Chris: Previously on Total Drama User....All of the TD contestants met each other finally! Booty blackmailed Jack to get some candy bars, but it doesn't look like she'll get want she wants. Cody swore he'd make a plan to get back at us, but we don't know if he's just bluffing. The challenge was to build a bridge to their cabin, and Emma took the lead for the cows. But their team wasn't successful and lost to the Horses. In the end, Jessica candy-crushed her way out of here, which I can't say was surprising. But what will happen next? Find out now on Total.....Drama....User!!!

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Everyone enters the breakfast cabin for breakfast. This time it's lobster - shells and claws - with spaghetti filled rolly pollies on top.
"I'm not eating this!" Sandi says.
"Breakfast is the most important part of the day! I need fuel for the day, and this stuff doesn't even have one vitamin!"
"Your pick," Chef says, shoveling a scoop of lobster claws onto Cody's plate. "Food or no food. But I'm surprised you guys hate this dish. I worked three hours on this."
Meanwhile, Scar is swirling the roly pollies around in his bowl.
"Is there a beverage?" Nobody really answers.
"I can't believe how great it is without Jessica," Glenn grins.
"That slug had it comin' to her," Gogo agrees.
"I was talking to Booty, not you," Glenn says. "This table is for horses only."
"So? I can join if I want!"
"Just because we're on opposing teams doesn't mean we can't get to know each other," Booty pipes up.
"But, I'm claustrophobic," Glenn gripes.
"Then why are you sitting with us?" Dunk demands.
"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to let you sit with us one time," Glenn says through his teeth.
"Thanks, but I'll be sticking with my real friends," Gogo says, and walks back to her original table.
"Good going, Glenn," Scar growls. "Now you're making us look bad."
"Yeah, you're a jerk," Sandi says lamely.
"Uh huh," Leslie says without looking up.
"I have no idea why y'all are against me," Glenn sighs, holding his nose while he forces the lobster down his throat.

Meanwhile at the Cows table:
"You stole it!" Zoe accuses. "You knew it was my favorite!"
"Why in the world would I want green lipstick? It doesn't even match my skin color!" Emma defends herself.
"Girls are still weird to me," Sky murmurs under his breath.
"Hey, Luigi!" Cody says across the table.
"I made you a new tomahawk out of wood from the tree near our cabin!"
"Wow, thanks dude!" Luigi says gratefully. "Looks great!"
But the second he picks it up, it breaks into fourths. Luigi stares in shock, while Cody desperately tries to fix it.
"Oh my gosh," Jimbo says, inching away.
"Who else would've taken it?" Zoe asks, sticking her nose into Emma's face. <br"Jessica probably," Emma says, trying not to be intimated by Zoe's glaring look.
"Campers! Settle down. It's time for me to explain the next challenge!" Everyone whirls around to hear Chris.
"Okay. Today's challenge is find.................….a four leaf clover! You will split into teams of two. The team who finds the most clovers will win invincibility. However, the team that has the least total amount of clovers found will lose the challenge and one of their members will be kicked off. They can never come back. Never. Nuh uh. Never. Never. Ever. Never ever.
Never, nev-" "When the heck do we start?" Sky says.
"After I announce the pairs," Chris announces. "Emma and Sky. Jimbo and Gogo. Zoe and Cody. Luigi by himself. As for the Horses. Scar and Booty. Dunk and Sandi. Leslie and Glenn. On your mark...get set...go!" Everyone waits a few moments, obviously thinking it should have started a little later.
"Go already!" Everyone soon is wildy trying to find their partners, and racing over to the nearest patch of clovers.
"Why don't I get a partner?" Luigi says.
"Because life is tough," Chris says.
"Ugh!" he growls and heads off with the others.


"Explain to me again why I'm the only one doing the work?!" Cody says to Zoe, who is tanning on the grass.
"Um, I forget."
"Well, don't forget! I haven't even found one clover yet and I've been working for an hour!"
"Hey, here's one!" Zoe squeals in joy. "Look!" Cody stares at the clover in disbelief.
"I was sitting on it," she explains. "Cody, why can't you work hard like me? If we don't work together we won't find any."
Cody turns as red as a crabapple, but continues to search.

"No. No. No again. Nope. Ugh, this is miserable!" Luigi screams. "I'm just gonna take a break. The sun's scorching my back."
"Break, huh?" someone says.
"Wait, JESSICA???!!!" "I'm back! I'm going to punish you! Mwahahaha!"
Luigi jerks awake.
"How long did I sleep?" he wonders, looking at his watch.
"FORTY MINUTES???!!!" He uselessly scavenges for a clover, while the time swiftly ticks by.

Meanwhile, Emma and Sky are searching by the woods.
"Wow, I can't believe we found three! Great eyes," Sky compliments.
"Oh, well, you helped a lot," she says shyly. "Oh look, a squirrel! It's so cute!"
The baby squirrel comes over to them, it's cheeks filled with nuts. Then it sinks its teeth into Emma's forearm.
"YAAAAAHHH! GET IT OFF!" she yells, while she yanks the squirrel by its tail.
"More!" Sky reports. The trees are swarmed with the things, jumping in and out of bushes and leaping on top of Sky and Emma.
"It has one of the clovers!" Emma shrieks.
Sky swings a branch at the one with the clover, but it dodges and attempts to scramble up a tree. This time, Emma hurls a rock at it, knocking the breath out of it.
"Abort mission!" Emma screams, and the two run away back to their cabins, with the furry rodents chasing them.

"For the last time, that is a piece of MOLD. Clovers have roots, you dumbell!" Gogo yells at Jimbo.
"Nah, it's a clover," Jimbo promises. "Besides, it's so beautiful."
"I'm ending this madness," Gogo declares, squashing the mold with her boot.
"What the heck is your problem?! That was the only four leaf clover we've found!"
"It was MOLD," Gogo stamps her feet.
"You know what? Find it yourself. I'm going to take a nap in my cabin."
Gogo's blood literally boils in anger.
"I'm voting you off, unless you get back here RIGHT now and help me!"
"Not gonna happen."
Gogo: Okay, if this idiot is gonna keep givin' me a hard time, I'm not going to fall down to his level. Nuh uh. And why the heck did we get paired up? We're not even on the same team!!!
Confessional ends
Jimbo: Why look for clovers when a girl can find them for you?! I doubt she'll even find one though. Girls are brainless. Wait, my mom isn't watching this right?!
Confessional Ends
Meanwhile, Jack is sitting on the bench outside his cabin. Chris never announced my name, he thinks, everyone is leaving me out. I bet I'll be voted off tonight. Well, at least I found one four leafer.

"Dunk, any near that moss?" Sandi inquires, searching through a gigantic pile of clovers.
"No. This thing is probably rigged. I mean, we've been searching for a lifetime. We're bound to come across one soon, but I bet we've looked at ten thousand different ones."
"Don't move," Sandi whispers.
"You're kidding." He slowly turns around to see a wild hog, snuffling through a patch of clovers.
"They ALL have four leaves!" Dunk gasps. "C'mon, we have to kill it!"
"Are you crazy?! It's not bothering anybody!" Sandi says.
"I'm not letting a scrawny little pig ruin my chances of being a millionaire."
Dunk races for the pig, but Sandi trips him and his face crashes into the mud.
"Get away from me!"
"Whoops, looks like it got away!" Sandi grins.
"Jerk," Dunk mumbles.
Glenn and Leslie aren't going well, similar most of the other competitors.
"This is the most boring challenge in the history of TD," Leslie groans in exasperation.
"There's a one in a thousand chance of finding one, let alone two."
"Maybe we should give up," Glenn hesitates. "I mean, I'm not lazy or anything, but I'm not going to break all my bones just to find a tiny special weed."
"I agree," Leslie says. "But if word gets out that we quit, it's probably going to be me who goes home."
"You?" Glenn says surprised. "I'm the one who everyone hates! I'm probably gonna get kicked off."
"Not if we find a clover," Leslie offers a small smile. "I think you stand a high chance of winning."
"Really?" Glenn says.
"Actually, I guess what you said about getting kicked off soon might get true," she says, looking down at her feet.
RBW and Bowen are helplessly looking for a clover. No hope.

Bowen: What's the point of this challenge?! I'm outta here. Can't wait to be kicked off...
*Confessional Ends*

Everyone has returned from their huntings.
"Everyone turn in your clovers!" Chris instructs. "And Jimbo, why do you have mold in your hand? And wait, what happened to Jack?"
Everyone looks around, but he's nowhere to be seen. "Hmm, oh well. Cows win!"
"Yeah!" Emma screams.
"This is your fault!!" Gogo roars at Jimbo, but he just walks away.

Chris: Now it's your turn! Vote on who gets kicked off from Team Horse! Specifically, Gogo, Booty, Glenn, Dunk, Sandi, Jack (don't vote him off just because he was barely mentioned) and Leslie. Vote tonight or tomorrow night at 8:00 PM EST. Who will make the cut? Who won't? You choose!

  • Kick off circle*

Chris: You have all cast your votes. The person leaving us is....Dunk."
"WHAT?!" Dunk croaks.
"Sorry," Chris shrugs.
"But the rest of us didn't get marshmallows," Leslie pipes up.
"There are going to be some changes now," Chris says, grinning. "First of all, teams have been dissolved. We were going to do this in the final five, but we decided to cut to the chase. Plus, the producers can't keep track of who's on which team. Second, the producers will decide who gets voted off. You guys haven't been voting properly."
"But...but, this is nothing like a normal season!" Booty gasps.
"Yeah, every season is different. This one's especially different. Lastly, you guys aren't going to be kicked off once a week. It depends on the type of schedule. We could have three challenges/episodes in one day, or once every seventeen days. This way you're all less prepared. See ya, Dunk."
Dunk, stunned, slowly walks over to the tractor of shame and is hauled off. "If nobody was voting properly, why did he get voted off?" Cody says, squinting his eyes.
"Stop quizzing me," Chris says. "The next challenge will be soon. Good luck!"

Note from me: I have already planned out all the eliminations for the season. I might change it a little, but it depends on activity. People like Cody or Sky for example have a high chance of winning, based on their activity. Users who have not edited in the last month will not be considered to be a winner.

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