they're going to a cheese factory as their reward and they have the same reactions. Then Chris signs off the episode.

I think that this would've been much better than the version that actually happened because it sets up another storyline, and LeShawna being there wasn't as interesting. I was really sad when Heather got voted off because nothing like this would have been able to happen. And it never will be able to now. Maybe in season five, but by that point the moment for the alliance to come back will be gone. But this would've kept more people watching TDA. So what do you think? I'd love to hear your opinions! I'll write Super Hero-ld when I think of it.

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