Has anyone ever noticed that in every season one team is the more important people then the other one is just, well the other people. I mean the Gophers were made up of the people with the most storylines in TDI, and then the Bass were less important and usually got less focus. But this wasn't much of a problem in TDA though beause I feel that in most episodes the teams normally got their fair share of story, but the Gaffers may have had just a little more in episodes like The Chefshank Redemption,One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Oceans Eight or Nine (despite not getting Courtney, they still got more spotlight anyway), and Million Dollar Babies. But that pales in comparison to how much more focus the Gophers got than the Bass and Team Amazon/Team Chris than Team Victory. I mean seriously I feel like for TDWT for the teams they made two of the most important people than dumped everyone else on Team Victory. They should have balanced out the main people and the fillers because it seemed ridiculous to eliminate a whole entire team before the merge and then have the other two be practically invincible, particularly Team Amazon who lost just one member before the merge! It just doesn't seem fair, particularly in TDWT. The other two seasons kind of evened out storylines most of the time.

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