Scott-is definitely a good competitor but the producers will not Make him 4th twice in a row,he will probably get 3rd place!He definitely got too much screen time and should have got wiped out before the merge.The he and Courtney thing was too weird it made me really dislike him.Before Sundae Muddy Sundae he was totally developed to Courtney and never showed any of his own development.I also really liked his phobia of sharks though!

Gwen-really glad she finally did good.She has been tossed like a rag doll then dragged in dirt,for 2 seasons.She was voted off her team first TWICE IN A ROW!!Sadly she won't win it all!Anybody who was first or second before isn't going to be again,she will most likely get booted next.Then again,all of her development was wasted on Duncan and Courtney.It also killed me to see her on the villains team!She was the MAIN hero!Goth Girl Congrats!

Mal/Mike-Best TDAS character by FAR!I think he will get second though.Gwen or Zoey will come to triumph over him in the finale.I started to like him a little less since he eliminated Courtney.NOBODY touches Courtney.Really like the 1 episode conflict with him and Alejandro.I really hope Mike gets Manitoba Smith an finally defeats Mal though.I really hate how the people who know his secret get eliminated in THAT episode though.Wish the season was 26 episodes though so he could get more development!

Zoey-Loved her this season!Though her obliviousness to Mal was pretty annoying.She will get first this season for sure.In the elimination ceremony of the final 3(or 4 if a double happens)She will find out it is Mal,not Mike.I really do not get why people say she has no personality or bad character development.I always thought she was a good contestant that shall make it till the end!

What do you think?Comment Below!!

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