Leshawnafan and I have been having a conversation about this with all our ideas and stuff. Which led me to want to write this blog. Remember Team Victory, the team that failed because of DJ's animal curse? Well them letting the curse run and eliminate their team was a major offense against what I call The Unwritten Teams Rule. The Unwritten Teams Rule is NEVER ELIMINATE ONE WHOLE TEAM AT A TIME. I think TDI and TDA followed this rule beautifully, especially with the Grips in TDA by keeping their losing behinds in the game through a lot of reward challenges and returns. But Team Victory was a major rule breaker because having three teams in the first place seemed like a conspiracy to just get rid of them or something. That was cold. Here's a way that Leshawnafan and I thought of that would have obeyed the Unwritten Rule.

Switch Bridgette and Heather for the teams. Why? Well for one LeShawna and Heather could have actually developed their friendship from TDA (and have it not get ruined like it did in Slap Slap Revolution), and Lindsay and Heather could either become friends or have more conflict, and Heather could have been bothered with TxL like she was in TDI or something and then Lindsay wouldn't care and just defy Heather and not let her yell at her for flirting with someone from the other team. And Heather would have convinced the team to vote DJ off WAY earlier because she would have been way more annoyed with the curse and it letting the team lose so often. And Bridgette being on Team Amazon would have been good too because she's friends with both Courtney and Gwen, so at some point she'd have to choose between the two on who to vote with either when they hated each other at the beggining of the show or after Duncan showed up.

Or they could have had Lindsay and LeShawna alliiance up in Slap Slap Revolution and vote off DJ because Lindsay really doesn't care about Heather's well being and is LeShawna's friend. So that would have worked perfectly to keep them in for a little longer. Just up until Duncan's return at least and then they'd have him be on their team. Also they could have had one of them find Zeke in the cargo hold and then force him to rejoin Team Victory. That way the teams would have remained pretty fair, like in both TDI and TDA. So that's it for now, leave comments below with your thoughts, thanks!

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