Yeah, it's me again. Hopefully you guys like this blog, anyways off topic. The last final two from the first generation cast was Heather and Alejandro in Total Drama World Tour, which was four years ago. If you don't include Sierra and Alejandro from the "original" class, then it was Beth and Duncan from Total Drama Action, which was five years ago. When's the next first generation final two exactly? Well, in my opinion it should be Courtney vs. Lindsay, not only because they're the next two in the Contestant appearance table, but they have such good interactions with each other, and an enjoyable final two. People may say Lindsay has no chance due to being too much of an idiot, but hey, Lightning made it to the final two in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, so I guess it can happen.

Lindsay will drive

Now, here's my question to you guys...who should be the next final two from the first generation cast? Let me know in the comments section. :)

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