So remember in TDA how Courtney was always in the theme song before her return? Well didn't that make her return obvious? The writers may be keeping Eva a well kept secret from us by NOT putting her in the theme song so she'll actually be a surprise. Yes, she may just be an Aftermath reporter at the beggining of the season, but she'll get very angry about not being in the game again like Courtney was. Since Eva's Miss Agressive Angry Body Builder Intimidating Chick she will scare everyone into letting her be in the season, and NOT need a lawyer *cough* like COURTNEY *cough* to get back in. And come on, Chris let her back into TDI to scare everyone and cause more drama, so why wouldn't he do it again? Chris loves pain and, trust me Eva can bring the pain! So that's why Eva may return.....hopefully on Team Victory so that she can make them win because LINDSAY is on that team!

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