Last time on TDU, all the campers had to search for a four leaf clover, which was actually kind boring. Emma and Sky had a war with some squirrels, but it was worth it when they both got invincibility along with the rest of their team! But Jack was never even noticed, and didn't get assigned a partner! Gogo and Jimbo got into a catfight about the clovers, but in the end it was Dunk who left aboard the Tractor of Losers, after savagely attempting to kill a baby boat so he could retrieve one of the clovers. This time, they all will go through a chaotic challenge and a devastating loss. Who will advance? Who will de-vance? Find out now on the newest episode yet if Total....Drama.....User!
~~Theme music~~

Episode 3: Musical Dorks

"For the last time, I did NOT steal your stupid lipstick!" Emma yelled.
"Shut up and stop lying!" Zoe accused, fire burning in her eyes.
"Even if she did, who cares? Plus, you're holding up the line," Cody sighed.
Breakfast today was chicken tenders covered with goat tissue salad. Few refused to eat, like Booty, but others uselessly tried to scrape off the tissue and eat the chicken.
"I think I know why Jimbo's not eating," Gogo grumbled. "He probably thinks that his food is moss - with those terrible eyes."
"Let it go," Emma said, exasperated, picking feebly at her food. "You didn't get kicked off."
"But what if I did?"
"You didn't."
"But what-"
"Shut up!!!" Scar said, face palming. "I don't even know if I can even make it, unless all the girls get kicked off first."
"Calm yourself, Scar," Chris said, standing on top of a chair. "Today the challenge will be kindegarten-ish. Musical Chairs!"
"Cool!" Jack said, grinning.
Jack: Okay, I might sound immature, but I used to play this game all the time when I was a kid. I got this, just see if I don't.
~~Confessional ends~~
"There's got to be a catch, you're thinking," Chris said. "Well, there is. The chairs have barbed wire, knives, nails, water and needles on them. The last three standing, or sitting, will get invincibility AND a lunch and dinner of your choice today, plus medical attention for your cuts. Chef, be a pal and bring out the chairs will you?"
Sky: My lawyer read through the whole contract and said it was cool. Must have fallen asleep or something. When I get kicked off or win, I'm gonna give him a knuckle sandwich.
~~Confessional ends~~
Booty: I don't care if I get stabbed in the rear end, but I'm getting that lunch and dinner. I will KILL to win this challenge!
~~Confessional ends~~
"Everyone, get ready, Chef, turn on the music!" Chris chuckled, rubbing his hands together.
"Jerk," Zoe growled.
The music was the theme song for TDI.

🎶 Na na na na....... 🎶 

The music stopped, and Emma sat down quick as a rocket on the seat. "AaaaaaAaaaaahhhh!" she screamed, bitterly refusing to sit up.
Sandi and Jimbo fought for a seat, but ultimately Jack pushed them aside and sat down. Eventually, Booty and Glenn were the last ones.
Glenn: That rat had better watch out. I'll get her next time.
~~Confessional ends~~
Booty grabbed Glenn by the neck and threw him into the wall, and sat down, cringing in pain.
"Ooh, Glenn. I expected better," Chris said. "Remove a chair."
Next, the music was on for about seven minutes before stopping.
RBW: This is torture. I mean, when watching the show it seems so much easier. Guys watching, don't be so smug.
~~Confessional ends~~
The music stopped. This time, Gogo was without a chair. Next, Leslie, then Sandi until five remained. Bowen, Jack, Jimbo, Zoe and Booty.
"Music change. The music is going to be Jaws. And speaking of sharks, the fifth and fourth players will only get roasted shark for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week!"
"I'm allergic to fish!" Zoe wailed.
"Then you'll have to have cardboard. Play the music Chef!"
Zoe: Cardboard? Seriously?! Maybe I should just ignore the allergy...."
~~Confessional ends~~
Dun, dun, dun, dun, duh duh. The remaining campers nervously walked around the four, perilous chairs. The music stopped, but Jack just fell on the ground.
"I can't take another seat on that thing!" he gasped, clutching his wounds.
"Okay then. Congrats to Zoe, Jimbo, Booty and Bowen! All but one of you will get luxurious meals for the rest of the day and medical stuff. To make this harder for y'all, we've put poison on to seats. When those knives impale you....yeah, not so good. Start the music!"
"I can't comprehend how evil you are," Zoe mumbled.
The music stopped and the remaining four campers struggled to get a chair. Zoe and Bowen fought for the last chair, punching each other violently in the faces and chests. Zoe coldly grabbed some barbed wire and slashed it across Bowen's face, sending him falling to the ground.
Zoe: Okay, I know what I did was wrong, but I was willing to do anything to dispose of anything in my way between cardboard and edible food.
~~Confessional ends~~
"Woah....that was intense," Chris said.
"I volunteer to be eliminated......need medication...." Bowen croaked.
"Bowen, don't!" Emma squealed.
"Made his choice!" Chris grinned, dragged him outside, and tossed him in the tractor.
"Bye guys...." Bowen gagged, as the tractor zoomed away.
"Wow. He had a great chance, and gave it up for a bit of pain. What a coward. What a hatchling," Sandi laughed.
"Oh, really?" Gogo grinned, grabbing some barbed wire. "Let's see!"

Note to Bowen: Sorry, Bowen! I randomly selected a person to kicked off next and you were it. But, I'm planning to make a second season and you stand a good chance of winning in that one! Any ways, congrats to the remaining 15 and stay tuned for the next episode!

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