Remember how in TDI Heather made a lot of eliminations dramatic or exciting? Well that stopped in TDA when all of the eliminations became more predictable because Justin did a bad job as the "new Heather". Also they were just plane predictable anyway. And now that we have Alejandro, the eliminations are getting manipulated more again......I mean look at the facts so far, thanks to Alejandro Bridgette and Harold, two people who didn't deserve to leave that much at all were kicked off. Harold was tricked into thinking LeShawna would like him more if he left with "honor", so he quit. LeShawna was unimpressed, why am I not surprised? And flirting with Bridgette? So evil and manipulative. Stupid Chris for not letting her explain to her team that ALEJANDRO IS THE NEW AND IMPROVED MALE VERSION OF HEATHER, except he's wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better at keeping it SECRET unlike Miss Read Gwen's Diary, Have An Alliance Where I'm an Evil Dictator, and Try To Steal Someone's Boyfriend To Move the Game Along (guess who).I'm sure that a lot of eliminations will be caused by Better Justin's (Alejandro's) plotting. And LeShawna will be the next to figure this out because I remember in the first trailer LeShawna is seen with her parachute saying in a surprised tone "Alejandro is evil?????", so hers will be caused by him too. I wouldn't be surprised if all of Team Victory was eliminated thanks to Alejandro. They'd be the first team to be completely gone before the merge....great job Team Loses A Lot. I mean Lindsay could remember Tyler and possilby be saved from him because she's too concentrated on Tyler causing her to have the ability to stay in longer (please happen), but DJ.......Al could make him feel guilty about his animal abuse. Not to mention that Al could take control of his own team even and get one of them eliminated (most easily Izzy, probably for messing up a challenge like she does every season basically. Team Amazon? I have no idea if any of them can get easily manipulated, but I could get surprised. I say it'd be interesting for him to seduce Courtney so that in the Aftermaths when she yells at Duncan about Gwen he'll have a better argument thanks to Alejandro, if that even happens. Anyway, Alejandro is the main source of drama now, because proven by TDA the show is less dramatic when you only have antagonists who aren't smart enough to orchestrate complicated eliminations like Heather was able to. This could be better than TDI. Let's find out.

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