...vs. Samey

Alright, this is my first versus blog. Anyways, I've decided to compare between Lindsay and Samey, because I thought these characters would be compared nicely I guess. Both of these girls are similar in many ways. First, they were both bossed around by someone. Heather for Lindsay, as for being in an alliance, and Amy for Samey, for treating her miserably over the years. The next thing is that they both snapped/stood up for themselves at one point, with Lindsay in That's Off the Chain! and Samey in Twinning Isn't Everything.

The final question is: Who is better? In my opinion, it's Lindsay, but not by much. Lindsay is #1 on my rankings, while Samey is #2. Now, in the comments say who you think is the better character. P.S: THIS IS A DISCUSSION BLOG NOT A VOTING BLOG.

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