The TDWT trailers may be meant to throw us off! I mean if you look at the TDA trailer, they never showed anything that happened later than the first ten episodes, so how do we know what the finals will be like? And some shots just so happen to have groups of people together, that didn't make them the finals? I mean no trailer ever gave foreshadowing to TDA's final 2, so we can't assume things about TDWT's. I mean, we just don't know! All these predictions could be totally wrong! I mean wait for the tenth episode and see if there's still evidence to back up eliminations past Bridgette's. I remember the CN trailers of CN only showing tiny parts of the first ten episodes, maybe the 11th too, but that was all they gave away. And for all we know, the comebacks could be real or not because if it wasn't for the TDA flipbook revealing Courtney's comeback, we wouldn't have known. So we just need to wait for more episodes until we make more predictions. No offence people because I understand how hard you work analyzing these things, but you just need to slow down on it a little.

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