Throughout TDA I realized that even though the Grips lost basically all the time, most of them were in the competition for an extensive amount of time. It's as if the writers wanted the Grips to stay mostly intact so that no WHOLE team would get annihalated before the they did a lot of reward challenges and brought multiple Grips back and added Courtney to the team mainly for their main three members (Lindsay, Justin, and Beth) to have a good run in the competition, which they all did espeically Beth. And now look at Team Victory in TDWT. It looks like they get whipped out fast, doesn't it? Well shouldn't the writers give Team Victory the same kind of "protection" that the Grips had? Because to me, the Grips are an example that the writers don't like to have teams be completely annihalated so why does Team Victory seem to not get the same special treatment? I mean look at their similar losing patterns-

Killer Grips-

Episode 3- They lose, Izzy (E-Scope) leaves

Episode 4- They lose the challenge, no one leaves because it was an award.

Episode 5- They lose,Trent's gone

Episode 6 -Was an Aftermath

Episode 7 -They cut a deal with Gwen so they could win and Izzy returned giving them 5 members just like the Gaffers

Episode 8 -They lose again, but it's just a reward

Episode 9 -The second they're about to boot off Justin or Lindsay, DJ from the Gaffers comes along and gets eliminated instead

Episode 10- The Grips lose again, but it's just a reward, plus they have one more member than the Gaffers thanks to DJ.

Episode 11- They lose again and drop Izzy (should've been Justin in my opinion)

Episode 12 -Was an Aftermath

Episode 13- They get Courtney, and then they lose and drop Owen

Episode 14- FINALLY they win, but it's an award that Chef dropped into the tar

Episode 15- They win and the Gaffers drop Heather

Episode 16 ~MERGE~ Let's take a look at the teams' results....Let's see the Gaffers won 8 challenges and have 3 people left, while the Grips won 3 and have 4 people left......

Episode 17 - LeShawna who was a Gaffer is kicked off, that leaves 4 Grips and 2 Gaffers

Episode 18- Aftermath

Episode 19- Justin leaves which leaves 3 Grips left and 2 Gaffers

Episode 20- Reward which Lindsay (a Grip) won all by herself

Episode 21- Owen (a Grip) returns to the game. Courtney (a Grip) wins the challenge and invincibiltiy. Lindsay forms an alliance, if Owen didn't waste his vote on Courtney Duncan would've gone. But instead Lindsay voted for herself accidentally and Owen wasted the vote that could've saved his friend Lindsay from leaving. With Lindsay's departure and Owen's return there are 3 Grips left and 2 Gaffers.

Episode 22- Harold a Gaffer wins the reward. Non elimination

Episode 23- Harold (a Gaffer) leaves. That leaves 3 Grips and 1 Gaffer

Episode 24- Courtney and Owen (both Grips) leave, making the final 2 Duncan (a Gaffer) and Beth (a Grip)

Episode 25- Tie between Duncan and Beth

Episode 26- Aftermath/competition episode where Duncan (a Gaffer) wins. In the alternate ending Beth (a Grip) wins.

This shows that the Grips got special protection from the writers to not get completely annihalated by the writers. One of them was even originally planned to win until the fans voted for Duncan.

Let's look at our Team Victory predictions now

Episode 2- They lose the challenge. Ezekiel leaves.

Episode 3- They lose again. Harold leaves

Episode 4- They lose again. Bridgette leaves

O look! Half of their team left and both the other teams completely intact!

Episode 5- Reward. We don't have proof if they win or lose here

Episode 6- They lose again. LeShawna leaves.

Episode 7- Hey! It's just Lindsay and DJ! We have no proof of these two losing AGAIN yet, so we'll just have to wait

Hhhmm looks like the writers aren't into special treatment as much this season. While they protected the Grips from being fully whipped out, Team Victory is almost to that point! If Lindsay and DJ lose in episode 7 there will only be one person left on the team. It seems like the writers are giving Team Victory a hard time because of their losing while the Grips got away with it and had the upper hand in the competition anyway. Maybe some special loser *cough* GRIPS*cough* treatment will kick in for Team Victory. The kind of treatment I'm talking about is havong someone come back. This will most likely be Ezekiel or maybe Eva. Maybe even both. Let's see if Team Victory can lose again if the get angry, bossy, strong, competitive Eva helping them!

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