After my success with my last blog, I decided to do another one, antagonist version. I realize I haven't finished that list yet, but I will in the near future. Who I consider antagonists are Heather, Justin, Courtney, Alejandro, Scott, Mal, Scarlett, and Sugar. Without further ado, let's get started.

8. Mal

Mal was an awful antagonist. Would did he do anyways? He broke stuff and caused Alejandro's elimination, and that's it. Seriously, you consider yourself super evil? No. he was an awful antagonist in an awful season. Also, he had creepy music and a sinister voice to him, and that makes you awesome right? WRONG! If he did more evil stuff he would've earn my respect. A lot of people can agree with me on this one, or they think someone else along the line is worse.



We were all expecting something good, something amazing...instead we got this. The reset button. Oh, wow, that was SO clever. No one with multiple personalities has a reset button in their mind. No wait, let me just reset everything in my life with a reset button. I was happy he was gone, and the best news is that he's most likely dead.

7. Justin

The problem with Justin is that I didn't really notice he was much of an antagonist. Sure, he tricked people in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, and that was pretty entertaining. He was entertaining in Total Drama Action, but not in an antagonist like way. He felt sort of like an anti-hero. Yeah, at the bottom of the list for not feeling like an antagonist, in my opinion.


File:Justin Lost.jpg

This was awesome. At first, Justin was safe and Duncan was going to go home. I was like, "That stinks", but Duncan was safe and Justin went home. I LOVED when he got eliminated. Everyone loved when he got eliminated, mainly because he was kind of annoying. And, I can agree with that, even if he was quite an entertainment.

6. Scott

Scott right

Courtney was originally going to be here, but then I realized about Scott. Scott isn't a likeable antagonist, and he was my least character in TDROTI. But, he did some villainous stuff, like caused B's, Dawn's, and Mike's elimination. That's why he's higher on the list than Mal and Justin. He actually did some villainous stuff, unlike those two. Mal needs creepy music and Justin needs his looks. When Scott became the comic relief antagonist in Total Drama All-Stars, I was pleasantly surprised. I was also thought he'd get third place in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.



Yes, this was pretty satisfying. Not only did the Toxic Marshmallow go INTO his cast, he was hurled with his worn enemy, Fang. I was Fang's side the entire time they had their conflict in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. But, when he got hurled I was so relieved he didn't get third or make it into the finale. In the finale, I guess you kind of feel bad for him, but once you really think about it, he kind of did. What he did was wrong and that was great karma for him.

5. Courtney


Courtney is only one spot higher because I had forgotten about Scott, so here she is. I didn't mind her at all in TDI, but in TDA she was SO annoying and reminded me of Veruca Salt a bit, especially in Get a Clue. She had debuted in the middle of TDA, which I thought shouldn't have happened. She was annoying, but she managed to prove herself as antagonist, by causing some eliminations. Also, she won a lot of challenges in TDA as well. In TDWT, I didn't like her either. The way she treated Gwen as frenemy was kind of annoying. She also did this in TDAS.



Yeah, mostly everyone was looking forward to this, after all she was being so whiny and mean and cruel to everyone. And, I think the writers handled this pretty well. I also LOVED when Owen got eliminated with her, which was even more awesome that went along with an awesome episode.

4. Sugar

Sugar blind

Wow, I surprised when Sugar was one of the antagonists in TDPI. I thought she was going to be very underrated and be similar to Sadie a bit. She was so HILARIOUS! Oh my god, she is awesome! Don't worry, I love Ella too, and Ella is higher than Sugar on my rankings anyways. Sugar caused Ella's and Jasmine's eliminations. She caused Ella's by making an "ug"-nominous note about it, and Jasmine's by leading her into the tree. I honestly want to see mor of her in the future, and have some interactions with Leshawna and Anne Maria. Oh my, that would be so interesting to watch!


So long Sugar

I was happy, along with everyone else who saw this episode. Her craptry was hilarious, but it ultimately failed, causing her to be eliminated. This was satisfying and hilarious. And I think we can all agree that if Sugar was in the finale, (and won) we would've lost faith in the writers. But, no, they did this, and thank god they did...or else everyone would be furious!

3. Scarlett


So, a lot of people will disagree with me. It's only my opinion. So, Scarlett is #3 because she slowly turns into an "antagonist" In the first episode she looked like an elimination fodder. In the next two episodes, she help Max a bit. In the next two, she starts to dislike Max. In the next two, she starts to HATE Max, and in the next episode, she started acting villainous towards Topher a bit and later figured out the island a machine, and shows her true form in the last episode she's in.


File:Max & Scarlett CoS-0.png

She had fallen for a Chris promo bot by Max, (which is kind of bad for her) got tied up by Sugar, and the island stopped exploding by Sky. Then, she was in the cannon, obviously and had gotten marshmallows thrown at her. She honestly could've stayed longer. And, they also added in Max, because would Max do without Scarlett? Well, this downfall was satisfying too, but if she would've stayed until like third place, she would've been better and a more exciting downfall.

Honorable Mentions

Jo- Not a main antagonist, but she did a few villainous things, and was very bossy and rude.

Eva- An angry version of Jo, but she was very enjoyable her main role as an antagonist was in No Pain, No Game.

Lightning- Didn't became an antagonist until Eat, Puke and Be Wary, and was hilarious all before that.

Max- Was all over evil, but isn't an antagonist at all.

2. Alejandro


Alejandro blew me away. I had no idea what to expect from him. I thought he was gonna another Justin, but be, well better. He was so awesome! He caused Bridgette's, Leshawna's, DJ's, and many more eliminations. And his romance with Heather is so awesome! I hated him at first, and adores when Heather kicked him, but after rewarding it, I really did enjoy him. In All-Stars, he's pretty cool, I have do idea why he got a new voice was so weird, but I got used to it.



I didn't see this post-credit scene when I first watched this, but when I found this scene on YouTube, I found it kind of dark, I don't know why I did, but I did. Alejandro most definitely deserved it, and I was so happy that he eventually had his downfall. In Total Drama All-Stars, I think we all knew that Alejandro was in the robot suit. Once he did, some sharks bit the suit and he just rose above and he just smiles and winks at us. I don't know how to feel about that scene.

1. Heather


She is the most iconic villain in the Total Drama series. She is SO awesome! I mean, she caused several eliminations, and some weren't even in her antagonist season, TDI. She caused Duncan's elimination in TDWT, but that was along with Alejandro, and believe me those two are one of the best couples on the show. I hated her at first, but easily grew to be one of my favorites. I mean, she kind of like an antihero in TDA, the main protagonist in TDWT, and a very minor antagonist in TDAS. Overall, she just awesome, but her downfall, oh her downfall.


Heather chris

SO iconic! This was awesome, satisfying, and I love the reactions to Gwen, Owen, everyone at Playa Des Losers, and the squirrel. I would like to mention that Lindsay caused all this to happen, which is why she's easily one of my favorites as well. Heather was bald in TDA due to this, and her hair was in a short ponytail in TDWT. I mean, there's no way anyone will forget this moment in Total Drama EVER!

Thank you all SO much for reading, and if you have any other suggestions for top lists, feel free to ask. There's Top 12 Finalists, Top ? Elimination Fodders, or Top 13 couples, or just make up something up! Down below are my other blogs and my extensions, so feel free to those out. Like I said, thanks for reading!

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