Hey y'all! Over the past few weeks, I've been working on a Total Drama fanfic idea! I love planning it, but writing it would get a little boring. So I've come up this this idea! In this fan fiction (Totally Drama Theme Park), everybody writes an episode of it! For example, User A would write the first, User B the second, and an awesome story would be created! I'm still working on it, but I'll update asap. Sign up in the comments if you're interested please!


  • I will tell you who needs to be eliminated in the episode, BUT the writer of that episode gets to pick all the other things! They could make the character be eliminated in sudden death, fairly, or unfairly!
  • If someone starts a friendship, alliance, etc, don't just end it when it's your turn to write; everyone has their own ideas, and you need to respect them. You are aloud to end alliances and relationships that other people wrote, but don't do so abruptly.
  • Any curse words are forbidden. You may use rude words occasionally (such as stupid, idiot, heck), but do not use any words that aren't in Total Drama episodes.
  • If you don't write the elimination that you were told to write, then I will contact an admin to delete the blog post.
  • When writing your episode, please do not throw something together in a minute. When it's your turn to write (if you sign up), you have a whole week to write it. Only five minutes a day will create a great episode.
  • Do not make eliminated characters return without permission.
  • Please focus on all the characters in your episode, so that they'll all have better character development.


  • Pete: A tall guy with long ref hair and a fake eye patch. He is obsessed with pirate stuff, and tends to speak in that kind of voice; but he's also loyal to his teammates, and although can get on your nerves, has good intentions.

  • Troy: A guy with brown eyes and slick back, black hair. He's friendly, although he can't put up with stupid people or stupid ideas. Rarely do people learn to know his true personality, since he often follows the crowd, even when he thinks the complete opposite.

  • Angus: A small black guy, who has glasses and freckles. His spunky and friendly personality assures that he'll quickly have many friends. He's very clumsy, and sometimes is just nowhere to be found.

  • Xander: Xander is a guy with buzzed blonde hair, and a muscular build. He's a little boastful, and thinks he's smarter then he is, often calling people "morons". He's a good team player, which makes up for his smug attitude.

  • Diego: Diego is a Mexican guy, that looks similar to Dave. He does not really like people very much, even though he's not antisocial. He's reluctant to be here, has a bad attitude, and much more. Most of this is because his parents forced him to participate in the show. However, with some patience and time, he can easily become a fan-favorite.

  • Brad: Brad is a brown haired, brown eyed guy, with a white baseball cap on. He also has a Southern accent, and has a bronze colored guitar that he never lets out of his sight. He's nice, though a little strange, and tends to play his guitar to soothe everyone's troubles. Just don't touch his guitar, because he'll.....well, just don't touch it.

  • Nemo: Nemo is a tall skinny guy, with short brown hair, and a dopey look on his face. He's a little feminine, and is very academically talented, but not street-smartly or physically. He sometimes brags about his smarts, much to everyone's exhaustion. Overall, he's a geek.

  • Suzanne: Suzanne is a red headed, hazel eyed girl who is super skinny and a little goofy. She is very encouraging, and often hugs her friends for support. She is intelligent and is not crazy, but her unbelievable friendliness makes her look like she has a screw loose. But a bad thing about her is being nice to the other team.

  • Whitney: Whitney is a friendly, sweet dark skinned girl with braids. She's an animal lover and would rather save an ant's life then win a challenge. She loves horses most, and has several riding awards.

  • Trisha and Gabbi: Trisha and Gabbi attend the same high school, but Trisha's the one that's always wanted to be on TD. However, her aggressive, bipolar and highly competitive mood would never get her far in the show, so she's using shy and smart Gabbi, to make her look better, and have a slave. Trisha will easily betray Gabbi to get farther in the game, but Gabbi secretly believes that she has a chance of winning.

  • Zeke: He's basically a male Heather, only a hundred times worst. He's sexist, charming and will do anything to win. He can mentally destroy his opponents, but is clever enough to do so not in front of the cameras. He'll fake being nice to the nicest competitors, so that he'll look good. But if he makes it to the teams merge, he'll go all out evil.

  • Jenna: Jenna is a female jock. She's on good terms with almost everybody, but doesn't go out of her way to be a great friend. She's probably the prettiest girl, but doesn't care much about beauty; kind of like a half-tomboy. She spends most of her time running, which will come in handy for her team.

  • Sonja: No, not Sonya, but Son-J-a. She's a fashionable blonde with brown eyes, and almost always has bright res lipstick on on her giant mouth. She blabs a lot, and occasionally shows out by taunting weak competitors. She isn't fond of guys, and often goes out of her way to show them that she's better then then, even though they don't even care. She's also greedy, and a little bossy.

  • Gretchen: She's a blonde, with her hair always in a tight, long braid. Born in the country, she knows how to shoot and has a friendly personality, although she won't her enemies get the best of her. Because of this, she practices shooting almost every day, and is not grossed out by gory situations like most girls.

  • Gabriel: Gabriel is a British guy with blonde hair and freckles. He always speaks with an accent, and holds his head high. His formal attitude annoys most people, but everyone likes his good manners.

  • Kiki: A girl with braces, glasses and her hair in braids, and isn't the brightest star in the sky. She has a jump rope national record of 70,825 jumps, and constantly practices. She's super friendly, but this makes her a target for unfair alliances, which makes it unlikely that she'll get the prize.

  • Dakota: (Not to be confused with movie star Dakota) is a quiet dark haired girl, almost always wearing sweatpants. She is an introvert, so people do not usually find out how nice and caring she is. Deep down, she wants to be a rock star, but her quiet ways prevent her dreams from coming true.

Remember to sign up!!! It's a rotating fan fiction, so everybody gets to write an episode!

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