Hello, I'm here with a blog that is most likely to take up some time..Average Overall Rankings. If you're confused what I'm doing, I will be averaging out as much canon Overall Total Drama Rankings as I can, so we can get a nice consensus on how the average person would rank the characters overall. I saw Codyfan12 do this a year ago with the first and second generation characters, taking the rankings that people had on Deviantart and here also. People's opinions have most likely changed, so I decided why not do this? I hope this kind of blog is legal..if not please delete it as soon as possible. I'll be searching through the wiki for as much rankings as I can gather. If you want your rankings to be averaged out as well, don't be shy to make a comment and link your rankings. :) I'll probably do a certain number of rankings that I think will be suitable enough, whether it would be 20, 30, or 50. I hope this will be a fun result once I think I have enough. I hope this blog avoids all the drama this wiki has been having lately, so that we can do something fun. Anyways, I think that's about it until I'm finished. I'll see you back on here when I have some results. Thanks :)



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