The majority of Team Amazon is constantly arguing. So when they lose a challenge, it'll be hard ot determine who to vote off. My prediction is that Courtney will be first to leave. The reasons for this are that Heather and Gwen didn't make it as far last season, Cody needs more screentime and has no serious conflicts, Sierra's a newbie, Heather may view Courtney as a bigger threat than Gwen and ask Sierra to vote her off aloong with her, Gwen doesn't like her anyway, and she tries to take charge of Team Amazon when no one wants her too. And she's the only person not seen in the Amazon from this team. I wouldn't be surprised by a relatively early eliminaton for her this season. Although she was seen with Duncan in the Niagra Falls, that could still be an early challenge. So that's my opinion on why Courtney is first to leave Team Amazon.

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