Hey guys, another blog. You guys sick of them yet? Ok, don't answer that question.... Anways, I made a blog stated about which contestants stayed way too long. There have been a lot of complaints about some people making it to the finale, or blah, blah, blah. Anyways, this blog could also be called "Contestants Who Floated", but this title sounded better. So, here are the people who I though made it too far, or floated pretty much.

TDI: Owen He won hardly any post-merge challenges, he was only in the finale because he was the writer's pet.

TDA: Owen -_- He's here again, because his return was pointless and him getting 3rd place irritated me a lot.

TDWT: Cody He was just carried by Sierra the entire time.

TDROTI: Scott A fail antagonist in this season that I expected to be an early out.

TDAS: Cameron Ed McDonald. Enough said...

TDPI: Topher Even though he placed 8th, he still floated.

What are your guys' opinions on this? Let me know in the comments section. Peace. :)

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