This is inspired by Jjdel8895's blog, TDWT Special Idea, but with a few tweeks. This is what I want to happen for a TDWT Special. So all the contestants end up back on Total Drama Island after the Hawaii mishap because they were saved by a ship that the Producers sent to help them return to safety. Then it turns out that a lot of them had medical issues like Ezekiel, Heather, Alejandro, and Sierra, so they're promised spots on the next season so that they don't sue. Blaineley ended up being somehow rescued from the disaster and was let out of the full body cast.Then the remaining 21 contestants are asked to get into pairs for a challenge to choose who's continuing on in the show.


Bridgette and Geoff

Lindsay and Tyler

Duncan and Gwen

Katie and Sadie

Cody and Trent

Beth and Justin

Harold and LeShawna

Izzy and Owen (Owen was about to choose Blaineley but Izzy swiped Owen away from her)

Noah and Eva

Courtney and DJ

Once Chris sees that Blaineley couldn't find a partner he just automatically eliminates her.

So from there Chris divides them into two teams to do challenges to decide who goes on to the next season. The teams have names that combine team names from each season somehow, Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot is the only one that's not incorporated in any way.

The Screaming Amazons (people on the left)- Bridgette, Lindsay, Duncan, Katie, Cody, Beth, Harold, Izzy, Noah, and Courtney

The Killer Victories (people on right)- Geoff, Tyler, Gwen, Sadie, Trent, Justin, LeShawna, Owen, Eva, and DJ

The first challenge has two girls from each team compete, Bridgette and Lindsay from the Screaming Amazons and Gwen and Sadie from the Killer Victories. Bridgette and Lindsay win, Gwen and Sadie are eliminated

Next challenge is two guys from each team, Duncan and Cody from the Screaming Amazons and Geoff and Tyler from the Killer Victories, Geoff and Tyler win and Duncan and Cody lose (arguing) and are eliminated

Then it's girls again, Katie and Beth versus LeShawna and Eva, they tie so one girl from each team is eliminated (their team members vote off whoever messed up worse) so Beth is voted off the Screaming Amazons and LeShawna is voted off of the Killer Victories

Guys are Harold and Noah from the Screaming Amazons and Trent and Justin from the Killer Victories. This challenge turns out with only Trent and Noah advancing for the same reason Katie and Eva advanced.

Then the final partners challenge comes with Izzy and Courtney competing for the Screaming Amazons and Owen and DJ for the Killer Victories. Owen and DJ win and Courtney and Izzy are eliminated.

So the people who qualify for season 4 (or so they think) are Ezekiel,Heather, Alejandro, Sierra, Bridgette, Lindsay, Geoff, Tyler, Katie (crying because Sadie didn't make it), Eva, Trent, Noah, Owen, and DJ. Then Sierra objects to returning without Cody, and Katie tries to do the same for Sadie, but Sierra gets all agressive about wanting out and forces her way out to stay with Cody. So she gets out of the game. The thirteen who earned a return are then informed that they have to wait unitl season 5 because Chris wants to have a fresh cast.

As for the Aftermath Duncan and Gwen are hosting along with Courtney who was put on that duty at last minute (drama reasons of course), and Cody, Beth, Harold, Izzy, LeShawna, Justin, Sadie, Sierra,and Blaineley. This would serve as the Aftermath for season 4 and season 5 and in season 5 Sadie, Cody, Izzy,or Justin returns to the show (I think it should be Sadie because she never really got a chance on the show like the others, but they have more fans).

This is strictly my opinion of what the special would be like, any thoughts?

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