Mike and Zoey are Over

I am really sad to say this,but Mike and Zoey plot lines are over.Mike will become the new Trent,and Zoey will become the new Beth.That is because they just both simply had 2 season plot lines.Mike has gotten rid of his Multiple Personality Disorder,which means he is just nothing.Just like when Trent and Gwen were over that meant bye-bye Trent.When Zoey's frustration about Mike's Multiple Personality is over so is she.Just like when Beth proved herself and topped everybody else in Total Drama Action.Now they have nothing just bland people.I really liked Mike.His MPD made him really interesting!Zoey was also really good!Unlike the Gwuncey love Triangle,the Anne Zike one was really interesting!I was actually really impressed with ther performances!Too bad they will become throw away characters.

R.I.P. Mike and Zoey

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