Hey guys, TylerWebkinzFan here...again. Anyways, Pahk'd With Talent just aired in Canda today, and (mostly) everyone was happy when this moment happened:

So long Sugar

But, we're down to Shawn and Sky, the final two of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island! Now, the official winner is the Canadian winner, and the past respective winners were Owen, Duncan, Alejandro, Cameron, and Mike. Let me guess, Shawn's gonna win because Canada loves male winners...for...some reason. Anyways, I have nothing against Shawn, it's just that Canada needs to lay off on the men and choose a girl to win officially for once, jeez. Anyways, who do you think will win in Canada: Shawn or Sky? Let me know in the comments. ;)

November 20th, 2014 Update

Alright y'all, the finale is tonight so I hope you guys voted who you wanted to win. Anyways, after the Canadian version of Lies, Cries and One Big Prize airs, then I will talk about my thoughts on the winner. P.S: Thank you for 199 comments! It means a lot! :D

And the winner is....



NO ONE expected her to win. Some people did have faith in her, though. Well, we can all confirm now Canada isn't sexist. I prefer Shawn's ending better, but what the heck? At least that's over with and let's hope for Total Drama Presents: The Ridoncoulous Race to be good.

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