This is a blog for the characters that have been closed after TDAS.

Duncan-He could have had one more season to redeem himself from the love triangle.Now he is in real big-boy jail for about 20 years.He will not compete in an other season since he literally can't compete.

Mike-Since his MPD is gone he has no plot lines left.He most likely will return then be a throw away character for that season to give others the redemption they need.

Zoey-Without Mike she is just a Beth.Everybody already hates her(not me),so the producers will not bring her back for another season.They will just bring back Owen,so he can do fart jokes.

Courtney-She is over with Duncan,Gwen and Scott.They will most likely bring her back to eliminate 1st or 2nd so others won't be eliminated.Her plot is closed,and everyone will think she is an evil person who only cares about winning.

Gwen-She is kinda half closed now that she is done with Gwuncan and Gwent.She also knows how evil Courtney is.She actually had a good closing.

Lindsay-She was already closed in TD World Tour.She was brought back to again be used as a throw away character.She might return,not likely.

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