Alright, so this blog is an interesting one. First of all...what's a fodder? Well, they're people who get kicked off early and is used against the antagonist, didn't help in the challenge, annoying, etc. But everyone knows the main protagonist of the season is a finalist or the finalists. (Gwen, Owen, Beth, Duncan, Heather, Cameron, Mike, Zoey, Sky, Shawn) Some examples for fodders are: (Ezekiel, Eva, (before her return) Noah (in TDI), Justin, (TDI) Staci, B, Dawn, Lindsay, (TDAS) Beardo, Leonard...) The list goes on. But here's a question...

What if the fodders were the main protagonists and the main protagonists were fodders? Would that be good or bad? Because we didn't know much about the fodders and if the main protagonists were the fodders, we wouldn't get to know them at all. So...what are your guys' thoughts on this? Leave them down in the comments section. :)

--Now if you excuse me, I have to use the bathroom... 21:55, September 5, 2014 (UTC)

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