This is my season 5 idea. Chris finds an island in the middle of nowhere that's basically just dense jungle and the game is hosted there. Chris calls it.....Total Drama Jungle! And eighteen contestants get to return Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Cody, Trent, Justin, Noah, Eva, Izzy, Bridgette, Geoff, Ezekiel (as a normal person, not a zombie), Alejandro, Sierra,LeShawna, DJ,and Heather. The contestants are divided into two teams of nine this season (their reason for getting into the season is stated in parentheses next to each contestant). And the teams this season are reffered to as tribes to go along with the jungle theme.

Tribe 1- The Hopping Spider Monkeys (their team symbol would be a monkey with an orange background because they've already used yellow in Team Victory's symbol)

Bridgette (to develop her Eva conflict and be annoyed with Ezekiel flirting with her)

Eva (to hate Justin along with the rest of Team E-Scope from TDDDI and hate Bridgette too continuing from her personal conflict with her, and sort of be the team's main antagonist)

Justin (To be hated by Team E-Scope and also become a better antagonist in order to ignore getting eliminated by them.)

Noah (To hate Justin along with the rest of Team E-Scope and develop his personality more)

Izzy (To hate Justin along with the rest of Team E-Scope and be Team E-Scope's ringleader like in TDDDI.)

Ezekiel (To annoy Bridgette with his crush on her. And to see how he would act as an average competitior who wouldn't turn into a zombie)

Geoff (To sort of be one of the filler characters on the team, you know the teammate who's voted off early for messing up a challenge? I just want Geoff here for that purpose because he has no unresolved conflicts like almost the rest of the tribe)

LeShawna (As more of a filler for having already gotten enough spotlight in the first two seasons, but while she's still in the competition she develops her friendship with Bridgette and conflict with Eva)

Alejandro (As a filler character who tries to rule the game the way he did in TDWT, but fails and gets voted off early due to Bridgette and Noah turining most of the team against him)

This team would sort of be Total Drama Jungle's Screaming Gophers because they have a lot of conflict on their team and that's why they should basically win more. And they have more characters who have gotten less concentration than the other team.

Tribe 2- The Venomous Pythons (their team symbol would be a python with a purple backrground because they make the pythons on this show purple, so it would make sense. And they've never used purple as a team color before)

Lindsay (To develop TxL)

Tyler (To develop TxL and his own personality)

Trent (To develop his own personality and have Katie and Sadie be sort of his mini Sierras, when I say mini I mean like Sierra but less creepy)

Sadie (To have a crazy crush on Trent and develop her own personality as well)

Katie (Same as Sadie)

Heather (To be sort of a filler teammate like Geoff and to exercise her conflicts with Lindsay and Trent before getting voted off)

Cody (Just as a filler because he got far in TDWT. And we could see how he'd act without Sierra or Gwen around)

DJ (Filler, but while he's there he tries to prove to his team that he's not still cursed from TDWT, but once the team gets attacked by panthers they just blame him and vote him off)

Sierra (Also as a filler who's basically unchaged from TDWT, but gets eliminated early so that Cody can be allowed to develop a little personality before his elimination)

They'd sort of be Total Drama Jungle's Killer Bass or Team Chris in a way because their team has less conflict and characters who have gotten more concentration already (like Lindsay, Heather, and Cody), but they wouldn't be meant to lose an extreme amount of challenges like the Killer Grips or Team Victory because they also have characters who lack concentration as well.

And as for living arrangements each team would have to build their own tree house as their first challenge with the supplies to build furniture to go along with the tree house provided as well. Both tribes would be provided a flag to hang on the flagpole of their treehouse. I would like the tribes to have very different treehouses because it would be cooler than having them be the same. And the cafteria/Chef's kitchen would be near by because they'll have a little camp in the jungle sort of like how they had a camp in the forest in TDI.

Duncan and Courtney take over the role of hosting the Aftermath this season and Owen (in my dreams), Beth, Gwen, and Harold are the commentators. This may be a small Aftermath crew, but that's okay. Besides only one less character would end up in the Aftermath than in TDWT.

Elimination Order


















Bridgette vs. Trent final 2

So that's what I would want the fifth season to be like, wouldn't that be pretty awesome? You know because there would be new animals on the show instead of the bear, sasquatch, squierrel, bunny, etc. The jungle is the way to go if you ask me. Oh and next time we send questions to Christian Potenza we should ask if he'd be willing to take a look at some ideas for season 5! Who is with me?

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