Hey y'all! I've decided to make a fan-made total Drama story! But the twist is that the contestants are USERS on the wiki! I'm going to choose 13, who are the most active and friendly.


The 13 chosen contestants will compete in a Southern ghost town. There might be a little violent material (like people being bitten by an opossum), but it won't be horrible. There will be two teams: Cows and Horses. At the chosen time (undecided yet), I will be in chat for about 10 minutes. You must private message me your vote. The top 6 contestants will qualify for Season 2, in September/October. No bad language will be use. Even small words like cr*p or scr*ew (if they are there, I'll put stars or slashes in between the letters) Only minor rude words will be used, the worst being "idiot" or "stupid".


  • if you want to be a contestant, comment to the blog post and write, "I, (username), give Tyler Crusher permission to use me as a Fan-made TD contestant." It's optional, but I'd appreciate it, in case in of you guys try to sue me for using you 😂
  • If you're a contestant, you can't be block or banned from chat.
  • To vote who gets kicked off each week is yet to be decided. It will be in chat though.
  • Please don't fuss if you get kicked off. It spoils the fun.
  • Good luck!


Only users who still have remaining contestants can vote who gets kicked off. The voting will be done here (not this wiki chat). "Chris" will announce who and who does not get kicked off there. While "Chris" is talking, nobody is allowed to talk. When the person who is voted off is announced, they will have precisely one minute to say good byes, chat, etc. Once the minute is up, the user must leave and not return until the final two. If the person does not immediately leave after the minute is up, they will be told to leave. After that (10 seconds) the user will be kicked from chat. If the user comes to chat anytime between their kick-off and the final two, they will be banned until the final two. To vote, you must private message me the top three you think should be cut. The people you think should be kicked off receive a certain amount of points. You must say, 1st (person you think should be definitely kicked off) Gwen, 2nd Leshawna, 3rd Justin. Gwen would receive three points, Leshawna 3, Justin 1. All the votes will be counted and the person with the MOST points will be cut.

Other Vote Rules

  • You should have your votes copied, so you can paste them to me in private chat. You have 10 seconds to vote once you're there.
  • To determine who gets third, the person with the highest points added together from the WHOLE season gets cut.
  • To determine who wins, just vote who you think should be cut.

P.S. If you request to be a contestant, you'll probably be accepted. I'll message you on your wall if you make it.

Have fun! :))))))))















As you all probably have noticed, few girls are in the competition! What's TD without girls? So, I have made four female contestants.





Also, every one has a different personality.

SKYLANDER: Protagonist, cool

ItzLuigi: Antagonist, sneaky Cody: Protagonist, smart

Gogogadget: Bossy, Protagonist (female)

Jackofalltrades: Antagonist, but nice deep down, clever

Glen31: Dull, protagonist

Spongebob: Leader, slightly sarcastic, protagonist (female)

TDFan: Protagonist/Antagonist, always hungry, outsider and control freak

Bootylicous: Intravert, Protagonist (female)

Duncan99: Not very intelligent, protagonist

TDPISCARLETT: Protagonist, extremely nice

RWB: Pro/antagonist Arrogant

Jombokelley: Protagonist, not smart but not dumb

Zoe: Protagonist, quiet, smart

Jessica: Antagonist, arrogant, sexist

Sandi: Protagonist, flirtatious

Leslie: Protagonist, bossy

Good luck!


Name Placing Vote Placement
Jessica 17th 3/4
Dunk 16th 2/2


Chris: Hey there y'all! I'm Chris, although you probably already know. I've been brainstorming ideas for a new season of TD! I've finally found a new catch! Me and the producers have invited 13 users to our Georgia Ranch we're renting. Also, four other TD fans, who haven't been on the wiki. They've all wanted to be on Total Drama since several years ago! But we have mischief in store for them. They'll want to turn back at the start, but it's too late now! In this season, the users will discover that preforming the challenges is way harder than it seems. One user will win fame, and $1,000,000! But what about those other 16 contestants? Will they win? Will YOU win? Find out soon on Total....Drama....USER!

  • Theme song*

Skylander is the first to step off from the carriage of contestants, dragging his luggage behind him. "It's an honor to meet you Chris! I'm a huge fan!"

"Thanks, Skylander. I'm excited to see you compete," Chris says warmly.

Next to step off is Spongebob. (I'm going to give all the users nicknames) "Wow, I can't believe I'm here!!" she squeals. "Skylander?! That's you? I never thought I'd get to meet you guys out side of the wiki!"

Skylander and Spongebob shake hands and talk, while RWB drags a gigantic, thin rolling case out of the carriage.

"Hi Rai...What the heck is that?!"

"Believe me, you don't want to know," RWB sighs. "Nice to meet you dude." "Uh, yeah," Chris says cautiously.

Jessica comes out next, her chin up in the air.

"Hi, Jessica," Chris lies, in between his teeth.

"Hey, everyone look at me!" she screams.

Everyone outside the carriage stares at her.

"You are looking at the world record holder of Candy Crush Saga! I'm the BEST player out there! FOUR HOURS of hard work it took me to beat it. If I can do that, there's no doubt I can crush all you lose-"

"Hi Booty!" Chris interrupts, going over to her.

"Oh, uh.....hi," she says shyly, and walks past him, before he can say anything else. "Okay then." Next, Glenn comes out, with only a pillow and toothbrush.

"Uh, where's the cabin?" he asks, absentmindedly.

"We'll get to that later, but it's great to fin-"

"CHRIS, I HAVE A RECORD ON CANDY CRUSH!" Jessica crashes into him. "Okay, cool," Chris says, annoyed.

Next comes Jack, sunglasses on his tanned face. "Hey, Jack!" "Hi, dude," Jack says, setting his bag on the dusty ground. "Where do I put this stupid bag?!" "Where it is, for now," Chris shrugs.

"You hold it," Jack says stubbornly, shoving his tote into Chris' arms. Cody comes next.

"Hey there, Chris."

"Hi Cody," Chris says, struggling to hold Jack's tote in his arms. "I hope you're not as geeky as Cody from TDI!"

"Nope, most people think of me that way," Cody chuckles. "Here, let me hold that for you."

"Thanks," Chris says, gratefully.

Zoe comes out, her pink purse and phone matching her fancy dress and hair-ribbon.

"Hi Zoe," Chris greets, ready to stop the hellos and welcomes.

"Howdy Chris," Zoe says, gazing at the ranch. "Wow, this place is beautiful."

"Yeah, when the sun sets, it's like a gold mine above ground."

"Cool!" Zoe giggles, and walks over to chat with the other competitors.

Dunk (Duncan99) comes next, ten suitcases crowding his muscular arms. He walks right past Chris, hasty to put his luggage on the ground. Luigi comes next, a tomahawk in his back pocket. "You never know when you're gonna run into something big," he says, reading Chris' terrified face.

Next, Gogo comes out, a bandage on her forearm.

"Hey Gogo," Chris sighs, tired from standing in the sun.

"What happened to you?"

"Wasp. You're nose is longer than I thought it would be!"

Chris awkwardly inches back, as Gogo studies his face. After a few moments, she goes to join the group. Sandi skips out of the carriage, halting as she sees Chris.

"Hi there," she grins, getting extremely close to him.

"Woah, can you, um, back up?" Chris says, uncomfortable.

"Sure," she says. "Maybe we can go out to dinner some time."

"I'm like 10 years older than you."

"I know that," she nods, and walks away.

"Pyschopath," Chris shivers.

Jimbo comes out next, his suitcase with a broken wheel dragging behind him. "Where did you get that awful suitcase?!" Chris laughs, elbowing him playfully. Jimbo glares at him.

"I was just messing around."

Jimbo stomps off, carrying his suitcase this time. Scar comes next.

"Hi Chris! Oh my gosh, it's been my dream to meet ya, man. We should definitely keep in touch after we're done with this thing!"

"Sure!" Chris smiles, shaking his hand. Leslie comes out next, squinting at the sun.


"You really shouldn't wear those awful shorts!" she blabs. "Green doesn't go with black!!!"

"Uh, thanks for the fashion advice?"

"EXPERT, fashion advice," she corrects.

"The first 19 minutes, I could only get the red jelly beans. But after...." Jessica boasts, while everyone sighs in boredom. Last but not least, T-Fan comes out, sipping a coke.

"Hey, T-fan," Chris greets, closing the door behind him. "That coke good?"

"Yeah, want a sip?"

"N-no, thanks."

After ten minutes, Chris tells everyone to sit on a row of logs, surrounding a campfire and peach tree.

"This, is the kick-off circle!" Chris informs everyone. "Once every week, after the challenge, we will meet here after the votes are taken. Everyone who makes it receives a peach. The person who does not receive a peach will be kicked off. They must immediately walk to the corn field of shame, and get on the Tractor of Losers. And they cannot come back. EVER. Until everyone comes to watch the final two. And to make sure you leave, we have our bull, "Concho". He'll chase the tractor until you're off the property line. Clear?"

Everyone nods, except Jessica who is playing on her phone.

"Now, everyone hand over your phones." All of the girls gasp in horror, begging to keep them.

"If you look at section 9B62432 of the Total Drama User Guidelines, it CLEARLY states that competitors' electronics will be confiscated. Look at your copies for proof."

"But...but, how can I practice Can-"

"Seriously, if you keep this up, you're gonna be the first one to go," Spongebob warns.

"You're just jealous because you're not famous." "Calm down," Chris demands.

"Here," Zoe says, tossing her phone to Chris.

After everyone hands them over, Chris orders everyone into two groups.

"Skylander, Spongebob, Jimbo, Zoe, Jessica, Cody, Luigi, T-Fan, RWB - You're on the "Cows" team. Gogo, Jack, Sandi, Glenn, Booty, Leslie, Dunk, Scar - You're on horses.

"Hey, they have more people then we do!" Sandi noted.

"There are 17. Dumb-head," Glenn said under his breath.

"Hey! Never talk to a girl like that!" Sandi growled, sitting up from her log.

"It's already enough that we have to deal with boys!"

"Oh yeah?" Jimbo said. "Who opens the door for you when you go to a resturaunt? Who saves you from muggers?!"

"A superhero," Sandi scoffed. "Everyone, let's vote this guy off! You with me, girls?"

Nobody really responds, so Sandi, very embarrassed, sits back on the log.

"Sandi, if you're so confident, why are you so angered that we have one more competitor, when you can beat us all, huh?" Spongebob says.

"Enough gab!" Chris demands. "There are more rules to discuss! Come with me, everyone, to the cabins."

After a few moments, four small cabins are in view. They are surrounded by mud, and yucky water for five yards. As everyone gets closer, they realize the water is actually DEEP. Eight feet, and there are no trees within twenty feet of them, so they can't jump of of them onto the cabin.

"Cabin A is for the Cow-girls. Cabin B is for the Cow-boys. Cabin C is for the Horse-girls. Cabin D is for the Horse-boys."

"How are we supposed to get there?" T-fan inquires.

"Wade," Chris grins. "Watch out for the snakes."

"SNAKES?!" Gogo screams, jumping back.

"Don't worry, they're only six feet long."

"That's it," Jessica stamps her foot. "I'm leaving."

"Have a great walk," Chris says. "We're 40 miles away from any civilization. And thinking about trying to get kicked off? Just see."

"See what?!" Skylander asks.

"Well, the tractor ride is a little "unpleasant". It's kind of filled with rats."

Jessica glared at Chris.

"What? I'm just saying the rules!!!"

"Well, the sooner the better," Dunk mutters. He dives into the water, swimming to the cabin.

"Cold," he reports to the other competitors. Just then, he starts screaming like crazy. Within four seconds, he's out of the water.

"Snakes!" he said, pointing towards rashes on his arms. "It felt like nails hammered into my skin!"

"How do you expect us to sleep? I knew this would be hard, but why on the first day?" Booty says, crossing her arms.

"You'll find out soon enough," Chris promises.

"It's time for dinner. Come along, farm animals." After a three minute walk, everyone sees a cabin, the size of a small house.

"Food! Finally!" T-fan yells, and races into the cabin.

"Let me guess," Cody says. "Potatoes with mice tails on them. I can deal with it. I've been practicing eating disgusting foods for a few days."

"Nope. Worse."

Everyone screams in disgust as Chris opens the dinner cabin.

"Bacon with shrimp tails on top. Don't think about just eating the bacon, because it's all covered with thick layers spinach mushroom salad juice! For vegans, try our roasted sofa! The beverages we have are pond water."

"Is this, like, edible?" Scar says.

"No. Dig in." Everyone lingers back for a minute.

"First person there gets a chocolate bar." Everyone races in, but Chris locks the door quickly.

"Nobody leaves till they're done. Except the person who got the chocolate. They get to leave and come back anytime they please today." While Cody munches happily on his chocolate bar on the bench outside, everyone else reluctantly lined up so Chef Hatchet can serve them. Jack spots a box of bananas in the back of the kitchen, but cleverly looks away to dispose attention.

"Mayonnaise on your pond water, meh lady?" Chef asks Gogo. "Uh, no tha-"

"Sure ya do!" he says, plopping it on her cup.

"I don't know if I can even get second to last," Luigi says. "This food is a nightmare to me. I can't even imagine what it will be like in the final two."

Spongebob accidentally crashes in to Booty.

"Sorry," Spongebob apologizes.

"You better be, jerk," Booty sneers.

I'm never like this usually, Booty thinks, it must be these horrible living conditions.

"Excuse me, Bossy Boots?" Spongebob challenges. "Go lick an egg," Booty yells.

"You wanna go, Fishbreath?!" Spongebob says, grabbing Booty's shoulder. But Booty's too quick for her. She elbows Spongebob in the mouth. I can easily beat her up, Spongebob thinks, but I'm not a sheep. I'm a leader.

"Just go away," she says, wiping blood on her shirt.

"Wow, that must take a lot of patience," Skylander says. Spongebob turns around.

"Uh-uh, um, oh, uh th-th-thank you," she smiles. He's so handsome, she thinks.

Maybe we're meant to be together! Spongebob thinks excitedly. I've never felt this feeling before. But just then he accidentally steps on her foot, and pain outrages through her body.

"Ugh!" she says, crashing into a chair.

Maybe they weren't after all, she angrily thinks. The camp food is getting to my head. Meanwhile, Cody is eating his chocolate, grinning happily at the mouthwatering taste. But to his horror, he sees something green.

"Ugh, they accidentally put some of the spinach in here," he says, dropping the bar on the ground. But just then, it hits him. It wasn't spinach. It was an inchworm! Cody spat it out, wiping his tongue.

"I've eaten half the bar," he thinks. "That means I've eaten at least five!!!"

He screams, running in a circle, looking for something to clean out his mouth with. But it's hopeless. He feels things squirming around his esophagus. There's only one choice. He stuck his hand deep back in his throat, and he vomited it up. But the worms weren't there. Maybe he was just feeling the squirming because he thought they were inside of him. Then, he takes a good look at the first worm. It's a piece of gum. He whirls around to hear Chef Hatchet and Chris roaring with laughter, pounding with windows to regain consciousness. Zoe and Sandi giggle, banging the table with their fists. Tears of humiliation run down Cody's face. But just then, a plan comes into his mind. Perfect, he thinks. Just perfect.

"Wake up, wake up campers!!!" Chris yells, clashing pots and pans together.

"Uhhhhhhhh," Booty yawns. "Five (yawn) more minutes....."


"Shut up already!" Sandi screams.

In five minutes everyone is ready for breakfast. Surprisingly, Chef Hatchet has eggs and toast for breakfast. Waffles too. Spongebob yawns seven times while going to get some extra syrup, pouring it on her delicate Belgian waffles. Then, she crashes into Skylander.

"Oh, um, um, uh, h-hi Skylander," she says. He didn't mean to step on my foot, she thinks, Maybe we can be friends.

"Hi, Sponge," Skylander says without looking up, and walks away.

Spongebob is a little offended, but walks back to her bench. She's sitting with Jessica (unfortunately), Zoe and Gogo.

"Hi," Gogo says. "You're Spongebob right?"

"Yes!" Spongebob says, sitting down. "It's awesome to finally meet in pers-"

"Anybody play Candy Crush Saga?" Jessica brags, playing on her phone.

"Hey, you're not to supposed to be on your phone!" Leslie hisses. "If Chris finds out, you're gonna catch it!"

"He won't," Jessica says. "And if anyone says ANYTHING about this.....well, um, I'll vote you off!"

"Chris, Jessica has her phone!" Zoe says, grinning with triumph.

"Uh oh," Chris says. "Tsk tsk tsk. We have a punishment for electronic campers. Come on!"

Chris and Chef Hatchet laugh while dragging a screaming Jessica over to a group of ducks.

"When I win, I'm going to put you in jail for treating me like this!"

Then, all of the ducks scramble on top of Jessica, while she screams in agony as they dig their beaks into her body. Meanwhile, Jack slips behind the kitchen to get those candy bars.

"Piece of cake," he grins, and turns around just in time to see Booty with her hands on her hips.

"Um, hi?" he says.

"Give me half," she says, shortly. "Or you'll be a duck victim."

"Amusing threat. Couldn't come up with anything better?" Jack says, handing over around thirty to her.

"How was the chocolate last night, Cody?" Scar asks, cutting his waffle into sixths.

"Let's just say it "opened my eyes to something," Cody grins, biting a piece of toast.

"I don't wanna know," Scar sighs.

"I can't believe we had to sleep outside last night," RBW gripes. "The other seasons look so easy."

"News flash. We've been preparing - preparing equals harder," Luigi says, swirling his syrup around in the bowl with his fork.

"Hey, dude can I try out your tomahawk?!" Cody asks

"Sure," Luigi said. "But don't cut anything. Only look." "Okay!" Cody said.

Then he drops it onto the floor. It breaks into a million pieces.

"Heh, heh. Sorry 'bout that, bro."

"I paid $187 for Tommy! You're gonna pay....."

"Here, take my waffle!" Cody offers, shoving his plate over.

"This is chewed all up! I'm gon-"

"Campers, immediately come outside!"

Chris hollers, and everyone walks outside.

"Hello. Your first challenge is to build a bridge, so you can get to your cabin. I will judge both of them, and the winning team gets a thoroughly built, expensive bridge for their cabins. So. The Cows are going to work on A, the Horses on D!"

"Let's get some wood, it's over there!" Zoe says to her team.

"Wait just a minute. You can only use barbed wire, cardboard and poles for support. Go!"

"C'mon, get the poles!" Dunk yells to his teammates.

"What's the plan?" Booty asks, holding four ten feet long poles.

"Here's my plan," Glenn announces. "We tie the barbed wire in long strands from here to the cabin. Then we tape cardboard over it."

"We can't use tape," Booty said.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. Anybody else got any?"

", never mind," Dunk says.

"Tell us!" his teammates beg.

"Okay, but y'all will think I'm stupid. We take the longest strands of barbed wire and put them THROUGH the bodies of the poles. It will be wobbly, but it'll work."

"Not what I had in mind, but let's get started," Scar says, grabbing two poles.

"Hi, Dunk," Sandi grins. "You wanna have some dinner some time?"

"Let's not."

Meanwhile, the Cows are making a kind of zip line out of barbed wire and cardboard, which is kind of hard to explain.

"I'll test it," RBW offers. He slides across the barbed wire string with his hands (they cut off the the pointy parts) and is successful.

"Yay! That only took.....three hours? Wow, that went by fast!" Cody says.

"I'm surprised everyone helped out," Spongebob said (she'd taken on the leader role). "Even Jessica helped by getting the barbs off, using her experienced fingers!"

"I'm not arrogant or anything, but I don't think they stand a chance," Skylander says, smiling at Spongebob.

"Everyone! STOP THE CHALLENGE!" Chris demands.

The Horses miserably stepped back. Nothing was floating. The poles had sunk.

"Hmmm, the Cows actually made a zip line!" Chris says admiringly. "But the rules said it needed to be a bridge. So yay for the Horses!"

The Horses jump in joy, while the Cows uselessly try to coax Chris into letting them win.

"The only thing you'll win is a trip to the Kick-Off Circle!"

Now it's your vote! Skylander, Spongebob, Jimbo, Cody, Luigi, T-fan, RBW, Zoe and Jessica - vote on who you think should be kicked off.

"Tonight, a member of the Cows team will be eliminated," Chris says. "All of the contestants who are not eliminated will receive a peach. The competitor that does not receive a peach must immediately exit the kick-off circle, go to the cornfield of shame and leave on the Tractor of Losers. And you cannot come back. Ever."

"The first peach goes to.....Emma."







"Jessica and ItzLuigi are last. The last peach goes to......"


"WHAT???!!!" Jessica screams abruptly. "What the heck is wrong with all of you?! Idiots! You have no idea who you just messed with! I'm the Candy Crush Saga record-holder!!! You NEED me!"

Jessica is hauled away by Chef and Chris as the other competitors laugh.

"I'll sue your pants off! I'll destroy you! I'll murder all of you...." she squawks as she is taken away from the tractor.


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