Total Drama All-Stars is a season that, well most everyone hates. How could it have been better? Well, sit back, relax, and here how I think Total Drama All-Stars could've been better.

1. Different Cast Choice

Yeah, this one of the many problems with All-Stars. It's just that cast picking wasn't exactly the best. For example, Sam. Yeah, Sam could've and should've been replaced by Brick. Sierra could've been replaced with Leshawna, and since Cody wasn't even in this season, there wasn't much point of her being there. So, my teams would've been whether you hate them or not:

Heroic Hamsters: Mike, Zoey, Cameron, Lindsay, Leshawna, Brick, and Gwen

Villainous Vultures: Courtney, Alejandro, Heather, Scott, Duncan, Jo, and Lightning

The reason why Alejandro is here instead of Sierra, since they both only competed in Total Drama World Tour and this season is because Heather is here. Yeah, if there was a another season were first generation can compete, Heather is most likely going to be in that season.

2. Better Villain

Mal Confessional

A lot of people can agree on with this one too. Well, if they wanted to make someone, like Mike be a villain, at least do it right. Cause some eliminations why don't you? Mal seems like a super villain. HA! No. He broke stuff and caused Alejandro's elimination. Justin even managed to cause people such as Gwen's and Trent's eliminations, and possibly some more in Total Drama Action. Mal was a huge disappointment and could've been a lot better.

3. Better Elimination Order/Finalists

Mal vs Zoey

Yeah, not a good choice for finalists.

Yeah, in my opinion Lindsay shouldn't have been eliminated first and Mike and Zoey should've been the finalists. You could've made Sam interesting by at least merging and make him, I don't know...DO STUFF! Same goes for Lightning and Jo. Lightning was in the finale last season, and Jo made it far. Make them at least merge. Also, it would've been better if it were a first generation vs. second generation finale. That would've been better than Mike and Zoey by a long ways away. Plus, I didn't think it was necessary to have the remaining contestants float off in balloons. Especially ones filled up by Owen.

4. Better Jokes

Please don't make Total Drama a little kids show! It was perfect in Total Drama Island, like when Lindsay swore to Heather, yeah instead we got this:


Yeah, I wasn't impressed. Can you please come back to the tween-ish period like the middle finger censors and words such as "crap", "sucks", and "friggin"? Total Drama: Pahkitew Island didn't really even have that. However, I think I heard somewhere that Julie Giles said that Ridonuclous Race will bring back this stuff.

So, that's it for now. If you have any other things that I didn't mention that could've made Total Drama All-Stars better, leave it in the comments section. Thanks for reading! :)

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