Screaming Gophers

This was the first superior team on Total Drama.This team was more drama-ish.It had Heather's alliance.Also just plain Heather!The final three did consist of all Screaming Gophers.This team actually was similar to the Screaming Gaffers.They were both very dysfunctional,as well as the name.It was always funny when every second Heather was yelling and bossing her team around.This was the first team was the first to have the finalists be from their team.This was number 8 on my rankings!

Killer Bass

This was the first inferior team on Total Drama.I wish Courtney made it to the merge.Although,for the small screen time the Killer Bass had, Duncan and Courtney were screen hog gears.This team had 1 similarity with the Killer Grips.They were both worse than the other team,although the Killer Bass were still stronger than the Grips.I wish Katie and Sadie would have made it longer this on Total Drama Island.The Killer Bass were number 6 on my team rankings.

Screaming Gaffers

This was the first Powerhouse team on Total Drama.This team only lost 3 times!One of them Gwen cheated.Man,glad she's gone!The Harold and Leshawna plot was good.I liked this team better though during the end of the pre-merge era,when Gwen and DJ were gone.This team had most of the strong players in this season.Except for Owen,Courtney,and Lindsay.Even though this team was for more superior,The Killer Grips had more people in the merge and won almost all the individual challenges.This is number 3 on my team rankings.

Killer Grips

This was the first teacup team in Total Drama.This team only won three times!One of them Gwen cheated,the other two times Courtney had to help them.This was probably the third weakest team in TD History!I really liked this team when Courtney was on it.This team still managed to be on equal terms with them though.They got Izzy and Courtney back.Also DJ quit at one of their elimination ceremonies!Also I was really glad when Trent was gone.Killer Grips was last on my rankings.

Team Victory

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot

Team Amazon

Mutant Maggots

Toxic Rats

Heroic Hamsters

Villainous Vultures

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